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Yes, I used to have to notify my cable internet provider if I were changing routers as they had it hardcoded to only work with my mac address.  I think that's changed by now with Comcast but I still have the clone in there.

So does anyone know of an app that allows me to schedule standby and resume schedule?  I ask b/c I have a computer in the other room with a wireless card (so no wake up on lan) that I'd like to not keep running all the time.  Ideally, I if I can put it on a schedule, I can access it remotely during certain hours without keeping it on all the time.

Here's the answer I came up with:
1.  The resume operation is as simple as Adding a scheduled task (via control panel).  It really doesn't matter what it launches...the key is I just set it up for daily @ 6PM and ensure the "Wake this computer to run this task" under the settings Tab - Power Management section is checked.

2.  The suspend operation is a bit trickier since Windows doesn't come with a pre-installed method to suspend (shutdown....yes but  So a small utility via sysinternals to the rescue:  PsShutdown.  This utility accessible via microsoft technet supports the standby with the switch -d.  So assuming you place PsShutdown in your C root directory, you simply add a task to run "C:\PsShutdown.exe -d".  I set this up to run daily at midnight which then places the machine in suspend/standby each night.

The net is:  A machine which wakes up at 6PM each night and then goes to sleep at midnight each night.  Since the machine is not wired to the network, but rather wireless, I can't opt for a more elegant solution of using Wake on LAN features of a wired ethernet connection and a power management settings which place it to sleep after a period of inactivity.

So does anyone know of an app that allows me to schedule standby and resume schedule?  I ask b/c I have a computer in the other room with a wireless card (so no wake up on lan) that I'd like to not keep running all the time.  Ideally, I if I can put it on a schedule, I can access it remotely during certain hours without keeping it on all the time.

General Software Discussion / Re: Inventory Software
« on: January 24, 2008, 10:03 AM »
You might also want to consider Quicken Home Inventory.  Not sure if it will meet your business needs but worth a look-see.  I own it but as yet have not used it....however if you have specific questions or want me to send screencast, just let me know.

General Software Discussion / Re: Money saving budgeting options
« on: January 24, 2008, 08:57 AM »
First thing in order to help build a savings is to get a high interest bank account.  I bank at Salem Five Direct - my checking account earns under 4% now but still a great rate (given the current economy)....especially for a checking account.  I also got free order of 50 checks (which will last me a lifetime since I almost never actually write a check anymore) and a $25 bonus for opening the account.  It has no minimums, no fees and ATM reimbursements when using another bank's ATM (up to $15 per statement cycle).  That's better than my ING Direct Savings Account.  There are banks that have better checking rates but those often require you to have x number of debit card transactions per month which I don't want to have to keep track of.

To see the current deals check out one of the blog/forums for banking such as:

Living Room / Re: An apology
« on: January 22, 2008, 11:44 AM »
All I know, is that if I were held accountable for every bad thing I did in my past (and future), I'd be locked up, emotionally and financially bankrupt, and perhaps under psychiatric care.  It is only thru forgiveness of others and perhaps the grace of a higher being that I am free, lovable and sane.
I forgot to credit my sanity also to the tin foil hat I wear to keep the aliens out.....note....aluminum foil won't need good old fashioned tin foil.

Living Room / Re: An apology
« on: January 22, 2008, 10:51 AM »
All I know, is that if I were held accountable for every bad thing I did in my past (and future), I'd be locked up, emotionally and financially bankrupt, and perhaps under psychiatric care.  It is only thru forgiveness of others and perhaps the grace of a higher being that I am free, lovable and sane.

Appended a feature index onto the review in the top post.

I did a mini-review of CookingAction over in the minireview section https://www.donation...topic=11902.msg97240

Basic Info

App NameArca CookingAction 2005
App Version Reviewed2005
Test System SpecsWinXP Pro SP2, 75GB HD, 1GB RAM, Pentium M (Laptop) 1.6 GHz
Supported OSesWindows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Support Methodsemail to [email protected] (which went unanswered)
Upgrade PolicyNo free or reduced price upgrades
Trial Version Available?30 day full-featured trial (no limitations).  But I got 36 days before it locked me out
Pricing SchemeFlat Fee of $29.90 USD - 1 user license
Screencast Video URLIf there is a demo or screencast of the app somewhere, post the url here. If there is a DC Screencast, post the link here.
DisclaimerI am not affiliated with this software company

This is a Recipe, Meal, Grocery List Management app.  It has three main interfaces:
1.  Grocery List
2.  Recipes
3.  Calendar

Grocery List
The Grocery List app allows one to create ingredients, organize them into categories (such as supermarket aisle) and add them to your shopping list.  Categories can be multi-hierarchical.  IMO, It's very intuitive. 
  • To find an ingredient, just Ctrl+F and type a string.  F3 to iterate the search to the next match.
  • To add an ingredient to the shopping list, just double click it.  To remove one from the shopping list, just double click it when it's in the shopping list.
  • To move an item from one category/aisle to another, just drag it to the new category.
  • The region on the top is where you display, change, and select grocery list items from your products database . Here are the products listed that belong to the category that is selected in the left region.
  • The region on the bottom is where you display, and change the products of your current grocery list .
  • The region on the left is where you display, change, and select stores and categories . If you select a category, it's products are listed in the top region.
  • Each region has it's own context menu (right mouse click on the region). The same functions are accessible through the normal menus above the tool bar. The menu items are sometimes grayed out if they are not accessible at the current state of the program. If you move the mouse cursor over the tool bar buttons and hold it there, a hint tells you what each button does.

Printing a Grocery List
From here, you can print your grocery list via Ctrl+P which creates a print preview which you can edit before sending to the printer
To create an item/ingredient/product/grocery item:
  • Select the category where the item belongs.  You can always easily change it later
  • Press F4 or use menu
  • Enter the caption (name of the item), the number and the unit. These fields are must fields. That means that you have to enter a value there. The green cross next to units lets you add new units to the units database . If you click on it the Edit Units dialog is displayed.
  • The barcode field must contain exactly as much digits as you have set in Properties dialog, so that it is recognized properly. You can also enter the barcode with the help of your barcode scanner .  I personally don't use a I can't really speak to how this feature works.
  • Set the coupon flag, if you have a coupon for this product. Set the correct expiration date, since the flag will be removed after it is no longer valid.
  • For special products make use of the picture function . Press the button "Load..." to select a picture from your harddisk. If it is displayed too large, click the autosize checkbox. The picture fits now in the picture box. Note that the picture is not stored in the database. If you delete or move the selected picture file it will no longer be available in this dialog. To remove the picture press "Clear".
  • The health tab contains text fields for energy, protein, carbohydrate and fat. If you do not have this information you can look it up. Just press the "Look Up..." button. The food composition table is displayed. Then type the first letter of the product you need. If you have found your product double-click on it and the values will be copied into the text fields automatically.
  • Energy is entered in kilo Calories. If you have the energy value only in kilo Joules just enter it in kJ and press the button "kJ to kCal". The value is then converted to kCal and will be replaced in the text field.
  • In the comments section you can enter information like usage, quality or selection of the product.
  • Click OK

Recipe App
The Recipe app allows one to create recipes which contain items from the grocery app, enter the instructions, add a picture and enter health info about the recipe.  It doesn't come with any recipes (other than sample one).  Like grocery items, you can categorize your recipes (though I haven't done that) into things like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desert, etc.). I'm personally not a big recipe buff but it comes in handy when I want to auto-generate shopping list based on what I've got planned for the week.  So I create menus of most of the things I regularly cook.  I'm not really focused on the pictures, the health info or that so not having a simple recipe printed cookbook or index card sized recipe printouts is not an issue for me.  Others may take issue with this. It does however, have a simple recipe printout option, and like the shopping list, the print preview is editable....a nice feature.
The app allows an import of recipes from:
  • CookingAction RecipeDAT (rdat)
  • MealMaster (mmf)
  • MasterCook 5 (mx2)
And you can export your recipes (en masse) to:
  • CookingAction RecipeDAT (rdat)
  • MealMaster (mmf)

To create a recipe:
  • From menubar, select Recipe->New Recipe
  • Enter caption (recipe name) and number of servings.  The number of servings is helpful as it will adjust the recipe amounts based on an adjustment to the servings.
  • Enter the Instructions.  Here is where I usually just copy/paste from a recipe on the web.
  • From the menubar, select Ingredients->Add Ingredients
  • In caption field, type part of an ingredient name and then press the search icon (magnifying glass).  The first match will be highlighted to the left (via a star), press search icon again to advance to next match until you find the right ingredient.
  • If the ingredient you enter in the caption is not in your grocery app already, you can simply click on the category where you want it added, then click the "Add Ingredient" button....a nice feature for quick entry (something other apps were not as slick on)
  • Enter the amount and unit needed (you can add units via the green plus sign)
  • Optionally enter a manner (I don't really use this).
  • Click Finish to finish adding ingredients.
  • Optionally add a picture
  • Optionally add health/statistics

Create grocery lists out of recipes
One of the most important features of CookingAction is that you can create grocery list out of your recipes. To do that select a recipe in the recipe view, right click on it and select the menu item "Add recipe to grocery list".

In the ingredients tab, every ingredient has a check box left of it. If this is checked, the ingredient is added to the grocery list. If not it is not added. This is needed for ingredients like salt, that you do not need to buy every time you cook the recipe.

First you must enter the number of servings of the recipe, you want to add to the grocery list. Then a dialog comes up for every ingredient. You can enter the amount you really want on the grocery list.

If the product that is needed for this recipe is already on the list, you can click the
  • button. The two amounts are added together. And you have the total amount on the list.

I think there is a bug that appears when you add a menu to the grocery list from the menu bar vs. the right menu option.  So at least in my version, the only way to add a recipe to the grocery list is via right click menu

Calendar App
I have to admit, I don't really use the calendar feature nor do I understand it's value.  I guess it's an easy way to document the recipes for each meal for each day.  If you create an "event" on the calendar (such as dinner) and add a recipe, it will allow you to add the items to the grocery list (just like from the recipe interface).  Aside from a picture here, I really don't know what else to add here.

Who is this app designed for:
People who want to be able to store recipes on their computer and generate shopping lists printed by grocery aisle to speed their shopping

The Good
  • Aisle sorted shopping list built from selected recipes (the key feature for me)
  • The print preview (for shopping lists, or recipes) can be edited....a nice feature
  • Items can be easily moved around
  • Clean & Intuitive interface (you'd be surprised how many recipe apps look like they were developed in Window 95)
  • Export/Import Recipes
  • Barcode reader capable (not that I really expect anyone to use it, but it is a novel idea).
  • Supports English and Dutch Language
  • Adjusts yield based on number of servings

The needs improvement section
  • No export of grocery item database.  This would be a nice feature if you wanted to make available for others....or more importantly, as a backup should you need to reinstall the app and don't want to have to re-key all the ingredients/categories again
  • Health attributes are not distinct by product.  I'm pretty sure this is a bug
  • No fancy cookbook or recipe "card" printout options
  • No translation of recipe units to purchase units.  This is one thing Living Cookbook can do if you set it up but CookingAction does not do.  For example, a recipe might call for a tablespoon of Vanilla and cup of sugar but you buy vanilla by the oz and sugar by the you have to do some guessing in some cases.  For what it's worth, I'm not that impressed with Living Cookbooks method of doing this because it requires you to set it up yourself....for each ingredient.
  • No inventory feature (not an issue for me since I don't really keep track of inventory levels on food but it looked like a nice feature if you are into that.
  • Price doesn't appear on grocery list (might be nice to know what price to expect so I know if I'm getting a deal or getting taken)
  • Grocery List doesn't show what recipes were added to it.  I get around this by creating a "bogus" ingredient for each recipe which is the name of the recipe.  Those ingredients go into a separate category called Recipe Admin (just so they are easily isolated in the grocery list).  I then add that "ingredient" to it's recipe.  When I print out shopping list, I then see the recipes that the list supports.
  • No receipes are included in the software and none are available from arcasoft.  While it's easy to add the recipes I want, it would be quite easy for the website to allow sharing receipes or even groceries since there is import/export functions

What is wrong with the app in its current state
  • Apparently dead development and response to email inquiries
  • A bug (in the form of a non-english error message) when highlighting a recipe then from the menu bar selecting Recipe->Add to Grocery List

Why I think you should use this product
  • Ease of Use
  • Simplicity of layout

How does it compare to similar apps
It lacks some of the features of other apps that are about the same cost or more such as Living Cookbook (LC).  I used LC for a few months before coming back to this app because LC was too much overhead for me to support those advanced features that I really didn't use but were impressive.  On the other hand, it's layout and function is much easier on the eye and intuitive than other apps.

I've installed and used many recipe apps and of those that can print an aisle-based shopping list (which weeded out a lot) this one hit the sweet spot for me as it balanced function with simplicity.

Links to other reviews of this application
I am not aware of any other recipes or even users of this app.

Preferences Screenshots

Since I talk about the breadth and scope of the Living Cookbook (LC)'s a list of features from LC that I did an assessment on CookingAction.  LC is a Y for every feature listed.
Recipe ManagementFeature in Cooking Action?
Copy recipes from the InternetY
Import recipes from Meal-Master and MasterCookY
Import recipes from MicroKitchen Companion, Pocket Express and Recipe Processor 2000N
Calculate recipe nutritionN
Share recipes with other usersY
Export recipes as HTMLY
Scale recipesY
Convert recipe unitsN
Add photographs to recipesY
Add photographs to recipe proceduresN
Add media (audio or video) to recipesN
Organize recipes into folders and subfoldersY
Enter recipe reviews and ratingsN
Advanced recipe searches with "and" and"or"N
Share searches with other usersY
Flag recipes as favoriteN
E-mail recipes from within the softwareY
Customizable recipe displaysN
View nutrition for each recipe ingredientN
Calculate recipe costsN
Automatically eliminate duplicate recipesN
Recipe spell checkerN
Meal Planning
View daily, weekly and monthly meal plansY
View meal and day total nutritionN
Calculate meal costsN
Share meal plans with other users7N
Move and copy meal itemsY
Add an entire meal plan to a grocery listY
Menu Management
Calculate menu nutritionN
Share menus with other usersN
Calculate menu costsN
Add images to menusN
Ingredient Management
Create new ingredientsY
Add photographs to ingredientsY
Add any number custom measures to ingredientsN
Import USDA nutrition updatesN
Share ingredients with other usersN
Enter multiple prices for an ingredientN
Cooking Reference
Searchable library of cooking techniquesN
Add photographs to cooking techniquesN
Add media (audio and video) to techniquesN
Searchable cooking glossaryN
Share reference information with other usersN
Create an unlimited number of grocery listsY
Create grocery lists from meals, menus or recipesY
Calculate grocery list costY
Group grocery lists by grocery aislesY
Share store and ingredient pricing data with other usersN
Create grocery lists involving multiple storesY
Inventory (Pantry)
Track what you have on handN
Determine what you can make with what you have on handN
Create a grocery list to restock inventoryN
Deduct on-hand items from grocery listsN
Share inventory data with other usersN
Publish cookbooks in Microsoft WordN
Create user-defined publication templatesN
Print recipes on index cardsN
Unit converter toolN
Backup application databaseN
Compact application databaseN
Database of cooking web sitesN
Built-in support for scannersY
Help and Support
Illustrated online helpY
Searchable help with indexY
Animated training tutorialsN

I've used Living Cookbook.  It's fantastic and has an active support forum.  For me, it was overkill though.  I'ved tried many and after trying several, I use the completely unsupported and not free Arca Cooking Action2005  I really tried not to use it because it was one that never responded to an email asking for assistance on a bug.  It appears to have no active development but I chose to spend $30 on this vs. the vastly powerful living cookbook becuase of it's simplicity.  It does exactly what I need and is very easy to use.

Specifically, it allows me to create ingredients as part of a recipe and define those ingredients into categories.  I set the categories up to match aisles in my supermarket.  I can then plan meals with recipes and generate a shopping list by aisle which makes shopping easier and faster.  It's easy to search for ingredients quickly (something that was complex in LivingCookbook as it required you to set up a search). cookbook has EVERYTHING you'll likely ever need in a cookbook/shopping list generator but it's complexity was too much for me.

Living Room / Re: The Rule of 3 Drives: How to Build your Next PC
« on: January 07, 2008, 06:31 PM »
grab a new ASUS or D-Link wireless appliance and start hanging stuff off of that. The latter is what I do.

I assume you've seen this post

Curisoity.....which appliance do you use?

Living Room / Re: The Rule of 3 Drives: How to Build your Next PC
« on: January 07, 2008, 06:17 PM »
Now our enterprise level RAID systems recover well, especially when configured with a hotspare.  The only RAID system I'd consider at home now though is a Drobo.

If only drobo were's only USB connected which limits it's usability imo.

Don't know about Nova PDF but I use PDFFill for filling in PDF forms.  Works pretty well.

Screenshot Captor / Re: access violation error
« on: December 15, 2007, 03:13 PM »
I too have always received this error which is the only blemish on otherwise awesome software. 

Access violation at address 004875C5 in module 'ScreenshotCaptor.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

I agree.....I grabbed a free version of SnagIt (listed in the found deals) and have tried many others as well since I use screenshot app in my daily work.  I find myself almost always going back to Screenshot Captor.  It's in fact the reason I joined the DC community (I joined after reading a review of SC in CPU Mag).  For me, the best feature which I can't find elsewhere in other apps (as easily and nicely as done in SC) is the arrow with the built in text feature.  In every other app, this is usually two separate arrow and a text box.  In SC, the combined feature saves me time.  I also love and use the blur feature since I publish screenshots containing some confidential data.  I also really like being able to later edit objects (like arrows) without having to redo screenshot.  Finally, the shadowing makes for a very professional look.  There's more I like but those are the high points in my mind.

I've been meaning to isolate one problem I've always had with the app...I often get an error which causes SC to crash.  I'm sure it's something buggy in my system but have yet to really focus on the problem.  When it happens, I just close and restart and it works fine.  But I'd love to isolate the cause or at least the steps to reproduce the the very least catch the error produced and have mouser take a look at it.  This seems to be unique to me and I've got another couple problems with my system (My Lotus Notes crashes with regularity) so I assume this is something on my system....not specific to SC. 

I'd also love to see future incarnations of the app the following, the ability to make the endpoint text in the arrow multi-line (like a textbox) so that long text entry doesn't run off the screenshot.  The workaround I implement now is to simply manually add a textbox.

General Software Discussion / Re: i've outgrown keepass, whats next?
« on: December 02, 2007, 01:58 PM »
If you use RoboForm, you can add custom fields (notes) in addition to standard logon (ID/PW/URL) fields.  They are searchable too.

Screenshot - 12_2_2007 , 3_06_31 PM.jpg

Sorry to hear of your problems navigating the IBM maze....wish I could help.  As far as my experience with it, it's been all good.  That said, after installation a year or so ago, I've not really spent much if any time in the UI until/except to help provide info here.  That's one of the things I like about it....set it and forget it.  It selects files for synch which meet the criteria I set which is either a filename/ext I set or via the programs list (which seems to know what data files to back up).  But my experience is that it doesn't back up anything under it's own has to meet the selection criteria I specified in the settings. 

Please post back your experience with IBM in resolving this problem.....I think (good or bad), it's important folks know about it, especially if they are considering a purchase.  While the backing of a big company like IBM behind software can be a good thing in terms of knowing the company will likely be there to support the can also be a bad thing if the little guy gets lost in the shuffle of impersonal treatment.

10000 file limit per folder (you can sync up to 10 folder)
10 folder limit seems pretty limiting.....Is this a free version limit?

Do you have any idea if it does this with the help of a filter driver, or (like SFFS/whatever) by scanning the file for changes?

I don't know but here is the relevant portion of the Help File:

Use sub-file copy check box
Set sub-file copy for remote backup copies.

Initially, an entire file is copied to the storage areas. When sub-file copy is turned on, and when the file changes, only the changed information is copied to the storage area. The sub-file copies are saved as separate files on the remote storage.

Sub-file copy can significantly reduce the amount of network traffic. However, sub-file copy consumes more processing resource on your computer. The default setting is to use sub-file copy for files larger than 50 MB. If you need to conserve more network resources, you can reduce the size setting so sub-file copy will be used on even smaller files.

Check the box to turn on sub-file copy. In the Use sub-file copy for files larger than: field, specify the file size threshold for using sub-file copy. For files larger than this size, only the changed information is copied to the storage area.

And from the Redbook:
Sub-file copy and versioning
If you configure Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files to use sub-file copy, it will create files that contain each file's delta information in your designated storage area. Those files have an FPdelta file name suffix.

To test the sub-file copy functionality the file Sub-file example.txt was modified. This file is larger than 3 MB. Figure 4-23 shows the replicated directory in our HTTP Server Paris. As you can see, we have the original file with 3,208 KB and a delta file with only the modified characters which is only 1 KB. Note that this feature is supported only with remote storage.

To track versions of a file, Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files adds a version suffix to the file name of the backup copy. On remote storage, all backup copies contain a version suffix. When a file is deleted on your computer, Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files will add a version identifier to the file name of the most recent backup copy on the remote storage.

The most recent backup copy of a file is the active backup copy. Older backup copies of that file are inactive backup copies. Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files will delete inactive backup copies of a file first if the storage space limit is reached.

A file that is protected by schedule could change several times during the schedule interval. Only the last version of the file prior to the end of the schedule will be backed up. A continuously protected file is backed up after every change.

And finally, from the Tivoli Storage Manager Redbook:
Adaptive subfile backup
Traditional storage management techniques have focused on protecting systems that stay in the same place and are always connected to the network. Today, many workers are mobile and/or remote, and keep critical data assets on their mobile computers (laptops) and other wireless devices. Storage administrators need new ways to protect mobile and remote computers with limited access to the infrastructure that serves the rest of the company. Some limitations include being attached to the corporate network with reduced bandwidth, limited connect time, and minimal assistance to perform the backup.

This limited access both increases the criticality of storage management services and limits the applicability of traditional methods and policies. Tivoli Storage Manager helps resolve these problems with its adaptive subfile backup feature, which reduces the amount of data transferred while backing up changed files.

This features enables the backup-archive client to back up only the changed portion of a file, either on byte level or on block level, instead of transferring the whole file to the server every time. The changed file portion is backed up as a differential backup relative to the last complete backup of the file (base or reference file) and it is called delta file. All changes since the last complete backup of the file are included in this delta file. In the case of a restore, this allows for the restore of the whole file by restoring only two sub-file components, one delta file, and the last complete backup of the whole file, the base file.

The decision to base the differential on byte level or block level will be made at the backup of the base file, and it depends on the size of the file. Subfile backup technology is not used for very small files (less than 1 KB in size) or for very large files (bigger than 2GB). If the delta file size exceeds 60 percent of the base file at the last sub-file backup, a new base file will be transferred.

The adaptive subfile backup, as well as the restore of a file consisting of a base file and the delta file, is completely transparent to you as a user. All necessary file data separations or reconstructions happen under-the-covers of the backup-archive client. Also, all other Tivoli Storage Manager features, such as policy management or fault-tolerant backup and restore, still fully apply. Adaptive subfile backup is used for incremental as well as for selective backup. It is aware of multithreading and will work together with client data compression and encryption.

I use Tivoli Continuous Data Protection (again...disclaimer, I work for IBM).  Note...this is different than Tivoli Storage Manager.  It is $42 and I have been pleased with it.  I use it to do insta-synching of files (you might call this mirroring) to a network NAS (which does RAID).  It runs in the background, seems to take small resources to run and auto backs up each file as soon as it is saved or updated.  I particularly like:
  • Set it and Forget it - I never really need to check on it.  The only time I am reminded that it is running is when it cannot connect to the network drive
  • Continuously protects versions of files to allow customers choice of recovery points
  • Destination is not in propriatary format.....same format
  • Offers to only send the portion of the file that has changed vs. entire file again
  • Encrypted and/or Compressed options

Free Trial here:
Flash Demo here:

All that said, I'm not sure I'd shell out $42 for it with free options out there but there is something to be said for Big Blue behind the scenes. 

General Settings Screenshot
Screenshot - 11_29_2007 , 6_33_15 PM.jpg
Files to Protect Screenshot
Screenshot - 11_29_2007 , 6_33_07 PM.jpg
Email Protection Screenshot
Screenshot - 11_29_2007 , 6_32_58 PM.jpg
Remote Storage Screenshot
Screenshot - 11_29_2007 , 6_21_56 PM.jpg
Advanced Settings Screenshot
Screenshot - 11_29_2007 , 6_32_49 PM.jpg

General Software Discussion / Re: roboform2go or sticky password?
« on: November 15, 2007, 04:42 PM »
I can easily export my passcards.  I simply open passcard editor and select Passcard -> Print List from the menu.  This generates a list with ID/PW and other fields it fills in .  I can then save that as HTML for further manipulation.  Not ideal but allows me to generate an export of sorts.

General Software Discussion / Re: roboform2go or sticky password?
« on: November 14, 2007, 10:29 AM »
Well, other companies are concerned about their intellectual property, but don't make you jump through so many hoops. 

Not trying to be argumentative, but I really don't think they make you jump thru so many hoops....just one hoop which is quick, easy and painless. 

General Software Discussion / Re: roboform2go or sticky password?
« on: November 14, 2007, 08:36 AM »
I didn't like what I heard of RoboForm's business model, with online activation on specific computers (correct me if I'm wrong.) 
Yes, you must activate it over the web with the RoboForm server.  I remember being worried about this initially (like what if the company went away)....but I've since forgotton about that.  I view that as a necessary evil in order for a software company to protect their intellectual property.  OK....maybe not necessary but if I were selling software, I'd likely consider a similar approach so for me, not a showstopper.

General Software Discussion / Re: roboform2go or sticky password?
« on: November 13, 2007, 10:20 PM »
I've used RoboForm (RF) for is the first thing i install on any new laptop.  Well worth the price.  The key features I use RF are:
  • Password Manager:  Pretty obvious here.  The key drawback to this is that it only works with websites so other apps I use can't have their PW autofilled by RF. 
  • Bookmarks:  Rather than using the Bookmarks in IE or Firefox, I use the feature in RF.  Since I always have RF, I always have my bookmarks.
  • Search box:  This is perhaps the most useful hidden feature about RF.  When saving a website as a bookmark, I can add text into the name and use the seach feature to quickly access a bookmark (and yes it has typeahead feature).  This is how I access nearly all my bookmarks.  I have "keywords" that I use to access each.  If I want to access my American Express, I type amex in the search box and RF opens the website, plugs in my id and password and I am looking at my statement.  I don't limit this use to just websites with passwords, but any's only a shortcut away.  I know some browsers have this feature but again, no matter which browser I use (and I use a few), all my bookmarks are synching.  The search box also has a lot of customizations so it can auto enter whatever I type into a website (such as google searches or pricegrabber searches or amazon searches, etc.).  Like I said, this is where I spend 99% of my use in RF.
  • Safe:  I use this to store software keys, etc. 
There is more but I think these are the best things about RF.  It's one of those apps which never has once crashed, is worth the money, and has a good development cycle of updates.  Sticky password may be as good or better....not sure haven't tried it but it has some big shoes to fill if it will replace RF on my machine.

Edit:  I have no affiliation with RoboForm other than an end user.

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