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FARR Plugins and Aliases / Re: New C# FARR Plugin: FARRGoogleSuggest
« on: January 02, 2008, 03:39 PM »
 :up: :up: :up: :Thmbsup: :D :P

I have been using this for only about 2 days now, and I am already in love with it. :-*
I have long been a user of, but this is a lot more powerful as it allows me to modify my behavior both on the reward and the action side.  EG: I always manage to talk myself into a candy bar in the afternoon, but I skipped it today because I wanted to spend the points elsewhere, and setting up the software didn't earn me any points, so I was short on points.  I have heavier rewards for things I like doing less but should be doing more, in hopes of setting up new habits.  This is definitely a winner.

I really like the chatty tone, makes me feel like reading a note from a friend (albeit a really looong note :) )
Seriously, the length was fine with me.  If I need more time then I can always come back to it.  I believe any piece of writing should be as long as it takes to say what you want to say, and no longer.

Carol, I thought I was going completely crazy.  My symptoms are not as bad as yours, but my firefox will occasionally crash when I click a link.  It appears completely random.  One second I am clicking a link and the next second I am looking at my desktop.  I can't manually close the software that quickly.  I am certain that the trouble must be in a conflict with an extension, but, like you, I only have the trouble very intermittently.  So, you are not crazy, and neither am I (or at least this is not evidence of it :) )

General Software Discussion / Re: Managing projects with OUTLOOK
« on: October 23, 2007, 09:29 PM »
... it got caught in Gmail's spam filter,

How big is this file? KB or MB ?? Is it a .pst ???
It is a .pst about 130 KB

General Software Discussion / Re: Managing projects with OUTLOOK
« on: October 23, 2007, 03:22 PM »
I have just ordered Outlook project management from
This is something they email to you, ...

Interesting to hear if you ever receive this file! The site has not been updated for two years, and their forum has been closed for at least half a year. But the extension sure sounds ideal for the purpose in question.

I paid for the file on Sunday evening, and the email came to me Monday afternoon, my time.  I was starting to worry because it got caught in Gmail's spam filter, but all is well.  I will do a review this weekend after I get to play with it a bit more, but it is a very clever use of the the features available in Outlook.  Seems promising so far.

General Software Discussion / Re: Managing projects with OUTLOOK
« on: October 21, 2007, 04:56 PM »
I have just ordered Outlook project management from
From the website:
This Extension to Microsoft Outlook will provide you with the tools needed to enable you to effectively manage a project.
The solution encompasses out-of-the-box tools and processes that enable you to:

    * Break a complex project into manageable sub-projects
    * Assign responsibility/ownership of project components
    * Gain real-time project visibility into resources, processes, status
    * Focus on highest-priority items and ensure resources are allocated appropriately
    * Develop and complete a project plan

Your projects can be as simple or complex as you prefer. It can be projects with only 1 participant, or with a group of people taking part.

Effective project management requires more than just good project managers; you also need effective processes. This Extension will integrate your project management with your Outlook features, giving you a familiar interface, and solid contact management.
Seems a lot to promise for a whopping $9.99.  This is something they email to you, no test version available as yet, so I will just test it for all of us and let you know how it goes.

General Software Discussion / Re: GemX - missing in action
« on: October 15, 2007, 03:23 PM »

vizacc writes the free software HelpMaker.
The version in Development is HelpMaker version 8.0, which has similar features to GemX DoOrganizer.

So, when can we get a look at helpmaker 8.0?  I'll bet you could probably find some eager beta testers in this community.

Find And Run Robot / Re: Schedule
« on: October 04, 2007, 01:04 PM »
Thanks for the responses.
 To me, an alpha version means slow, buggy and prone to crash your computer with amazing regularity. Usually you see alpha releases accompanied by major warnings about possible catastrophic consequences if you are stupid enough to run it without completely backing up your computer first.
This leaves me still conflicted but I guess I will try it.
I have been "testing"   ;)  the pre-release for some time now, and I have found it to be rock solid, and getting more capable all the time.  Have no fear, I can recommend this software absolutely. :Thmbsup:

Living Room / Re: Internet Forum Lightbulb Maintenance...
« on: September 20, 2007, 06:31 PM »
brilliant.. maybe you could site where it original came from though, to give credit and so i could give credit when i blog it.
Actually, my wife emailed it to me.  She thinks it might have come from joke of the day.

Living Room / Internet Forum Lightbulb Maintenance...
« on: September 17, 2007, 12:15 PM »

How many online forum group members does it take to change a lightbulb?
1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed.
14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently.
7 to caution about the dangers of changing light bulbs.
27 to point out spelling/grammar errors in posts about changing light bulbs.
53 to flame the spell checkers.
41 to correct spelling/grammar flames.
6 to argue over whether it's "lightbulb" or "light bulb"...another 6 to condemn those 6 as anal-retentive
2 industry professionals to inform the group that the proper term is "lamp".
15 know-it-alls who claim *they* were in the industry, and that "light bulb" is perfectly correct.
156 to email the participant's ISPs complaining that they are in violation of their "acceptable use policy".
109 to post that this group is not about light bulbs and to please take this discussion to a lightbulb group
203 to demand that cross posting to hardware forum, off-topic forum, and lightbulb group about changing light bulbs be stopped.
111 to defend the posting to this group saying that we all use light bulbs and therefore the posts *are* relevant to this group.
306 to debate which method of changing light bulbs is superior, where to buy the best light bulbs, what brand of light bulbs work best for this technique, and what brands are faulty.
27 to post URL's where one can see examples of different light bulbs.
14 to post that the URL's were posted incorrectly and then post the corrected URL's.
3 to post about links they found from the URL's that are relevant to this group which makes light bulbs relevant to this group.
33 to link all posts to date, quote them in their entirety including all headers and signatures, and add "Me too".
12 to post to the group that they will no longer post because they cannot handle the light bulb controversy.
19 to quote the "Me too's" to say "Me three".
4 to suggest that posters request the light bulb FAQ.
44 to ask what is a "FAQ".
4 to say "didn't we go through this already a short time ago?"
143 to say "do a Google search on light bulbs before posting questions about light bulbs".
1 forum lurker to respond to the original post 6 months from now and start it all over again....

 :) Thanks for finding this, I ordered it immediately.

The Getting Organized Experiment of 2006 / Re: Getting Organized in 2007
« on: September 12, 2007, 03:41 PM »
OK, count me in.  I have a novel I have just not been getting to, and I could stand some motivation.  Also, I really loved the 2006 version, and I am using some of the tools we were all introduced to still.  That experiment really taught me that the real purpose of GTD or any other methodology is to keep track of what you should be doing instead of what you are doing.   :)
Thanks for resurrecting it

Living Room / Re: Thank you for this site and the people here.
« on: June 19, 2007, 08:01 AM »
IMHO reaching out to others is ALWAYS appropriate. Spider Robinson says that shared pain diminishes and shared joy increases.  I sincerely hope that we as a community can help diminish your grief at this time, and that we will again be able to share your joys in the future.  Share as little or as much as seems appropriate to you, and know that members of this community are holding you in our thoughts.

What's the Best? / Re: What's the best Journal (Diary) software?
« on: June 05, 2007, 02:53 PM »
Yet another vote for IdailyDiary.  I have been happily using it for years.  The ability to add sticky pages and to add pages with tabular formatting is just too cool.

General Software Discussion / Re: PIM's
« on: May 26, 2007, 01:06 PM »
Just a quick note about what a great site this is where members can ask for help reaching a totally different company and get it.

Living Room / Re: Why don't you pay for software?
« on: May 26, 2007, 12:40 PM »
it is a BASIC right to copy/modify/run software as you wish, because software is NOT property, software = ideas and creativity, and limiting ideas and creativity with ownership is always a bad idea. That is the ethical truth.

 Paying for software should be done out of sympathy, goodwill, brotherhood with the developer, not because you have to, just to have the 'privilege' to use the software.

Sorry, but your basic premise is not correct.  Software is not just the idea, it is also the work and talent to make that idea work.  Talent should always be rewarded.  Paying people for the software that results from ideas and creativity does not stifle that creativity, working at mcDonalds does.


If people are interested i could add a flag to each alias to let you say that these should all launch as a group by default.
This seems like a really good idea.  I am currently creating batch files and including them in the alias to allow me to launch a single program or the whole lot, but a switch would be easier and faster.

Find And Run Robot / Re: Configuring wordweb to search from FARR
« on: April 07, 2007, 12:28 PM »
An easier (at least to me) solution was to make sure that the installer put wweb32.dll into the C:\WINDOWS\system32\  directory.  In my case  it hadn't, but the .dll was in the intallation folder (C:\Program Files\WordWeb)  I copied it over and the thing works a treat.  Thanks, Mouser, this is another useful tool added to FARR with almost no effort on my part. :Thmbsup: :D

Windows xp pro here, using the latest rev of .net.

I have to say that I tried 3 times to install this and never actually got it to work.  It is also a little heavy on resources for my tastes.   :down: I would give it a 3 out of 10, though it has great potential.

General Software Discussion / Re: Startup manager
« on: March 25, 2007, 10:19 AM »
Lets not forget <A href="" target=_blank>startup delayer</A> I was introduced to it on this site and I have found it very easy and effective.

 :)I have been using this software for quite a while, and it is really quite good, and the single best application of the basic GTD principles I have found.  It is also currently in process of a major upgrade in functionality based on requests from their users.  You should really try this out if you are in need of a new tool for Getting Things Done.  If you do test it, make certain to visit the forums or the roadmap to get an idea of what is coming in the next month.

Sounds extremely interesting, thomtowolf!
What OS was Wordbech for?

No dice running it in dos mode (emmulation)?
Actually, it ran in dos 6.22, which I still have, and can emulate.  The trouble is that I was young and foolish, and ran from my original disks, which were fatally stricken with a virus :hanged: :hanged: :( The company stopped supporting it so I was never able to replace it.

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