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General Software Discussion / Re: ThePrawn!
« on: January 28, 2006, 12:21 PM »
While modest, I'd be crazy not to welcome a positive receipt of some of my projects ;)  Thanks for the kind post, mouser.

StickML is probably the most asinine thing I've ever done, it's the longest possible route to pixel image creation and I, sadly enough, enjoy it.  I've put quite a few hours into mapping images.  Maybe more hours than I've actually put into developing the StickML engine . . .  :(

imagiine can do everything .img can do -- my signature is actually imagiine, not .img -- the primary difference is how things are processed.  .img relies primarily on url encoded data (though it can also be called from a file for easier editing) -- and allows for a single instance of a function.  It's easier to quickly throw together a random quote, but fairly limited.  Imagiine on the other hand processes its commands in a linear fashion, accepting only data file configurations rather than URL based.  Instead of adding tx1 for text field 1, etc. in imagiine you just use the text function as many times as necessary and they'll be drawn in suit.  The config files are a bit more complicated than .img but you can do a lot more -- draw shapes, give alpha transparency to different elements, etc.

One project you didn't mention, that I've worked on the most the last week or two, is my web based regex find/replace utility.

I've had a terrible time working out all the kinks with escape characters, but the version I uploaded a few minutes ago might, finally, have thos bugs licked.  Quite a few people here are familiar with regex.  If anyone wants to try to find a hole in my query parser, feel free to give it a go.  Might even find it handy, you can save queries by bookmarking the save link for quick access later.

. . . I guess this officially makes DC's software licensing policy out of this world.

Find And Run Robot / Re: Wow.
« on: January 28, 2006, 08:07 AM »
Throwing in my accolades as well.  I'd downloaded this app quite some time ago, before I knew what donationcoder was -- and loved it, but after a few lost hard drives forgot about it/what it was.  Playing with it again, it's better than I remember -- the "groups" are absolutely brilliant.  As a keyboard-centric computer user, F+R is perfect.

This is a little stupid thing, but in the Groups example the google search format is /?s=... which isn't valid, a proper example would be

Search Google for $$1 |$$1

I live in the extreme north of Maine (USA), though I originated in South Dakota and spent time in Mississippi and Virginia while in the Navy.

These days I'm a stay at home dad with an energetic two year old and, when I have time, a free lance web developer.  When not using my time productively, pretty much just drink and bite my finger nails ;)

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: clipboard enhancements
« on: January 27, 2006, 11:31 PM »
Sorry for the slow reply, had a busy few days ;) As for the link in my profile, that's my little slot on the web, those projects are all mine from the ground up.  They're largely useless, niche at best -- it's not every day they get called wonderful, so thanks!

As for discussing them, I'm not usually big on self-promotion (another reason they dont' get called wonderful every day ;) -- wouldn't know what to say, but if you find any of them particularly interesting feel free to start something, I'd be glad to jump in and discuss them.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: clipboard enhancements
« on: January 25, 2006, 02:45 PM »
The funny thing is, JGSoft just this week announced they were doing that, with RegexBuddy being the pilot app for the install-to-disk option while CHS has done it all along ;)  AceText, his clipboard extender, doesn't work portably yet.  Guess you read their newsletter, too? ;)

EditPad Pro has always run nicely off removable media, for the most part, though -- have to copy the program directory to your drive manually, but I prefer doing things the hard way anyway.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: clipboard enhancements
« on: January 24, 2006, 06:04 PM »
If it's something you ever want(ed) to do, it would be easiest to start early and build.  It was messy when the developers for The Bat ( did it -- had several years, and countless features, to draw into that system.  Now, it's all pretty self-maintaining, I think -- basically, a database of functions that can be key-mapped and, basically, you can define your own menus.  It looks like EditPad Pro 6 (private beta) is doing this now, too--with everything drawing from a single pool of functions you can put here, there, wherever.

That's essentially what a number of modern FTP clients do -- make a temp file, monitor it, and upload it when it changes and monitor the defined helper application--deleting the temp file when the other app is closed.  Could be handy.  In the long run, it's not that difficult to paste it into my text editor then copy it again when I'm done -- only save a few seconds time.  But some times I get a little pampered and expect a few keystrokes to do -everything- ;)

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: clipboard enhancements
« on: January 24, 2006, 01:30 PM »
If you want to make me really, really, really happy, save yourself the trouble of figuring out what shortcuts to use and just make a little tree-based editor that includes all the buttons/menu items and let us map our own keystrokes as necessary.  Much to my delight, several applications I use regularly have done this over the last few years and now, pampered, I get claustrophobic when I can't re-map them to my liking.

If you're mouser, call me Qwerty ;)

. . . these features are better suited toward power users and would probably seem coutner-intuitive to general consumers.  But it seems that it's fair to say users of donationcoder software, at the very least, have a favorite text editor -- which says a lot about a [man]. ;)  Along those lines, there isn't a way to pipe a clip to another application and back at present is there?

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: clipboard enhancements
« on: January 24, 2006, 11:39 AM »
Nope, saw that stuff.  Let's say I copy this text with the CHS shortcut, launching CHS.  I do my spellchecking and I want to send it back to the application.  There are buttons there for sending to clipboard and sendign to active window -- I was wondering how to access those functions sans mouse.

AceText uses one file per collection, you can have as many or as few collections open at a time as you wish--so if you have a lot of big ones, don't keep them all open.  Makes for a lot fewer files to process, at any rate, which would be a lot quicker than individual files if it's being run from a portable drive.  CHS is the only clipboard thing-a-mo-bob that can run effectively off a thumb drive, the rest love the registry. . . you could tout that point ;)

Databases are definitely faster for large collections . . . one nice thing about not using a database, though, would be images -- when CHS supports them, being able to just grab them out of a folder rather than going through the loops to export them would be pretty handy.  Especially for snapping a screenshot with the intent to upload it.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: A new name
« on: January 24, 2006, 11:21 AM »
Glad to see this thread -- CHS as an acronym isn't bad, though it says nothing about what it does. Clipboard Help & Spell on the other hand is a bit too straight forward and uninspired ;)

From this thread, I liked "Jack of all Clipboards", ClipSuit and ClipSweet.

"Yet Another ClipBoard Extender" (YACE) -- heh, if you have a southern drawl, it's a bit like yes. "Yace, yace, more . . . clips" ;)

SnippetSnatcher (Ungh)
Mary Poppin's Bag (Terrible, yes, I know . . . but CHS is bottomless after all )
ClipRight (Surprisingly, this doesn't seem to be in use . . .)

"The Marsupial" -- Animal names have always been popular-- "The Bat", "Firefox", "Panther".  Marsupial, perhaps too subtly, hints at that storage pouch that goes everywhere you do (if you're a marsupial, anyway)

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: clipboard enhancements
« on: January 24, 2006, 11:08 AM »
now press the icon that looks like a clipboard with an arrow leaving it to the right, that will copy the spellchecked text back over your original text.

There wouldn't be a keyboard shortcut for the buttons for sending to clipboard/send to active window would there?

Yeah, let someone else do the ground work--piggy back off  their knowledge, add your own unique touch and let the users decide what does the job best for them.  ClipMate is unarguably an amazing program -- only reason I even look at other things is the size and importability of CM.  It goes so far beyond the call of duty for a clipboard extender, it would probably be better referred to as a data management solution with Clip Board monitoring support ;)

AceText (by JG Soft, same guy who makes EditPad/EditPad Pro) is a newer player in the clipboard extender game.  One thing I really like about it is that its data is stored in text files rather than databases.  I like this for portability--unfortunately AceText still requires the registry for its settings and registration info.  There goes portability.  I do like file-based storage because I tend to, when I can, open files and manually work in them when I need to do batch operations with regex, etc.

I haven't tried running CHS from a portable drive--would it work?  I peaked in the folder and it appears that most everything is stored within the program directory including the settings.  So in theory, it should be a fully portable clipboard extender, right?

Little bug of course--CHS doesn't check to see if it's already running when it launches.  So launching another instance results in a bunch of database error feedback and necessitates ctrl+alt+delete to kill the second instance.

Fortunately, you have other apps that have done their time establishing what features are necessary in this day and age.  You also have much more advanced technology to work with than Chris did when writing clipmate -- so you get to write it from the ground up with the intention of implementing this and that--rather than having to add new things on to an old base over time.  When ClipMate was first created, a lot of the stuff it now does just wasn't even conceivable.  You have an easier path to make a wholly capable app that's more tightly assembled.  In theory, anyway ;)

Just installed this for the first time -- and am rather impressed, especially for the price.  I've used clipmate extensively over the years and have recently worked with AceText quite a bit -- and have toyed with ClipMagic as well.  ClipMate is undoubtedly a powerful application, but is getting a bit big for my taste.  This application has a lot of promise.  I've already found great use for the text cleanup presets -- mostly apply regex find/replace routines I use frequently cleaning up data before putting it online.

At any rate, nice work here.  Look forward to seeing the other planned features fully implemented and seeing what else gets thrown in.

One little bug--it seems the default clip title contains %niceappname%--which is printed literally since the correct macro is %nicename%.  Other than that, the only annoying thing I've run into are the "This is not yet on the forums" dialogs ;)

Features I'd like to see--
--More extensive keyboard navigation.  A keystroke editor like that in EditPadPro would be great--being able to map any keystroke to any menu item/button.
--Maybe I overlooked it, but it seems there's no keystroke to dismiss the CH+S window--optionally closing when I hit escape would be great.
--Ability to auto-filter incoming clips based on text match and/or app name and auto-applying a modify/format case preset to clips that match that criteria.

That's it for now.  Thanks again.

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