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Author Topic: [IDEA] A couple of idea's for tool's for opera (web browser)  (Read 4277 times)


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[IDEA] A couple of idea's for tool's for opera (web browser)
« on: September 19, 2005, 02:41 AM »
Hi everyone, first off I would just like to say I wish I had found this site earlier. There are lots of very useful programs here. Keep up the good work.

OK now that the sucking up is done with here are my ideas starting from the easiest to hardest (I think)

Print notes from opera
Opera lacks the ability to print it's notes, I was thinking of a small exe program which would receive copied text and pass it to the printer.

Opera history
The way opera displays the browsing history isn't very nice to look at or very customizable. What I was thinking of was something which could read the history file for opera (a file called global.dat) and parse (is that the right term?) the contents of it to html so that it can be displayed in the sidepanel of opera. Some of you may be thinking that opera can already do this if I type in opera:history into the address bar and save the page as a panel.

The beauty of my idea is that it would allow more ways of displaying the history, as it stands opera can only display the history 4 ways, by name, by address, by visited (date?) and by popularity. These are all displayed in one long list.

What I would like to see would be to somehow have collapsible "folders" which act in the same way that the history in IE and firefox work. Also an option to specify a css file would be nice for the people who would like to style the history the way they want.
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Re: [IDEA] A couple of idea's for tool's for opera (web browser)
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2005, 05:41 AM »
I would like the ability to right click menus when i pull them down,this is just about the only reason i don't
transition from firefox to Opera. Trust me i'm not bashing Opera,every since they did that free give away
i've been hammering away at it and really like.And not to start a war cause,o lord i have seen the perpetual
my browser is better than your thread far to many times(not here :)),Opera's bookmarking system drives me up the wall.That and it's interface should  come default with the go button next to the address bar,i about stroked out
finding that thing :-[ But yeah i dig Opera and would love to see someone build onto it.