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Twice is a Charm
I first discovered your site doing a google search on various screencasting tools and stumpled upon your review about a week after it had been released.. Later I was searching for free alternatives to Approcket (and the likes of Quicksilver on Mac) and again I ended up on your site finding Find and Run Robot.. I have also followed some of the activity in the forums and it really seems like a nice community that has developed around the site and the forums in particular. I'm also impressed with all the time you seem to be spending both keeping the site up-to-date and writing in the forums. The reason for my donation is a combination of the programs, the reviews, the nice community and the whole idea of donationcoder. But especially the usefulness of Find and Run Robot.
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Addons for the Find and Run Robot Program

This page collects addons for the Find and Run Robot program that have been posted on our forum over the years. Click a link to go to the forum thread discussing the addon and download.

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Plugin: Network Connections

This plugin is very simple and does not do much actually.  It searches your network connections and invoke its default verb upon triggering.  It took me about 2-3 hours to write it.  With this "proof of concept" plugin under my belt, hopefully I can move up to something more challenging.  I have to deal with VPN and PPPoA connections a lot at work, so this might actually useful for my personal use.

Extract and put under the FARR plugin directory.

Type "nwconn $$$1" to search.

Download from:

Plugin: Service Control

This plugin displays a list of win32 services and allows user to toggle its running state.  Th idea came from OGroeger and Mouser (See this thead: HERE)

Download from:

Plugin: ProcessKill

This plugin displays a list of active processes and allows user to kill the selected process. Should work on 2K/XP/Vista.  Haven't tried on the 9x systems.  Actually haven't tested it much at please report bugs.

Thought about extracting the icons from the EXE instead of showing a generic one for all processes, but the SDK currently only allow icons by filenames.  So I would have to save all icons to disk and pass them to the host (kind of troublesome).  EDIT: DONE, thanks to mouser's suggestion!

Extract the zip file to the farr2 plugins directory then reload the plugins from the plugins listing screen.

Download from:

Plug-in: ExternalSearch

This plug-in is designed to facilitate, in a very basic way, integration of external applications with the searching capabilities of FARR. It is designed with programmers in mind to allow for quick and painless integration. With it, you can instruct FARR to perform searches on your application's behalf with a string you specify, via the FARRT library (yes this name is a joke). The complete readme is attached.

PLEASE NOTE: This plug-in, in its current form, is not of any significant use to the FindAndRunRobot user. It is for the programmer wishing to interface his application with FARR. If you have any feature requests etc please let me know. It is my intention to add new ways to interface your program with FARR to this plug-in.

ExternalSearch - Plug-in Only

ExternalSearch - Plug-in w/ source & demo of integration w/ source in C.

CHEAT SHEET: FARR V2 core alias tables

Here's a table with a bunch of useful commands in farr..

View the table now..

Plugin: FarrUninstall

FarrUninstall lets you uninstall programs on your computer using Find and Run Robot. It is much faster than Add or Remove programs.

un keywords -- search uninstall list
un ` -- reload uninstall list


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