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Last post Author Topic: Goodbye, Bitbucket!  (Read 10680 times)


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Re: Goodbye, Bitbucket!
« Reply #25 on: August 24, 2019, 10:50 PM »
Sourcehut claims to have a migration tool to import your Bitbucket repositories (both Hg and git) to Sourcehut, so I decided to try it out.

First of all, I couldn't figure out how to clone the migration tool repository. Using the clone URL the repository gave me in an "hg clone" command just served the HTML page I got the URL from. That's when I noticed that they are indeed the same URL. Not a great start.

So then I browsed the source of the tool and discovered it was essentially a single script file, so I manually downloaded the raw contents of that file and executed it. I followed the prompts and when it appeared to be the point at which it should do its work, it either got stuck in an endless loop spitting out an error to the terminal or just did nothing and exited back to the command line, depending on whether I selected the option to just import everything automatically or prompt me for each repo.

I realize that my posting this here does nothing to get the problem with the tool fixed. But that's yet another problem I've experienced with Sourcehut: I can't find any way to open a ticket or create an issue on Sourcehut describing the problem so the software author can see it, troubleshoot it, and fix it.

Maybe once it goes into beta or stable it will be worth checking out again, but for now I think I'm going to avoid the alpha.


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Re: Goodbye, Bitbucket!
« Reply #26 on: August 25, 2019, 02:35 AM »
Thanks for giving that a try Deozaan, I reported some of it on their IRC channel.

It seems the clone thing is related to what version of mercurial you are using, it failed with an error on mercurial 4.6 here, but worked with mercurial 5.1.

There does not seem to be an issue tracker for that repo (they are at, so I guess IRC or sending the author an email are the only options.