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Living Room / Re: A Point About Grammar
« on: March 02, 2011, 12:44 AM »
I found the opposite: spam is getting better at language. Especially in Germany, the spam emails are using better vocabulary and almost proper grammar.

They might fool my spam filter but they cannot fool me  8)

I'd find those recipes very good too. "Say you want to do this, so take that tool, install, click here, select there, clicky here and done" in a somewhat more elaborate prose could be really helpful. But I wonder if that would still be a review, even if the recipe is really helpful.

J-Mac: I think Yahoo paid them money and so they included the search bar, whether or not it makes sense for the user. I have seen this pattern at my former workplace several times.

mwb1100: I would have called it a phishing attempt also. There is no technical need for the data to go to a non-intel domain, even if the hardware is not intel's: DNS can take of that, but only intel controls domain space. So if they aren't using intel's domain they might not be doing proper business for intel...

I am very quick to distrust emails...

I can confirm this problem.

I tried uploading an avatar image (see attachment) I also use elsewhere, but it fails without error message.

Living Room / Re: A Point About Grammar
« on: March 02, 2011, 12:20 AM »
When language is a tool, poor grammar (=poor or even wrong usage of the tool) for me is a sign of not-so-professionals.

You wouldn't trust a carpenter who only uses wallpaper paste, would you? So when those professionals are employed despite their poor handling of their tools of the trade, it shines a bad light on the employer who might make bad judgment in other areas as well. It is not very trust-inspiring to me.

And I don't think that's being overly anal at all.

Living Room / Re: Unsubscribe to 404
« on: March 02, 2011, 12:14 AM »
When I get unsolicited email messages I do it like J-Mac. If I did subscribe before and the unsubsciption scheme doesn't work, I try their contact email, asking them to remove my email address form their list and from their partners, subcontractors and such like as well.

Failing that, a filter is easily set up to delete all those emails :)

Where did you post it? Link it please :)

If you are an active member of this forum -- the VERY BEST thing you could do is take the opportunity of the fundraiser to send some donationcredits to other members of the forum whose participation you appreciate.

I should have read that before I gave it all to the site. I just had it in my mind like "the site needs it" but in fact it is the community that is vital. It'd be nice to see 3.456 trizillion micro-donations on the site, going round and round and round, and eventually helping those fine individuals that can use the money but are way too modest to ask for it...

Here is my first blog post about this fund raiser, featuring Baby Cody:

The language feels a little bumpy to me, but I hope to improve during the fund raiser (I promised to blog about it once a day).

I had it written this morning, a few hours before it officially started :)

Here is the image I made this morning (while Baby Cody is still at my place):

There is also tracert.exe for those brave enough to go to the command prompt :)

I think it should be possible to have several items per day. So someone makes a review, another one can blog about the fundraiser, DC in general, or even about this particular review.

Adventures of Baby Cody / Re: Baby Cody arrives in Berlin, Germany
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:20 PM »
Next weekend someone from Stuttgart Hackerspace will be in Berlin. I'll introduce him to Baby Cody and then they can both go to Stuttgart, saving Baby Cody from the confined space of an envelope :)

Shackspace is looking forward to Baby Cody's arrival as well: they are moving and need all the help they can!

So from the first paragraph I understand you mean the following:

1. There has been talk about changing the layout of the frontpage.
2. This change is bad.
3. donationcoder is different - this is as bad as change.

Did I understand correctly?

And since my anecdotal evidence seems to support the opposite, no point was proven.

Developer's Corner / Re: Oh God... I've Forgotten ASP.NET Entirely...
« on: February 22, 2011, 03:51 PM »
This just came up in my feed reader: http://net.tutsplus....-from-scratch-views/

It's one of several interesting articles at Ars Technica regarding HBGary. Next, I'd like to have an opinion piece about this. And then interviews with renown security experts, their take on this :)

What I have learned is that we must be very wary of astro turfing, if THEY are automating it already.

Living Room / Re: Mac Games
« on: February 16, 2011, 11:03 AM »
it's funny when one of them bangs the macbook agains the hand rail, and it breaks, and his face goes :o

totally convincing and sincere ;)

For me it is the end of Nokia as a respectful company. For a while it seemed they really where into Maemo: we hosted the first Maemo conference at c-base.

And it was nice to have a manufacturer that seemed to encourage playing around with their hardware; N900 is an example of that.

But for my prejudiced eyes it seems Nokia will become another subdivision of Microsoft. And that is quite repellent for me.

What bugs me is we have to play on 'their' field even if we don't want to: we must hire a lawyer, we must dive into the mess that is software patents.

It's all so very expensive.

I blame the lawyers though, for creating a world where they always are needed...

I wonder how much of Mr Tridgell's instruction are applicable in Germany.

I think it is too early to expect any sort of creativity from such a program. It might perform quite well for certain tasks, but I very much doubt it will be able to go beyond.

What I mean is going from simple algebra (1+1=2) to calculus; this sort of breakthrough is yet solely in the natural human domain.

On the other hand, detecting patterns or information might work quite well.

I think many many search results are gamed. I have turned back to asking friends instead of google. There I have the trust thing and experience thing, and also get an opinion.

It's a mess.

Site/Forum Features / Re: Site improvements for https connections
« on: February 12, 2011, 02:03 PM »
yes https only please.

It makes session stealing a little harder, and passwords are no longer transmitted in clear text.

Living Room / Nice summary about hackers and Chaos Computer Club
« on: February 12, 2011, 01:31 PM »
BBC produced a nice summary about hackers in general, about CCC in particular, and about the last 27c3 in detail. I like this piece, because it does without fear mongering.

BBC News - Chaos Computer Club hackers 'have a conscience'

I love the idea of a fundraiser.

I pledge to create one blog post per day during March. But which blog shall it be: mine or more a forum post turned blog entry on

Adventures of Baby Cody / Re: Baby Cody arrives in Berlin, Germany
« on: February 05, 2011, 01:30 PM »
special jacket

Yes the vest is truly great! I love it.

I don't have one myself, only a t-shirt or two; but nothing like an embroidered logo...

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