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  • Friday June 14, 2024, 12:36 am
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Welcome to the micro-donation system at, which we call DonationCredits.
From this page, full members of the site can choose where their donation money goes.

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Hey everyone! I guess you're going to make a donation then. Well, here's the thing--I don't really need the money.

"WHAT?!" you ask, "you don't want my money???"

Well, no.

You see, God has blessed me with a more fortunate life than, I believe, even 99.9% of people who have ever lived on this Earth have had. My parents are, and have always been, happily married. I have a wonderful younger sister. I live in one of the most free and privileged nations in the world (US). My family is, admittedly, wealthy enough that I have never been in any need. I have been gifted with a well-above average mind (this is gratitude, not pride), and have been able to attend one of the greatest universities in the world (Duke)!

Most of all, I have a God who has dared to call me his son, and by His terrible sacrifice, every desire of my soul is fulfilled. Thus to ask for anymore--as you can see--would be terribly selfish!

Please, I have enough, but there are many in this world who do not. I believe that God has given me a passion for software development (nerdy, I know, but God makes nerds too) to be used ultimately to serve Him and others.

Thus I ask you not to donate to me. Sure, send me an email if you like, but give to those who actually need it. Go to to donate, and find out more. Pay it forward.


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Other accounts you might want to give some credits to: General Site Account
If you aren't sure who to give your credits to, or just don't want to be bothered with such details, you may donate some or all of your credits into this general purpose site account.

Some of the money donated into this account will help pay administrative costs and some will be disbursed to the various coders and authors on the site, according to our best judgment.


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Programmer and Site Administrator
I am the main administrator of this site, and the author of Screenshot Captor, URL Snooper, Process Tamer, Find and Run Robot, Clipboard Help+Spell, Flipbook Printer, and many other donationware and open source programs.

Your donations go to paying off my school loans and allow me to spend my time improving the site and my programs.  I really appreciate it.

You can visit my software section here: Mouser's Software.

As of April 2018, I'm trying something a little different.  If you are prepared to support the work I am doing here, you can pledge a regular monthly amount via my Patreon page.

Website: Mouser's Software Zone on


 I am donating because: 

Knight of the Coding Snacks Section
Jody Holmes (aka Skwire), is well known to everyone at DonationCoder who frequents the Coding Snacks section.  He has created dozens of wonderful small utilities based on requests from ordinary users on the DonationCoder forum, as well as some very popular larger utilities, such as the Trout music player.

You can view most of the coding snack utilities he has written here: Skwire Empire

Website: Skwire Empire


 I am donating because: 

Alternatively: Make a direct offsite donation

What are DonationCredits? A DonationCredit is the unit of currency that you can use in our micro-donation system. There is never a fee or commission levied on DonationCredits, and you are encouraged to use your credits generously to reward the software authors and review writers on the site, or just to show your appreciation to the author of a forum post you particularly like. Learn more.

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