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Author Topic: Lotus Approach  (Read 2231 times)


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Lotus Approach
« on: October 09, 2013, 11:26 AM »
I'm a bit of a fan of Lotus Approach. I'm not going to justify that here (but I have good reasons!) but this is more of a plea to anyone who might have any skills with LotusScript and might either be able to point me at some useful online howtos or give me some idea of how to achieve what I want.

I have a table containing nearly 2 million records, the last 1500-ish of which were created from a dubious source and almost certainly contain some corrupt data. I want to squirt out those last records, along with some info collected from a joined table, for analysis.

Approach doesn't seem to "do" record numbers. If it were dBase (look, I'm old, okay, deal with it) I could just open the table with no active index, position the current record somewhere around the point where the problem first occurred and issue a command like "copy next 1600 to outfile" and that would be that. Approach won't let me do that. The record number is dynamic, effectively, so if there's a sort in use, record 1 will be the record that was sorted to the top rather than the first record in the table.

The best I can come up with is to create a numeric field to hold a record number and find a way to work through the records, auto-incrementing that field.

Approach will let you create a field that auto-increments when new records are created, but it won't work retrospectively.

Apparently, this sort of problem can only be solved with LotusScript. There's even a handy LotusScript function that would allow me to get the record number: docwindowobject.CurrentRecord = recordnumber

But how to write a script that will let me use that to create a usable record number that I can then use to identify records I want to export even if I have a sort applied? No idea. Does anyone have any experience with making Approach jump through this sort of a hoop?
-- bests, Tim

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