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Author Topic: AIMP4 has been released!  (Read 2516 times)


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AIMP4 has been released!
« on: December 17, 2015, 09:47 AM »
AIMP4 (Artem Izmaylov Media Player, version 4) has been released! | 2015-12-15 23:05:59 |  :up:

Freeware for Windows - they also have AIMP2 for Android.

What's new in AIMP 4.00 vs 3.60?
What's new in AIMP v4.00 in comparison with v3.60?


    Hints are now displayed when changing the slider in the DSP-Manager dialog via mouse wheel or keyboard
    Formatting templates - list of available functions moved to sub-menu
    Version number of application has been removed from names of binaries
    Macros - one-letter / two-letter names of macros are replaced with friendly names
    Macros - names in menu with macro list are highlighted now via bold font
    Macros - list of macros for playable file has been expanded, following macros have been added: %AlbumGain, %TrackGain and %Lyrics
    Macros - list of functions for text manipulation has been expanded


    New design of application
    Windows animation no longer inhibits UI
    Scrollbar thumb jumps to previous position when mouse cursor leaves scrollbar zone

Sound Engine

    Added an ability to specify the 352.8 KHz sample rate (for devices that support this sample rate)


    An ability to limit number of attempts to reconnect to internet-radio station when connection is lost


    Performance of builder for shuffle queue has been increased at 3 times
    Quick Search - algorithm has been changed: the content that isn't satisfying to a search string hides now
    Added an ability to rescan tags for selected files only
    The "move to..." functionality has been introduced
    The "Find in Music Library" command has been added
    The "copy to" / "move to" functionality - an ability to save folder structure
    Smart playlists - an ability to build playlist based on data from Music Library with an ability to filter and group data
    Smart playlists - an ability to build playlist based on one or few directories
    Smart playlists - synchronization with pre-image is now works in separate thread
    Playlist files are now imports each into separate tab if the "open files from external applications" option set to "create new playlist".

Playlists Manager

    An ability to view size and duration summaries of selected playlists
    Drag-n-drop support for the preview window has been added

Audio Converter

    An ability to switch off grouping
    Support for aften.exe command-line encoder for AC3 format has been added (thanks to Soolo)
    MP3 Encoder - added an ability to select target sample rate

Tag Editor

    An ability to select all types of tags by one click
    Added an ability to copy / paste album art images to / from the system clipboard
    Added support for multiple values for APEv2, ID3v2, Vorbis Comments and M4A tags formats
    Added an ability to store custom values to list of the "Genre" edit field

Music Library

    Integrated into the main application
    "The" article isn't cut out when adding files in a DB any more
    An ability to save user mark to tags of file automatically (optional)
    An ability to combine an empty levels in grouping tree in the "no grouping" mode
    An ability to find misplaced files automatically
    An ability to delete automatically non-existed files from data base
    An ability to specify different columns set for table and card views
    An ability to adjust height of the alphabetic index control
    An ability to set user-defined filter for grouping preset
    Added an ability to send selected files from grouping tree to selected playlist
    An ability to drag album by its album art
    An ability to scroll song list via mouse wheel without focusing of it
    An ability to fast scroll via mouse wheel if Ctrl key is pressed
    Report generator - support of fields with multiple values has been added
    The "move to..." functionality has been added
    File name column displays a name of file without path now
    Alphabetic index is now supported for all fields
    Skin support has been added
    The "no grouping" mode - an ability to fill song list from current folder only (without sub-folders)
    Now the data are loaded for visible columns only
    Support of network files has been improved

Skin Engine

    Potential abilities have been expanded (refer to the help for Skin Editor for more information)


    API for plugins has been updated to v4
    Scheduler - sleep timer - an ability to fade out volume
    Scheduler - the "OK" button has been added
    SACD - ISO - now the plugin displays both stereo and 5.1 tracks



Features and screenshots (in English):
-other than this, forum, blog and FAQ или ЧаВо are all in Russian...

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