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Just tried using a 4k monitor in my setup, did not like it

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When it comes to a monitor, higher resolution is better, right?

Not for me.  Tried using a 27 inch 4k monitor (3840x2160) for my main monitor today, and was very disapointed.
This was replacing a 27 inch monitor running at 2560x1440 that I was very happy with at 2560x1440 -- lots of real estate on the screen, but text large enough that I could read it.

At 3840x2160, the normal text size in windows is too small to read.  So the solution would require changing desktop scaling in windows -- which would be ok except in a multimonitor setup that can cause issues when you have one monitor with higher scaling than another.

The high resolution also seemed to strain the abilities of full screen apps.
And the brightness of the new ($500) monitor left much to be desired; far inferior to my 2560x1440 one.

And lastly, trying to set the resolution of this 4k monitor back down to my previous 2560x1440 resulted in a very blurry display, so that isn't an option.

I'm returning it -- just thought I'd post a word of caution to anyone considering the move to a 4k monitor -- unless you have a really serious reason to need 4k, and you've sat down in front of one to confirm you like what you see, I would reconsider whether you really want one.

If you only have a single monitor, or plan to run multiple monitors ALL at 4k, and have the spare horsepower, and have the money to get very high quality 4k bright monitors, then 4k may still be for you.

Discuss now..


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Basic Info

App NamepCloud
App URLhttp://www.pcloud.com/ if you wish to go direct, or https://my.pcloud.co...r&invite=6zq6ZvuMJ5k
 if you want to give me a free GB and score a free GB for yourself by referral link.
App Version Reviewed3.5.8
RequirementsWindows XP-Windows 10 (Tested on Windows 10), MacOS (doesn't say which versions), Linux (64/32-bit), Microsoft Store, iOS, Google Play, Download the APK
Support Methodshttps://www.pcloud.c...general-help-center/ and https://www.pcloud.com/request-help.html
Pricing SchemeFree for 10-20GB.  Currently have a lifetime plan $125 for Premium, or $250 for premium plus.  $4.99/mo or $9.99/mo respectively normally. https://www.pcloud.c...e-pricing-plans.html


With the largest players removing the ability to have personal folders and share easily, I've been wondering the options.  I like Project Send (which I reviewed), but I don't want to go through setting that up in all instances.  Someone whom I support via Patreon sent me a link, and I was impressed at how transparent it all was.  So I looked into pCloud.  Still not totally sold, but I'm willing to give it a try because of the cool features.

Click here to read the full mini-review now..

New faster Firefox browser released

Screenshot - 11_15_2017 , 1_55_41 AM_thumb001.png
Mozilla is getting some attention for a big new revamp of their Firefox browser that is supposed to be much faster and more memory efficient..

Their official blurb:
Firefox Quantum is over twice as fast as Firefox from 6 months ago, built on a completely overhauled core engine with brand new technology stolen from our advanced research group, and graced with a beautiful new look designed to get out of the way and let you do what you do best: surf a ton of pages, open a zillion tabs, all guilt free because Firefox Quantum uses less memory than the competition. Your computer will thank you.


Lots of reviews all over the web.. Who has tried it and has some thoughts?

How AV can open you to attacks that otherwise wouldn’t be possible

Screenshot - 11_10_2017 , 8_55_35 AM_thumb001.png
Interesting essay on how running an antivirus could actually open you up to some risks..

Antivirus programs, in many cases, make us safer on the Internet. Other times, they open us to attacks that otherwise wouldn't be possible. On Friday, a researcher documented an example of the latter—a vulnerability he found in about a dozen name-brand AV programs that allows attackers who already have a toehold on a targeted computer to gain complete system control.


Windows 10 free upgrade loophole closing in December

Screenshot - 11_7_2017 , 4_35_55 AM_thumb001.png
There is still a way to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, but there won't be for long..

If you haven’t yet switched to Windows 10, either by upgrading your current PC or by buying a new one, it’s not too late to do so for free. That is if you’re reading this before the end of 2017, when Microsoft has decided to end free Windows 10 upgrades for good. So, you’d best act quickly…  Unfortunately for anyone yet to take advantage of the assistive technologies workaround, Microsoft has announced it’s ending the free upgrade offer on December 31, 2017...


Packt free programming ebooks every day

Screenshot - 11_5_2017 , 6_51_05 PM.png
Packt still offers free programming books every day -- you can find some useful ebooks here.

Today they have one that looks fun for new coders who want to learn python:
Python Projects for Kids by Jessica Ingrassellino


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