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Last post Author Topic: Serial Key Storage for Windows  (Read 16266 times)


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Re: Serial Key Storage for Windows
« Reply #25 on: March 04, 2011, 10:03 AM »
If someone wanted to make a neat little portable application specifically for this purpose, I would definitely donate.
What do you specifically need, for such an app, that you don't feel fSekrit offers you?
- carpe noctem

Steven Avery

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Re: Serial Key Storage for Windows
« Reply #26 on: August 26, 2011, 09:48 AM »

I use ListPro. Not free, and not specifically for this purpose, but as the name suggests it's ideal for lists of any kind.

 I just want to second this suggestion.  I've rarely seen a program that is designed for such quick heads-up entry (including adding/modifying fields) and sorting and creating categories and stuff like that.

It has limitations in calendar (one date only) and projects and stuff like that ..  however it surely is more than sufficient for many needs .  

    Items - with flexible and quick field creation and sorting within the Item.
      Fields - String, Category, Number, Yes/No, Date. 3 State, Linked (hot link)

Predefined Item-field formats ca save a spot of time, too.

Printing so far seems adequate. An area that could be improved.  
They could have a forum, too.

A tab structure would help, as always, giving another dimension to your overall view.
Limited highlight color, and some bold and maybe font, limited in the RTF
Afaik ... no Dropbox-style or Google-output web integration
Could use built-in or user-defined field masks (e.g. SS# nnn-nn-nnnn)
No email or some sort of alarm reminder (Hi-Task pleasantly did that for me on a trial)
No Auto-Save

And maybe, as in most programs, missing is "saving" your own procedures (e.g. printing five lists) which you would have to do with an external macro.

Or you could make a list to remind you of the procedure !

I've played with AbstractSpoon's ToDoList and TaskCoach and they may be far better for certain things (e.g. multi-level programming projects with Abstract) and some other programs were definitely good for this List-ToDo thing  .. but so far I have to give ListPro a very strong heads up !  When you have super-quick speed in entry and design, combined with quick sorting/search - you are far more likely to do an actual list.

Curious if others have tried.  
Anything else even close in quick design and input entry combined with some heft ?

30 day trial .. then $20 .. if you like it, you are not going to be concerned much about the cash.

Overall, I think tabs are the one big thing that would act as a major improvement, allowing multiple trees in one file on one data entry screen ( e.g. MyPuter, Forums, Biz, Bible, Personal ).  Right now those are distinct moving down the explorer side or .. (what you do not want generally) .. separate files.

Steven Avery
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Re: Serial Key Storage for Windows
« Reply #27 on: August 26, 2011, 10:33 AM »
Rather old, but it's small (189kb), simple, lightweight, and portable, works on win9x, and he even has an older version for win3.1 still available:

It was what I used before moving to Keepass.

In addition to the screenshot shown on the site, which shows how the list window looks, here is what the actual info window looks like:

Screenshot - 8_26_2011 , 11_11_09 AM.png

I originally acquired this when someone shared their copy with me, with their encrypted database. They were using it as an address book for a wedding guest list.