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  • Tuesday June 28, 2022, 5:13 pm
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Author Topic: R-Drive Image 5  (Read 3406 times)


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R-Drive Image 5
« on: November 21, 2012, 07:20 AM »
... I have their R-Drive Image. When I politely requested a new feature, I was simply told that the program had a trial period. (period!).

One good thing is, they run the same major version's number for several years.

"Several years" have passed since the introduction of version 4, so now version 5 has finally been launched.

R-Drive Image $44.95 R-Drive Image Technician $299

We would like to tell you about a new version of R-Drive Image (5.0 Build 5001) has recently been released.

In comparison with the previous version 4.7, the new R-Drive Image software has the following new improvements and bugfixes.

New features:
+ Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

+ A new faster and more robust disk processing engine. A lot of bugs are fixed; R-Drive Image became more stable and reliable.
+ Separate files can be restored from images.
+ Support for several languages in GUI and help.
+ A startup version with GUI.

+ A new image format with a new file extension, .rdr. The old image formats are still supported.
+ R-Drive Image now can copy partitions from a hard disk to another one with a 512KB alignment. This is useful for SSD and advanced-formatted disks.
+ R-Drive Image can now set a process priority and a number of CPU cores used to create an image.
+ New disk object descriptors are introduced into the -s and -d script parameters. These descriptors allow R-Drive Image to use more disk characteristics, like disk serial number, name, and capacity, and alike to identify disk objects. Previously, only disk and partition number were used which might confuse R-Drive Image when a disk configuration of the computer has been changed.

+ The "Check the image file immediately upon its creation" option is added to the startup version.
+ A new option "Also apply the settings before creating a new image" is added to the backup set parameters. If this option is selected, the settings will be applied twice, before and after a new image  file has been created. For example, if the number of files is set  to 2, and there are 2 files already, one file will be deleted before a new image file will be created. This may be necessary if there´s not enough space for 3 image files.
+ R-Drive Image now can copy partitions from a hard disk to another one with a 512KB alignment. This is useful for SSD and advanced-formatted disks.
+ R-Drive Image can now set a process priority and a number of CPU cores used to create an image.

* Disk signature collision resolution for disk to disk copy.
* A new Linux kernel in the startup version.
* Free disk space is re-evaluated when the Refresh button is clicked.
* The maximum size for MBR created during image creation or copying/restoring is increased to 1MB. The previous maximum size was 63 sec which wasn´t enough for grub2. That may resulted in an unbootable Linux system after copy/restore.
* The startup version now supports Highpoint RocketRaid 27xx.
* Memory usage optimization when creating images of huge partitions (3+TB).
* R-Drive Image now correctly copies file systems between disks with different sector size.

= The Realign partitions option is used now on the Restore/Copy parameters panel for the disk copy action instead of One partition after another.

See complete list of changes at our forum:


Please pay your attention to the new version of our data recovery software R-STUDIO.

R-Studio and R-Drive Image share the same image file format. If you use R-Drive Image product as your backup software, you can use R-STUDIO to open an archive created by R-Drive Image and recover data even if the archive file was damaged or corrupted for any reason.

Combined package of R-Drive Image and R-Studio products is a reliable protection for your data. All R-DRIVE IMAGE license owners get US$ 9.00 discount for R-STUDIO license.

Get more information about R-STUDIO software on our web-page .
-R-tools Technology Inc.


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Re: R-Drive Image 5
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2012, 02:23 PM »
There seem to be an issue with scripts with this release.  I cannot elaborate more, I just recommend you try on your side and see if it works. On my side they refuse to execute, saying the script couldn't be loaded.  And I am talking about scripts generated by this new version.
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