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Mini Review of jAlbum web site creator.


The full scope of jAlbum is greater than I can address because I do not take advantage of all of its features.

Basically, this product provides a fast, easy method to create sophisticated web albums, for users not versed in the (to me) complexities of writing code.

jAlbum offers web site hosting if desired. I do not use that and so cannot comment on it other than to point out the option.

Who is this app designed for:

Those who would find it daunting to create their own web site from scratch. Those who would find it too expensive to pay an expert to create a web site. Those whose time is at a premium.

Click here to read the full mini-review now..

Google opens Maps to bring the real world into games

Screenshot - 3_14_2018 , 3_45_05 PM_thumb001.png
I have flirted with some ideas of games based on real world large-scale map data, so this is pretty cool news.

The search firm is both opening its Maps platform's real-time data and offering new software toolkits that will help developers build games based on that data. The software includes both a kit to translate map info to the Unity game engine as well as another to help make games using that location data.


Great funny video on cryptocurrencies by John Oliver

Crypto currencies: everything you don't understand about money, combined with everything you don't understand about computers!
-John Oliver

Our Favorite Websites: OSNews

When I look back at the blog items I post linking to interesting developer essays and articles, many of them are originally from osnews.com.  OSNews is a frequently updated blog that posts lots of small items every day.  While nominally about operating systems, they really cover a much broader domain including websites and technology companies.  They do an outstanding job of bringing early attention to interesting technology essays that I don't see mentioned elsewhere.

To see other posts on the DonationCoder forum that mention the OsNews website, click: here.

Article: 20 months tracking down an elusive bug in code

Screenshot - 2_27_2018 , 12_40_56 AM_thumb002.png
Nice article on tracking down an elusive unpredictable problem that was related to an operating system bug.

Flaky failures are the worst. In this particular investigation, which spanned twenty months, we suspected hardware failure, compiler bugs, linker bugs, and other possibilities. Jumping too quickly to blaming hardware or build tools is a classic mistake, but in this case the mistake was that we weren’t thinking big enough. Yes, there was a linker bug, but we were also lucky enough to have hit a Windows kernel bug which is triggered by linkers!


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discovered on www.osnews.com
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Design difficulties of making the stealth game Thief

Nice short video on the design difficulties of making one of the early first person stealth games, Thief:

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