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I downloaded the "normal" SearchGT install file, not the GOTD version. I didn't try to register it in any way, either using GOTD nor from SearchGT.

General Software Discussion / Search GT .... how can this be?
« on: May 20, 2008, 06:57 AM »
Today I thought I'd give SearchGT a try, so duly downloaded whilst at work, installed and played. Noted that it was unregistered, 30 days remaining.
This evening, after downloading and installing the daily GOTD offering, I thought I'd have another play with Search GT to see agin how fast it was.
 It was fast, so I thought about whether I'd register or not.
 Then it struck me...where was that 30 day trial reminder? Looked again, it's registered to GOTD. Huh? I never downloaded from there (it was offered on march 31).
Checked the dates of the files in the Search GT directory - they're today's date.
 Would be funny (as in odd) if that was a reproducible event. Of course it poses an ethical dilemma now. Perhaps I should cross post this to some recent threads.

Living Room / Re: Pirating abandoned content?
« on: May 16, 2008, 10:04 AM »
But what if the consumers are poor too - poor starving developers with poor starving uneducated sick malformed children & a granny in hospital vs poor starving uneducated tots with poor starving malnourished relatives, three of them in rehab. What is the right thing to do then? Will the penniless shantydwellers downgrade to a Hayes Accura 228 for a month and do the right thing or will everybody just... starve? Who will live and who will die? And will that ebook get read already!!?
well now you lost me as I'm from australia where we just elected a new prime minister who said that just can't happen here. Well, maybe that's gilding the lilly a tad - we're happy with uneducated.

Living Room / Re: Pirating abandoned content?
« on: May 16, 2008, 06:26 AM »
The poor student who obtains the textbook via unofficial channels is doing two good deeds: he is improving society as a whole by adding another educated person to it, and he is also reducing the harm done and bad karma accrued by whatever combination of entities have failed to make the book available without charge to students who cannot afford it!
what if you were a poor author, with poor student children to feed, clothe and educate, who needs the money because his book on maths is highly dis-regarded?
There seems often to be a presumption that the consumer is poor, the creator is...well, who cares. I'm veering off topic..sorry.

N.A.N.Y. 2008 / Re: Click2LogIt
« on: May 05, 2008, 02:24 AM »
another idea...
I record streamed music, and later save selections from the file to individual mp3 files. At the moment if I hear a track I like I stop what I'm doing and jot down the time into the recording, the musician/track title, then the end time.
I could well use Click2Logit to do this, but it would involve a bit of maths(time on clock-time recording started). If I could set Click2Logit to use an elapsed time, it would be perfect.
I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people have need to note something according to elapsed time.

DesktopCoral / Re: docking problem...
« on: May 04, 2008, 09:42 PM »
great!! thanks for that.

DesktopCoral / docking problem...
« on: May 04, 2008, 07:55 PM »
is this behaviour normal?
1. I move the small "drag to border of screen to dock" window to top of screen.
2. I right click/dock... it docks to top of screen.
3. I right click/undock
4.  move the small "drag to border of screen to dock" window to left of screen.
5. I right click/dock... it docks to TOP of screen.
6. I right click/undock
7. I right click the small... then choose "options" and set dock position to left of screen, click apply/ok
8. I right click/dock ... it docks to TOP of screen

Once, I'm sure I made it dock at left (not today)... Ive NEVER got it to dock on right.
Display set on Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M if its relevant

Egads Allen!
 I think you should stop pussy footing around and tell them what you REALLY think of them.
I was struck by the irony-symmetry in that I read your post while waiting for a "registering is easy. Just enter your serial and press the activate key" episode to finally actually work after a zillion attempts.
You want to terminate a relationship, I want to commence one, both of us out of luck. Visidesk is my painfully shy prospective partner.
Good luck.

thanks for all the hard work during this week. Really missed the site!!!

Living Room / Re: ASUS eee PC - Any owner?
« on: January 31, 2008, 09:08 PM »
Got 1 last weekend with linux installed.
Booted quickly, screen was surprisingly good to read. Changed from "easy" to "advanced" mode quickly which made it better (for me) to use.
It detected my wireless network better than my dell latitude laptop and I was onto the net quite painlessly. Took it to school and it connected there faultlessly as well.
 For laziness and compatibility reasons, Ive now installed xp pro on it. That took about 2 hours, but I was very surprised how well it's performing - as in speed on boot and generally firing up apps.
 Have installed office 2003 (not that I wanted to) and that's just fine too. Currently I'm installing portable apps onto a 1gig sd card which plugs into the eeepc.
 Today I left the dell home and only took the eeepc to school and can't say Ive missed the big un. I think I'm preferring the eee (obviously if I need to use photoshop I'll be telling a different story) in general. It's fast, screen is easy to read (one caveat in a mo) and its portability is liberating.
 The caveat is for large dialog boxes - inconvenient, but overcomable by using Winmover, which allows dragging windows with an alt arrow combo.
 2 other teachers at school saw mine and went and brought themselves ones.
 last one, the eeepc user forum at is a huge, active repository of advice... excellent resource.
 Summary of what Ive been doing on it:
office suite (incl outlook)
internet explorer/maxthon
watched a ripped dvd via usb tethered 2.5 hd
used xnview
used ashampoo office suite
interaacted with access db over school network
streamed kcsm jazz radio whilst reading in bed (also did that with linux)
set up network printer (also did that whilst linux was on )
made a no hassle connection to a data projector - looked fine

Am looking forward to taking it on next overseas trip - I'll be smiling when I see people taking out there large heavy laptops!
Hope this helps

On satellites, I think f5 is the function key for changing display to external monitors musicman.

Thanks all for your input. Unfortunately the FN keys do not turn off the monitor. F-6 and F-7 adjust the brightness, but that's all. App, I really dont' mind which hotkey you use. In fact I just used hotkeys as an example. it could be a button, or checkbox. Thanks for your help!

Living Room / Re: 'Smart Closet' Tells You What To Wear
« on: November 22, 2007, 06:18 AM »
Don't want to be bitchy  ;) 

But look at those two  :o

I know they're Australian so you have to make allowances, but surely not even the straightest straight man would want to rely on anything connected to them for clothing advice  :D
What's the problem? In case you're worried about them being overdressed, it was just cos of the publicity shot - or maybe the wives/gfs had just washed their shorts and they were out on the clothesline. If you could see lower, they were wearing thongs (uh oh ... that means rubber sandal sort of things - flipflops? ) and so weren't dressed so badly at all

Darwin, glad you got your problem resolved so smoothly. Organizations are probably just like large/complex bits of software - the larger, the more prone to faults and glitches, but sometimes they just work as designed and you're happy. Ad muncher - is australian?
I wonder if anyone there will have enough of it to fix some of those circular/dead-end links to which you referred.
-cranioscopical (November 09, 2007, 11:04 AM)
Cranio - I wouldn't expect it.

Last post on this topic for me, I reckon...
this evening (I didn't have to wait till morning), received an email from support (in australia) with a link to the cd version to d/load and install.
It worked first time! Boy was I ecstatic. Took a while, but corel support did hang in there and deliver for me. Ultimately, I can't say whether it was my crappy computer's fault
or not, so I'm just looking on the positive and saying thanks to support at corel.

thanks for all those suggestions... when all is said and done tho, I would like to have a legal, functioning copy of psp.
Maybe in the next 24 hours, Mr Corel will intercede personally and send his VIP jet for me to come to NY and present me with a gold edition psp.
Its night in his part of the world, so it'll be exciting when I log on tomorrow morning to see what support has to say

and the saga continues...
19 more attempts with support from corel australia suggesting a few things, including providing links to psp 6 install problems/remedies. All not effective.
20 phone corel australia for refund... no, have to phone corel usa. Bugger.
21. phone corel usa from australia - on hold for 7 minutes at international rates, wondering how long  it'll take, decide to hang up.
22. write long support entry on their website, takes about 10 minutes, try to submit and get new screen saying cant submit stuff to refunds department, but providing no way to either submit to different department, or save my typing (its lost from previous screen)...complete waste of time.
23. write a new support request, submit it to tech and tell them to forward it to refunds, and ask THEM to ring ME. That'd be funny.

As an aside (bonus?) if I do a search for paint shop pro x2 installation problem in google, I'm at the top of the page rankings! First time I made it to #1 - ever cloud has a silver lining:)

19. support sends an email telling me to ignore their advice to phone corel. Too late.
20. get email from new source inside corel..sounds like a mexican name - did I ring support in mexico by mistake - asking me a new question about what's happening

Darwin... yep, I'm regularly using the new zapper - cleanup tool.

thanks Darwin... I like the encouragement that if I can get it to work, it'll be worth it. (as well as the time you spent getting the link for me)
 I've already got corel's super duper zapper and used it MANY times by now.
Funny tho how after using it, I still find plenty of obsolete refs to psp x2 in the registry.

never thought of that...course I should have. Probably though it's an idea born of frustration and annoyance and I shouldn't do it.

Maybe I'd be handling it better if it wasn't for the fact that I organized for the school to purchase a DOWNLOAD (electronic) version of geometer sketch pad from an australian company a week ago. When the download link for that one didnt arrive and I questioned them, I was told it had been ordered from the USA which would take 7-10 days to arrive. MY DOWNLOAD version is being mailed from the USA????????????

here's a summary of upgrading from PSP X to PSP X2..
1. install X2 trial to see if I like it... at end of install, x2 launches and I play with it awhile (liking it)
2. Hour later, try launching it again... language error. Try several times, same error.
3. Re-install, new problem - not admin (incorrect!) Try several times, same error.
4. Re-install. New error - trial has expired  (this is same day as 1st download!!!)
5. Re install, same error. Send various requests for support corel support site (replies are no help)
6. Delete using special uninstaller from corel site, re-install, same error.
7. Scratch head... make BAD decision - if I buy x2, can't possibly give trial expired error.
8. delete trial, purchase x2 and use their download link to get (I thought) a non-trial version.
9. Install new version, use supplied key, launch it - expired!!!!!!!!
10. Think .. maybe the X version is causing this. Delete X2, delete version X
11. re-install x2 - expired.
12. delete x2, reinstall X, reinstall X2. Expired.
13. Delete both again, run reseeker looking for all paint shop pro references in registry. There are a LOT! Deep breath.. delete all the buggers!
14. Re-install X and X2. Same old expired trial message.
15. Get new message from corel support - we can't help via support site, you need to phone corel.
16. Use corel's link to find where to phone, phone corel.
17. get told over the phone that they (who-ever was on the end of the phone) can't help, I need to EMAIL corel for help.
18. email corel, anticipating a reply email that says I need to phone for support.

Is it time to ask for a refund? Since I'm going to asia for xmas vacation, I'm sorely tempted to not get a refund, but to buy a pirated X2 copy to resolve this monumental waste of time.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Visualize mouse clicks
« on: October 30, 2007, 06:57 PM »
that was the one!! I've got the eval version on my puter. :-[ Time for a tidyup methinks.
SpotOnTheMouse is supposed to support this (I've never tried it).  It's not free, but it's not too expensive (about 5 Euro):


I'm surprised this isn't a common request by people who perform demos and presentations.  I wonder if it's something that might be available in the MS Intellimouse drivers (or Logitech's drivers).

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Visualize mouse clicks
« on: October 30, 2007, 05:38 PM »
One of the components of "Milori Training Tools 2001" does that. (notice the year - 2001). Info at:
It's not free however.

There is a freeware product which keeps a circle around the cursor called "sonar4", which at least focusses attention on the cursor. (not quite what you want I know).
I'm sure I've come across exactly what you want, so I'll keep looking.

Living Room / Re: How to get data from dead flash drive?
« on: October 30, 2007, 06:30 AM »
thanks f0dder, that's interesting to know and might be useful - another day if not this time round. I'll have a look at it tomorrow at school to see.

Living Room / Re: How to get data from dead flash drive?
« on: October 30, 2007, 01:01 AM »
but thanks for trying! The story as I heard it was she threw it across the table at her children... maybe there should be a warning label "may malfunction if thrown at children"?.
Probably someone with the gear could remove chip from circuit board and connect (somehow) up to some whizzbang equipment. On a positive note, this assignment that's destined never to see the light of day was probably of a quality which DESERVED to be lost to humanity.

Living Room / Re: How to get data from dead flash drive?
« on: October 30, 2007, 12:02 AM »
was a coincidence, but when I say dead I mean as in it does not show up as an attached device on any computer its been plugged into.
So any option which starts with accessing the drive is out - its not showing, so isnt accessible.

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