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I was looking for a screenshot capturing software that's very simple, is easy to use and small in size.
I've used tons of them so far. Won't be naming them, but I'll tell you this, Screenshot Captor is the quickest and the most simple of all. Highly recommend this. Love from Bangladesh ❤
Sajid Karim
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How BioWare's Anthem Went Wrong

Screenshot - 4_3_2019 , 11_44_35 AM_thumb001.png
Interesting article on how a big game development team went off the rails.

Very few things went right in the development of BioWare’s latest game, an online cooperative shooter that was first teased in mid-2012 but spent years floundering in pre-production. Many features weren’t finalized or implemented until the very final months, and to some who worked on the project, it wasn’t even clear what kind of game Anthem even was until that E3 demo in June of 2017, less than two years before it actually came out.


Mozilla's X-Ray Goggles, browsing web page modifier?

Anyone check this out?

X-Ray Goggles makes it easy to see and remix the code behind your favorite web pages.  The best part: you don't need any prior coding experience! Just activate Goggles, click on a section,  and edit. Then, share your remixes with others.

A video demonstrating it:

Serious Chrome zero-day – Google says update “right this minute” (06 MAR 2019)

blog clipart
Details are scarce as it seems Google is withholding information until more people have had a chance to update to a version of Chrome which doesn't have the vulnerability. This is the most specific information I found:

According to the official release notes, this vulnerability involves a memory mismanagement bug in a part of Chrome called FileReader.

That’s a programming tool that makes it easy for web developers to pop up menus and dialogs asking you to choose from a list of local files, for example when you want to pick a file to upload or an attachment to add to your webmail.

When we heard that the vulnerability was connected to FileReader, we assumed that the bug would involve reading from files you weren’t supposed to.

Ironically, however, it looks as though attackers can take much more general control, allowing them to pull off what’s called Remote Code Execution, or RCE.

RCE almost always means a crooks can implant malware without any warnings, dialogs or popups.

Just tricking you into looking at a booby-trapped web page might be enough for crooks to take over your computer remotely.

I'm curious if this affects all Chromium-based browsers. :-\

Nasty code-execution bug in WinRAR threatened millions of users for 14 years

Screenshot - 3_1_2019 , 12_55_55 PM.png
WinRAR, a Windows file compression program with 500 million users worldwide, recently fixed a more than 14-year-old vulnerability that made it possible for attackers to execute malicious code when targets opened a booby-trapped file.

The vulnerability was the result of an absolute path traversal flaw that resided in UNACEV2.DLL, a third-party code library that hasn’t been updated since 2005. The traversal made it possible for archive files to extract to a folder of the archive creator’s choosing rather than the folder chosen by the person using the program. Because the third-party library doesn’t make use of exploit mitigations such as address space layout randomization, there was little preventing exploits.


NYT Long Essay: An Office Designed for Workers with Autism

Fun long essay on a company that specifically caters to workers on the autism scale..

What happens when people who have trouble fitting into a traditional workplace get one designed just for them?
A business full of people who are on the autism spectrum provides its own kinds of managerial and interpersonal challenges, but to be the norm in an office, rather than an exception, is an unqualified relief for many of Auticon’s employees. Hirasuna noticed the difference in the first week of work, when he was writing an email to his manager. “I realized after the first day, Oh, yeah, I don’t have to read this over for nuance and all that stuff,” he said.

Screenshot - 2_22_2019 , 1_27_23 PM_thumb001.png


Re: Micro Reviews of Board Games From a Non-Competetive Perspective

It's been a long time since I've posted on this thread.

But I recently played a game that I feel compelled to talk about: Chronicles of Crime.

This is a cooperative deduction board game where you play as detectives trying to solve crime stories.
You don't replay this game over and over, you only play each scenario once (each lasting a few hours), which tells a story as you try to solve the crime.  More downloadable scenarios are coming soon.

The game makes excellent use of a phone/tablet app, where you can scan item cards in order to ask certain characters about certain evidence.  It's a brilliant design and it works.

This will probably be made into a pure computer game soon -- as the actual physical pieces are not essential -- but for those of us who appreciate the tactile element of board gaming in a group, it works.

I'm a huge fan of these deduction mystery games like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, but where this one really shines is in scratching that open-ended itch that you find in classic computer adventure games, where you can basically ask anyone about anything and really have to sit and think and discuss clues while you try to figure things out.

Highly recommended.  :up: :up: :up:

Note: The crime stories are for mature players, not young children.

Click here to read more and discuss..

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