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The 2007 Getting Organized Experiment (GOE) Freeware Programming Challenge

This page lists the freeware programs created during our 2007 Getting Organized Experiment Programming Challenge. The programs are inspired by our Getting Organized Experiment series where we explore systems and tools for becoming more organized and maximizing our productivity. Coders are instructed simply to creae a small free utility that, loosely defined, relates in some way to heling people work more efficiently.

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SMAU - Simple Multi-Alarm Utility

SMAU is a handy tool for creating and managing Alarms, which you set to execute an Action at a given Time, where both Action and Time can have a very broad meaning.

The main purpose of the program is to increase user's efficiency when working with a computer by reminding him or her of important things that need to be done on time, and could easily get forgotten.

The program allows you to create a simple Alarm within seconds, but still not much more is needed to create a more complicated Alarm, which will, for instance, remind you each Monday and Thursday afternoon to e-mail the work report to your project manager, by displaying a reminder and creating an empty message addressed to the person.

It can also be set to some important date but not have any Action assigned - it will just remind you about something when you look at the list of Alarms.

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