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  • Sunday August 14, 2022, 1:02 am
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Author Topic: A bug and some feature suggestions...  (Read 4733 times)


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A bug and some feature suggestions...
« on: April 15, 2010, 05:49 PM »
First of all -- thanks for a very good piece of software! I have been thinking about writing something like this, but before I started, I decided to check out the internet to see whether someone had already done something useful. And it seems I struck gold this time.

However, I have found one minor, but rather annoying, bug. I have not really understood exactly what is happening, but it definitely has something to do with non-ascii characters; and I don't think it should be that difficult to find it. It seems to happen for example if I have a file xxx.mp3 in two directories, and one of the directories (or the filename itself) contains one Å, Ä or Ö. When the search comes to the second file, it cannot find the first one and says so, showing a full filename where the above letters have been changed to the corresponding lowercase letter; å, ä or ö. I assume the problem is that the code that changes the case is more intelligent than the operating system, which thinks that for example å and Å are different letters.

I don't know whether I have given you enough information, but if you need more details just ask, and I will try to provide it.

So, a few a suggestions -- I have only used the program once, so I will most likely have more when I have used it for some time.

1. List genres that should NOT be included. For example, it would be nice to make sure that "Spoken" is not included; I mean, who want to know what a song is about when you are not going to hear it...

2. The algorithm for creating time limited playlists doesn't really end properly (for my library of about 17000 tracks); it always try to add another song, and if it doesn't fit in it, discards it. This usually also results in a last track much shorter than the others. I suggest two parameters that could help with this; one "tolerance", saying how big the difference would be allowed to be to consider the creation finished (90 s. for a 60 minute list would mean that everything between 58:30 and 60:00 would be considered OK), and one "Allow swaps", where the algorithm is allowed to swap the new track for one of the already selected -- I suspect that this, at least in most cases, would make it far simpler to fill those last couple of minutes in a playlist.

I understand you haven't had much time for this project for some time, but I hope you are still supporting this program.