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Figured I'd donate, wouldn't kill me, great site. I've got Process Tamer running, I had it on a previous machine as well, figured it was time I made a donation. I know running a site can get expensive, and writing code takes time. I always like supporting small businesses and individuals running sites when what they have to offer is of use to me.
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The quest for a completely silent PC

Screenshot - 5_15_2018 , 9_38_59 PM_thumb001.png
I’ve been trying to make my computers quieter for nearly three decades.  Custom liquid cooling loops, magnetically-stabilised fluid-dynamic bearings, acoustic dampeners, silicone shock absorbers, you name it.  Well, last week I finally managed to build a completely silent computer.  Without further ado…


eff says immediately disable or uninstall tools that auto decrypt PGP email

Screenshot - 5_14_2018 , 10_28_03 AM_thumb001.png
Security warning: eff.org says that you need to immediately disable and/or uninstall tools that automatically decrypt PGP-encrypted email.

This looks pretty serious.  Although they are not saying what the flaw is yet, the key seems to be if you have a mail program that AUTOMATICALLY decrypts pgp encrypted emails, somehow that can be hijacked.

A group of European security researchers have released a warning about a set of vulnerabilities affecting users of PGP and S/MIME. EFF has been in communication with the research team, and can confirm that these vulnerabilities pose an immediate risk to those using these tools for email communication, including the potential exposure of the contents of past messages.

The full details will be published in a paper on Tuesday at 07:00 AM UTC (3:00 AM Eastern, midnight Pacific). In order to reduce the short-term risk, we and the researchers have agreed to warn the wider PGP user community in advance of its full publication.

Our advice, which mirrors that of the researchers, is to immediately disable and/or uninstall tools that automatically decrypt PGP-encrypted email. Until the flaws described in the paper are more widely understood and fixed, users should arrange for the use of alternative end-to-end secure channels, such as Signal, and temporarily stop sending and especially reading PGP-encrypted email.


Mini review: The Journal

The Journal to keep a diary, to write, to create reminders

App NameThe Journal
App URLhttp://www.davidrm.com/
App Version Reviewed7.0.0.1099
Test System SpecsWin 10 1803
Supported OSesWindows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
Support MethodsEmail recommended
Upgrade Policy$29.95 to upgrade from v.6 and older
Trial Version Available?45-Day full version
Pricing Scheme$64.95 US, a few paid add-ons such as a Devotional Edition and Writers Edition which include presets for keeping a journal of prayers and aid you in writing respectively
Relationship btwn. Reviewer and Product No relationship, won a copy on the April 2018 giveaway here on DonationCoder

The Journal is most of all a record keeper, a diary or journal with added benefits of supporting reminders, images, to do lists and free form "doodles".

Click here to read the full mini-review now..

Unstoppable Copier -- freeware that saved my bacon

Screenshot - 5_9_2018 , 11_51_50 PM.png
Today I had a hard drive crash.. Not fun.

Turned out that most of the files were still readable, the problem was that the handful among the 100,000 files that were not readable were causing major troubles.. Causing windows to hang when trying to access them, and causing all attempts to backup/image the drive to fail.

These days, looking for "free" software is an utter nightmare.  As most of you know from experience, most "free" software nowadays is basically non-functional trial software whose main job is to trick you and then make you buy the full version after you install a bunch of adware.

Imagine my surprise at finding an amazing piece of real freeware: Unstoppable Copier.


This wonderful savior of a program let me very quickly back a copy of all of the files on the hard drive, SKIPPING over the bad, unreadable ones, and giving me a nice list of the ones it couldn't copy.

It has some functions to try to repeatedly read corrupt files, but I have to admit that my hard drive was not having any of that.  No matter, the fact that I was able to quickly copy all of the readable files was enough to save me and let me just restore the bad ones from a separate backup.

This is a keeper.

It's donationware, and truly fully functional and free.  I made a donation.

Read more and discuss

Unofficial emergency patch for GPON Routers

blog clipart
"... A few days ago, we released details of two unpatched critical authentication bypass and root-RCE vulnerabilities we found on very widespread GPON Routers. The vulnerabilities, as we outlined, affects over a million users and is easily accessible through sites like Shodan and ZoomEye.

Shortly after our initial discovery, we contacted the responsible parties. Unfortunately, a patch was not available, and it didn’t seem to be in development either. So, we released the details to inform the affected users of the risks involved in using these modems.

However, we noticed (thanks to 360 Netlab) that attackers began exploiting both these vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-10561 & CVE-2018-10562) to add the affected devices and their networks into their botnets. To prevent more attacks, we took matters into our hands. We are releasing a user-friendly patch below ...":

RegexCaptor - Simple app to extract email addresses or other patterns from text

Screenshot - 5_4_2018 , 6_30_19 PM.png
This is a very simple beta release of a program to extract email addresses or other regular expressions from text files.


This is a very simple task.  I needed to extract email addresses from bounced emails in order to remove them from the donationcoder mailing lists.  This is a fairly simple task for a commandline regular expression extractor tool, but I like to be able to drag+drop and get some visual interaction.

I tried a few "free" tools for doing this and they were ALL adware, shareware, feature limited.  Just horrible.  I don't know when we got to a point where people think they can list software unambiguously as "free" and have it be filled with adware or be horribly crippled until you buy the full version.  :down:

So I decided to write my own tool, with hopes for improving it.  The goals are similar to CodeByters Linebyter which I have used in the past but whose source code was lost.

Again this is a very simple tool, it has a few minor features that make it useful for specific tasks:
  • You can create your own list of common regular expression search patterns and select between them easily.
  • You can specify a portion of the expression that should be extracted and listed.
  • You can specify additional patterns to be ignored (in regex or plaintext format).
  • The final list is sorted and duplicates removed.
  • Easy to search multiple files; remembers file list.

Again this is a very niche tool but I may add features to it to make it more useful for other tasks.  If you already have a good regular expression "extractor" that you are happy with, this is unlikely to replace it.

Discuss now..

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