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Author Topic: column to show the actual folder name  (Read 3135 times)


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column to show the actual folder name
« on: October 15, 2015, 06:32 AM »
Mouser, can you add a column to show the actual folder name in "Search Folders" tab ?

It will help me to understand what folders FARR is scanning without doing some trial and error.

farr folders.pngcolumn to show the actual folder name




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Re: column to show the actual folder name
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2015, 05:25 PM »
it's an interesting idea.. let me consider.
i could certainly resolve it in dialog shown when you edit the path.

Also, right now if you are ever curious, you can go to the Tweaks and Debugging tab and at the bottom test the resolution of any expression with % stuff like %mymusic%


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Re: column to show the actual folder name
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2015, 12:51 AM »
Long time ago I wrote an alias to show the values for all farr's %environment variables%, this includes all the folders in the search folder tab.

Just import and type fenv (previously published as fdebug, but now with alphabetically sorted on environment variable names).

farr env folder names win xp.pngcolumn to show the actual folder name

This way you don't have to guess as much 8)

Code: Text [Select]
  1. 1000>>>fenv farr environment strings>->var aliasdir = %ALIASDIR% - When specifying alias commands you may occasionally>n>want to refer to the home directory of the alias |>n>var aliasprefix = %ALIASPREFIX% - optional prefix for aliasses |>n>var alldesktop = %ALLDESKTOP% |>n>var alluserprofile = %ALLUSERSPROFILE% |>n>var appdrive = %APPDRIVE% - Will be something like based on drive where findandr unrobot was launched |>n>var commonappdata = %COMMONAPPDATA% |>n>var commonmusic = %COMMONMUSIC% |>n>var commonpictures = %COMMONPICTURES% |>n>var commonstartmenu = %COMMONSTARTMENU% |>n>var commonvideo = %COMMONVIDEO% |>n>var computername = %COMPUTERNAME% -- replaced with current computer name |>n>var configdir = %CONFIGDIR% |>n>var currentresult = %CURRENTRESULT% - currently selected result; useful for crea>n>ting hotkeys that use it, etc; blank if nothing selected |>n>var currentresultnb = %CURRENTRESULTNB% - same as above, but = first result if nothing selected |>n>var customewebbrowser = %CUSTOMWEBBROWSER% - user configured custom web browserstring |>n>var customfilebrowser = %CUSTOMFILEBROWSER% - user configured custom file browser string |>n>var farrdir = %FARRDIR% |>n>var faruserdata = %FARRUSERDATADIR% - MyLocalData in FARR path place to store user settings and user-modifiable files |>n>var fonts = %FONTS% |>n>var lasthwnd = %LASTHWND% - integer value referring to the last window handle that had focus before FARR was triggered |>n>var lasturl = %LASTURL% - last url navigated or set in internal web browser |>n>var lasturlset = %LASTURLSET% - last url explicitly set by alias/plugin in web browser |>n>var lastweberrors = %LASTWEBERRORS% - blank if no web script errors since last web page load, or text of errors |>n>var maxresults = %MAXRESULTS% - current number of max results to show in results, based on search |>n>var maxresultsdef = %MAXRESULTSDEF% - option set by user for default max results to show in results |>n>var maxresultsext = %MAXRESULTSEXT% - option set by user for extended max results to show in results |>n>var myappdata = %MYAPPDATA% |>n>var mydesktop = %MYDESKTOP% |>n>var mydocuments = %MYDOCUMENTS% |>n>var myfavorites = %MYFAVORITES% |>n>var mymusic = %MYMUSIC% |>n>var mypictures = %MYPICTURES% |>n>var mystartmenu = %MYSTARTMENU% |>n>var myvideo = %MYVIDEO% |>n>var plugindir = %PLUGINDIR% - Directory of currently triggered plugin|>n>var programfiles = %PROGRAMFILES% |>n>var searchbox = %SEARCHBOX% - contents of current search box as shown|>n>var searchstring = %SEARCHSTRING% - current search string; may differ from search box based on alias dosearch manipulations |>n>var systemdir = %SYSTEMDIR% |>n>var username = %USERNAME% |>n>var userprofile = %USERPROFILE% |>+>^fenv