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The 2007 Getting Organized Experiment (GOE) Freeware Programming Challenge

This page lists the freeware programs created during our 2007 Getting Organized Experiment Programming Challenge. The programs are inspired by our Getting Organized Experiment series where we explore systems and tools for becoming more organized and maximizing our productivity. Coders are instructed simply to creae a small free utility that, loosely defined, relates in some way to heling people work more efficiently.

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Main purpose of MyHelp is to have a program that will store all the things that we cannot remember so easily.

First make a category ( or categories . for example: "C++" , "PHP" , "Mails" , "usefull codes" or any other category you would like to have ) and then make as many entries that belong to selected category.

This way you will have your own help system, or a reminder or something like it...

You can mark some entries as favorites, and easily get to them.  You can also perform a search in order to find some phrase in an entry tittle or entry body...

I often use this programm, for example to store some important information about certain projects at work ( each has it's own category) , or to store some often used or interesting code in some programming language ( again, each language represents one category) or to store my friends' emails etc.

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