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Author Topic: Guitar Software  (Read 2539 times)


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Guitar Software
« on: April 04, 2006, 02:27 AM »
So, I am a complete noob when it comes to a guitar, or any instrument for that matter, however a year or even two i bought an electric guitar. It sits in the corner barely ever been picked up! Well, I'm up for learning how to play it...does ANYONE have a suggestion on good software that will help me learn? You have to understand I'm pretty tone deaf here, but I want to learn. I'm tired of it sitting in its case doing nothing!!


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Re: Guitar Software
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2006, 03:51 AM »
I'd suggest finding someone else who can play and give you a few tips to get started - you'll have more fun that way too!


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Re: Guitar Software
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2006, 01:28 PM »
Hi Jasper I have sent you mail regarding practice of guitar this should keep you busy...Remember learning to play the guitar takes a lot of patience...First things first....Decide what you going to do i.e. Classical...Rock...Temperary, Reggae, pop...ect....Obviously having a electric guitar is all very well...I have been through the mill with music so take my advice if you are going to learn to play guitar you should invest in a cheap accoustic guitar(Box guitar) to learn to play you need to learn to tune the guitar first which isn't difficult, then different Chords and strumming technics...and of course most important of all you got to have rythmn without rythmn you wasting your time...Remember that you must practice at least three chords a day and also you going to get sore finger tips so don't over do it...Guitar playing is one of the hardest instruments to grasp not to mention if you also want to read/write/compose music. There are hundreds of different chords but you should start off with Major chords then bar chords and so on...I have sent you what is called a "Nut Chordfinder" this is very useful and simple to use...Have a look and try it...It is a freeware program and difficult to come by...

Yes it is a good idea to find someone who can show different chords ect and also songs that are used by the chords you've learned...I.E. if you've learned 4 chords ask whoever you able to get (preferably someone who has more experience than yourself) for a song with those 4 chords(Something that is familiar to you) Remember with a box guitar you can play quietly and be able to pick up falsetto's(Which is a chord you are pressing incorrectly, although you think you are pressing correctly)...With an electric you'll just get noise and the sound won't be distinctive...And nine times out of ten the person who is helping you along would also have an accoustic guitar which will sound a lot better and you'll be able to pick up a lot more...Once you've learnt a song or two then you can try it on your own with the electric guitar and you'll find it more appreciatable...The best way to learn is to take classical lessons this way you'll learn to read,write and play the guitar with not only a plactrum but also give your fingers a lot of practice...Once you have learnt something you can create your own style in playing and branch out to different areas in music...I started off on a box guitar... today I compose,read and write music done a lot of recordings,play bass.keyboards.lead and rythmn and vocal...before all this I knew nothing about music...In my opinion Classical lessons is the best way to go(Remember you don't have to stick to classical but you will learn alot) and you can go very far in the musical world...Don't Give up to easily!...And Good Luck!
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