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Author Topic: MCBoard is under appreciated: Even Fish users can use this! Here’s how:  (Read 7534 times)


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IMO this is thee best newsboard for IRC out there, period. Its like having a secure forum in your channel. Completely encrypted- no passwords are stored on shell, in telnet it is not de-crypted, in channel if they don’t have the key they can’t read it or even access it. Its so easy to setup, etc etc :D

Thank you to mouser for 1.) the program and 2.) the never ending patience :D to help me set this up for users in my channel that don’t use mircryption (tsk tsk on them).

This is for eggdrop owners- assuming you have this installed on your bot already:
*If you don’t have mcboard installed on your eggdrop, it’s as easy as any tcl script if not easier- find files in the micryption suite package (URL for it, see below for users).

1. Edit this file: tcleggdrop_mcps_sitesettings.ini
Under this section:
# Optional prefix indications
set mcpsprefix(#mircryption) "mcps"
set mcpsprefix(#blowcrypt) "+OK"
set mcpsprefix(defaultprefix) "mcps"

Edit it to:
# Optional prefix indications
set mcpsprefix( "+OK"
set mcpsprefix(#mircryption) "mcps"
set mcpsprefix(#blowcrypt) "+OK"
set mcpsprefix(defaultprefix) "mcps"

(replace ‘’ with the name of the channel you want to use mcboard)

That’s it! :D

This is for naughty non-mircryption users (maybe mouser will make a package & install doc to download just these files *hint hint ;p) :
1. Download mircryption suite. https://www.donation...n/downloads_main.php
Mircryption Suite v1.19.01
2. Rename this setup.exe file to .zip and unzip it . (warning: some virus softwares will give warnings/ and or eat your files, if you need to disable it while getting to those files)
3. Locate these 3 files:
4. Create directory ‘mircryption’ in your mirc directory. Copy those 3 files into it.
5. Load mcboard.mrc& mircryption.mrc:
mIRC/Tools/Script Editor/File/Load <-do this for both files

6. Find out from the bot owner/the one who has set up the mcboard:
   a. encryption key for board
   b. which bot is for the 'newsboard'
   c. name of the newsboard

7. To configure mcboard:
   a. Right click on the bot that is for the mcboard in #channel /choose 'configure as newsboard'
   b. enter encryption key that you were given above
   c. pass can leave blank (this is for bot owners)
   d. NAME OF BOARD MUST BE: what bot owner gave you

Done :D

To use board, right click on channel window/MCBoard/ <-choose from a variety of options