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Author Topic: Funny/interesting websites I like... check these out if you're bored  (Read 5641 times)


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Over the years there are a few websites that I've consistantly enjoyed every time I've visited. When I'm bored or looking to waste some time I check out a few of the ones I hadn't visited in a while.

The Onion This website is great, I go here almost every day! It's a fake newspaper, an hilarious fake newspaper I mean. I can't say I read many of the actual articles but the headlines are enough to keep me coming back. A feature I look forward to is the "What Do You Think" (now renamed "American Voices") section. It's updated every week day and pretty much has hilarious comments on some random news story.

The Straight Dope Not something you'd want to read every day, but very interesting for the nerd in you (I'm 80% nerd). As far as I can gather it's mostly an archive of a newspaper column where people would ask really tough/really random questions and the author would answer them after doing a lot of research. One current question: "Is it safe  to wash clothing at the laundromat?" (I haven't read this one yet, but it sounds like it could be interesting.)

Homestar Runner Very funny flash cartoon site. The "Strongbad Email" section is probably the most popular part of the site. On it one of the characters, Strongbad, answers questions and addresses comments sent to him. This site might take a little getting used-to; give a few cartoons a try before disregarding it. This is by the way, fun for all ages, something your kids might enjoy just as much as you...

Urban Legends Reference Pages Like the title says, this is an urban legend website. They either confirm or deny pretty much every urban legend out there. They also update it frequently with the latest e-mails that are going around (that my neighbor insists on forwarding me).

The Sneeze Very funny site with a single author, Steve. He is just pretty much a very funny writer and can turn anything into comedy. A feature you might check out if you're just testing the site out is "Steve Don't Eat It" where in the interest of entertaining us he'll eat various disgusting foods. Look for the link on the left, at the bottom of a list. Recient "food" eaten by Steve: Pickled Pork Rinds...

The Word Detective A great site for the ocational visit. And another site where the author answers questions sent to him by readers... These are all on the origins of words or phrases, sounds boring but I find it fascinating.

Maddox and Listen To Me Both of these are kinda the same, some guy, or a couple people think their opinions are worth reading. I don't know how often they are updated, but there's tons of content on each one, so it shouldn't be a problem for first time visitors. Go to them and check out movie reviews, video game reviews, rants, you name it.

Linkswarm I used to go here all the time, not so much any more. The website is pretty much a collection of links to other websites. The descriptions are short, but are usually enough to let you know if you wanna click or not. Linkswarm is a little racy at times, and not all the links are labled NSFW (even when they should be). A little more "family friendly" website with the same general idea is I-Am-Bored.


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Re: Funny/interesting websites I like... check these out if you're bored
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2005, 01:35 AM »
great post.  i'd like to see more of these lists of people's favorite sites.

ps. i believe the onion is the funniest fake newspaper ever written.


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Re: Funny/interesting websites I like... check these out if you're bored
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2005, 12:21 PM » has just the kewtest widdle fwash games on the who' wide web!

Admit-One Mental Gymnasium is yet another blog, but with amazing pictures and some of the wildest links. Like boingboing for conservatives.

Speaking of conservatives... Little Green Footballs would like to kick your liberal tushkin as of 9 seconds ago... (Warning: quite political, quite conservative)

The solution to end terrorism? Nuke The Moon!

404 got you down? Remember that freeware thingamabob that was sooo essential on your Win95 box and now you need it and can't find it or the homepage? Angry because that politician pulled a quote off his webpage then says he never said such a thing? Professor! To the WayBack Machine!!

Ever got an itch to build a vacuum powered tube amp from scratch? The AX84 folks are there to hold your hand.

Pun of the Day. They got a million of 'em!!


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Re: Funny/interesting websites I like... check these out if you're bored
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2006, 01:28 AM »
Wild links at is always fun.