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  • Saturday June 15, 2024, 8:39 am
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Author Topic: SC programmed for remembering preset and adjustable enhancement settings  (Read 3024 times)

K Bohne

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To all concerned
Please see below transcript regarding SC remembering enhancement settings and let me know what you think re this feature

setting eg I would like SC to remember the level of sharpness or Gama and other settings so I dont have to repeatedly set every time tack a new shot
mouserthats an interesting question
mouserso you are using the SpecialFx -> Adjust colors etc
mouseris that the function?
mouserthere is currently no way to have it remember those settings.. but its a good idea; ill add it to todo list
mousermight be a little hard to do though, as thats a 3rd party library providing that interface
mouseryou might consider using a 3rd party utility to do image manipulation via a batch file; you could set that tool in the screenshot captor menu to make it easier to launch
mouserand folks might have some suggestions about what utility would work well.. maybe irfanview.. or some other image manipulation tool
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TWECSC is the best program I have found for achieving sharpness correction so I don realy want to use another editor. When I take a Grab selected region shot and save and open I use the the red yellow and green circle near the bottom of the screen which when clicked on  opens a window under the review image and original image that has a number of options including Contrast, HSV, HSL, RGB, Equalisation, rotate,FFT, Gama correction and  Sharpen. I have had the remember feature active on a previous computer before but my new computer or updated software doesn't  seem to be able to do this. If the program could have a feature built in to set different values if would be fantasticon my last 
TWECMouser you still there
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mouseri will look into saving/loading settings from that dialog.. its a good idea
mouserthough i think very very very few people use that feature.
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TWECI produce thousands of images and diagrams from drawings I make in word , excel and other programs so this feature is important in that regard.. Can you please keep me updated by email at [email protected] thank you mouser
mouseri have a suggestion
mouserwell first a question
mouserdo you always use the same settings to sharpen and enance
mouserso that if you had a simple button to apply the settings without even entering the dialog, would it be useful?
mouserbecause if so, then it would probably be very easy for me and/or others to help you make a little SC tool menu item that appllied such settings using a free 3rd party commandline tool
mouserand that would be worth you posting on the forum about the idea
TWECyes in a lot of cases however I do change settings when the diagrams I import or draw are of poor resolution so the adjustable feature would be better. May be if using buttons there can be a number of selections to chose from. I would think however this may be more work than the adjustable feature. Can both features be programmed in. As for posing on the forum are you able to do this on my behalf
mouserno youll have to post yourself :)
mouserhere's the area: https://www.donation...index.php?board=34.0
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To shed a bit of light on this.  I think it would be useful to make an SC "addon" tool with some menu presets to run a 3rd party commandline image manipulation tool on the screenshot.  See this thread for setting up 3rd party tools as tool addons in SC: https://www.donation.../index.php?topic=785

Does anyone have any free 3rd party commandline image manipulation (increase contrast, set gamma, etc.) that they can recomment.. I can help make sc tool configuration menus for them and we can add to sc tool menu.