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  • Tuesday December 6, 2022, 3:41 pm
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I'm keyboard-oriented, rather than mouse-oriented.  I'd like Multi-Find to be a bit more keyboard-friendly, and also to offer more possibilities for what you can do with the found files.
When you're at the main screen, please can Find become Find or Find, and Reset become Reset, i.e., hotkeys to start the search, and to reset the parameters?
Thank you for the valuable suggestion, it will be implemented in the next versions.

I realise the standard right-click menu is available, but (a) I'd like to be able to pop it up with a hotkey
You can invoke a right-click menu by the "Application" keyboard key (resides between Ctrl and Alt keys on my keyboard).

I'd like to have a version that offers user-defined options, like ChoiceEditor for Total Commander, or XYPlorer's Portable File Associations.
What user-defined options should be available in your opinion?

I'd also like to be able to send (a) plain filename, (b) path+filename, and (c) full UNC path+filename to the clipboard.
I'm not sure about what do you mean by "send plain filename". But MultiFind Pro already adds several useful command to context menu: "Open File name" and "Copy file name".

You may lose potential customers becuase of the typo on your "History" homepage:

Thank you, i fixed the page.

Add me to the list of folks requesting a portable version. I've been using Xteq's Xfind for doing basic string searches in server log files (4+ Gig of plain text) etc. ...But this looks way cooler.
Is portable version that can be installed on U3 smart drive only an appropriate solution?

seems very similar to FileLocaterPro which does not have a tabbed interface, but does support regular expression matching.
MultiFind Pro supports regular expressions too.

Hi Max, I also like MultiFind and have mentioned it here at DC before. The multi-tabbed interface and optional context menu integration are very nice features.  8)
Thank you, i will try to add more nice features in the future.  :)

Like Abterix I'd like to see a portable version.
Thank you for the comment, I'll consider creating a Portable version.

Hi AbteriX,

Thanks you for the good points!  :up:

"drop-down history list", and regexp helper are already in my TODO list.

Support for replacing of several lines is not currently in the plans. The primary aim of this product is to "Find" and not replace, so i'm not going to enhance the replace capabilities (maybe i'll create a separate product for this purposes).

By the "filter" feature i mean the following:
Filter is empty

Filtering by the "file name" column.
Filtering string supports DOS-style mask with "*" and "?" symbols.

MultiFind Pro does not depend on the trial of MultiFind, so you can install and test it.

I think that the special features are:
- Multi-tab interface, where one tab is one search.
- Filtering results.


I would like to announce my application and to hear comments about what do you like or not in it.
MultiFind Pro is a file search tool for Windows.
  • Search by file name, date, size.
  • Search in file contents (including doc, xls, pdf) for text string or regular expression.
  • Skip binary files during search (configurable).
  • Show matching strings.
  • Replace text in plain text documents.
  • Multi-tabbed interface.
  • Integrates in folder context menu.

The product information page:

Suggestions would be very much appreciated!


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