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Trying to Be a Good Citizen
In the beginning, I was only interested in downloading as much free software as possible :) And I was getting all sorts of warez and so on. But, as I matured in my career, I saw that ripping off software or music or video was generally wrong. (I didn't always stop doing it though!) Anyway, when I find a software that I like (Project URL Snooper), now I try to support the developer. I'm currently unemployed at the moment (I got downsized last year) so I'm still trying to be generous to developers who depend on donations for all or part of their living.
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HotRod Panel is an Android app that you can use to create mock-up (imaginary) control panels for imaginary devices. For example, you can create a pretend control panel for your car with controls for Afterburner engagement, or create a pretend control panel for a chemical reactor and trick your friends into thinking you have taken control of it.


  • This app is completely free of ads, purchases, bundled software, etc. It collects no personal or anonymous information and sends no information to our servers. It does what it says it does and nothing more (the file and network permissions required are only for import/export/sync functions).

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