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Author Topic: Let's go Predator Mode  (Read 2538 times)


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Let's go Predator Mode
« on: March 30, 2011, 05:12 PM »
For Fundraiser ending I would like to write a little about an idea I wonder about recently. Have a nice read :)


History repeats itself. For suffering, wins and fails, human thought and innovation. Many ideas appear from time to time, vanish and reappear again after a while. Some of them seems to completely new while some are just meant for re-branding like Verne's submarine or Vinci's glider. Some of them are just sets of other ideas bound together in new fashion. Mine is the latest.

Many times in the past I had thought of something which I abandoned, only to discover that many years later *someone* got it by himself independently and pushed into living product or illustrated it in some way to thousands of people. We can find many examples of such situations but even if I don't want to stick with it too much I could bet that many of us had similar experiences.

When I was a kid, while watching action movies I was always surprised to see serial killers waiting patiently for a victim to check their appearance via peephole and run away. If I've ever been murderer, the very first thing I would do when hearing sound behind a door is shooting someones face off. Few years later... BOOM! I saw a film with it.

After watching "Predator" I was wondering about suit with cameras and small TVs joined together, and I thought it would be cool if camera could show its view on the opposite side o the person. It could almost be "The Predator Mode" (not the one I want to focus further on). Not a perfect solution but close enough to be better that any other camouflage. And... BOOM! Few years later some invented Active camouflage.

For quite a while in my high school and at the university I thought about anime or game hero which could borrow some powers from Venom (from Spider-man) and extend them to my liking: suit still symbiotic but with few other transforming possibilities + human assimilation (to gain skills and knowledge). I wrote small story and drew many sketches which were thrown away into trash. After a while I saw "Black Cat" and "To Love Ru". And... BOOM! "Prototype" appears with about 90% of my ideas implemented.

Unfortunately, without hard evidence all of above have never happened.

Have you ever had similar experience? Maybe very small thought about something obvious but never sold by anyone? Maybe too stupid in your opinion but intelligent enough to be provided market-wise?

All of these thought made me think to share my idea on new "Predator Mode" which I believe can be done today by someone with enough funds. I'd like to share it with DC users and ask for a copy of it, if someone has already made one ;)

Let's go Predator Mode (Tactical Glasses not goggles)

Everytime I am playing a game or watching a film with special forces within I wonder: how can they have so crappy gear on their heads?

WTF is that?


Uncomfortable, too big and looking dumb.

If we take a look on some technology which is already available or soon will be like:

and Transparent Phone:

And now we can wonder WHY has no one developed normal glasses with all of those features?

It should be really nothing completely new to discover but to combine something already invented instead.

Why can't we find my Tactical Glasses made in this way today?

"rough sketch"

Different modules could be offered starting with night vision or thermal vision... ending with simple zoom.

I understand that there might be few issues to be solved but only few come to my mind:
  • energy supply - if we consider features and small display area size, external batteries should be good enough; kept in pockets and used via nice cords would be always better that Image#1,
  • glow - screens could give unnecessary glow outside the view but with good frames design it could be avoided and with a little help of One-way Mirrors,
  • resolution - it doesn't need to be HD because in most cases simple overlays would be enough (happens for Jet pilots); on the other hand: for night vision the main point is to see something and not to focus on details;
  • on/off button - we could easily glue those f**g remote to our guns ;)

So again: why it is not yet sold?

I truly wonder...
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