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What the Reviewers Say About Screenshot Captor


freewaregenius.com image
Looking for a best-in-class screenshot capture program?
Screenshot Captor might just be it.
Screenshot Captor is undoubtedly the leader of the pack -- if you are looking for the best in class, get Screenshot Captor.

Softpedia Editor's Review

Softpedia Editor's Review image
One of the Best Graphic Screen Capture Applications.
The advanced feature pack and comprehensive suite of configuration settings make it a serious competitor to other software programs that are not free, and place it in the category of one of the best screenshot capture utilities on the market.

Steve Horton from PC World

Steve Horton from PC World image
With the ability to capture any kind of window in any application, Screenshot Captor is the last word in screen grabbing.

Gizmo's Tech Support Alert

Gizmo's Tech Support Alert image
Best product in its class.
Best Free Screen Capture Utility. Top Pick in its category.

CNET Editor's Review

CNET Editor's Review image
All told, we feel comfortable recommending Screenshot Captor as one of the best freeware tools in its category.

Martin Brinkmann from Ghacks

Martin Brinkmann from Ghacks image
Screenshot Captor is one of those Swiss army knifes in the screenshot taking world.
A professional screenshot taking application for Windows. Screenshot Captor v4 is a Screenshot taking tool on steroids.

Nathan Gelen from Download3k

Nathan Gelen from Download3k image
Whether you are contacting the technical support for an application or you want to share something with your friends, Screenshot Captor is the right tool for the job.

Softoxi Editor's Review

Softoxi Editor's Review image
Screenshot Captor - powerful, versatile and flexible desktop tool designed to give you an elegant and efficient alternative to capturing your screen.

Lizzy Nolan from Filecluster.com

Lizzy Nolan from Filecluster.com image
Screenshot Captor is certainly one of the best free screenshot applications thanks to its richness of features and screen capture modes.

Chris Wiles from v3.co.uk

Chris Wiles from v3.co.uk image
Definitely one of the best free screen-grabbing tools available.

Canadian Content writer

Canadian Content writer image
The program is overall extremely easy-to-use and you're able to get the captures you want with little effort, thanks to the simple design.
Uses very little resources.. Highly recommended.

Snapfiles.com user review

Snapfiles.com user review image
Great program, wonderful support.

Swetha from technofriends.in

Swetha from technofriends.in image
One thing that amazed me about this tool is its extensive set of unique features that no other programs offer.
One of the best tools that will help you to capture screenshots with minimal user intervention.

Fernando Ortega from lo4d.com

Fernando Ortega from lo4d.com image
Screenshot Captor can do a whole lot more than any other free application we've seen thus far.

Mark Wilson from Appstorm.net

Mark Wilson from Appstorm.net image
A best-in-class tool.
Screenshot Captor is a best-in-class tool for grabbing, manipulating, annotating, and sharing screenshots.

Computer Power User Magazine

Computer Power User Magazine image
You won't find a more full-featured screen capture program for less.

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