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General Software Discussion / Listary 6 released
« on: October 10, 2022, 04:55 PM »
In case nobody else has noticed, Listary 6 has been released, after a four-year gap.

From the download page:

What’s new in this version?
If Listary 6 is not working correctly after upgrading from Listary 5, try to uninstall it, reboot, and then reinstall. (10/10/2022)

New: Support Windows 11 multi-tab File Explorer
New: Add a beta channel option for updates
Improved: Improve Action stability and performance (5/25/2022)

New: New user interface – Elegant and effective, beauty in every pixel and color
New: New search and sorting algorithm
New: Web search with live suggestions
New: Preview
New: Full HiDPI support
New: Execute a search result using Ctrl + Num hotkey
New: Show Quick Switch folder after opening a file dialog
New: Disable double Ctrl automatically for full-screen games and apps.
New: Customize folder priorities and file name priorities using regex.

Still the same very generous license; free for personal use, $19.95 for advanced features and use in workplace; lifetime free updates; installation on up to three computers owned by you allowed.  In my opinion, incredible value for an incredibly useful program.

So jolly well yah sucks boo to the naysayers who said Listary 6 would never be released  8)

General Software Discussion / Re: Privacy, Security and bookmarkers
« on: August 18, 2022, 05:46 PM »
I'm careful about what info I put where, and keeping very personal data local. And having never having had accounts with any Meta service, let alone Tiktok. I'm not sure about the rest. I think I'm less individually vulnerable than most, but there's no way of avoiding societal vulnerability.

As satirical magazine Private Eye put it, "Beelzeberg has re-branded as Metaphistopheles."  I'm fuming and frustrated by the way Facebook and Instagram have become all-pervasive, yet hardly anyone thinks about privacy.  The more so, as I try to follow some of our local artists, and they put most of their messages on Instagram.  Instagram will sometimes let me see a few posts with a browser, but most of the time it duns me to have an account and use the Instagram app.  Which I have so far resisted, but what do you do when people you want to follow only post on such sinister platforms?

Living Room / Re: How to fix a keyboard with catchy keys
« on: June 03, 2022, 05:13 PM »
Sticky keys I usually fix with graphite

Graphite is conductive, so it would worry me a bit to introduce it into anything with switches.  You evidently haven't had any problems?

Here's the sales pitch:

May Sale - 20% OFF!

Buy WinCatalog 2021 until May 22, 2022 and get a 20% instant discount and:

    All minor upgrades within 2021 version
    Free upgrade to the 2022 version when it will be released
    Massive discount on future major upgrades
    Unlimited installations and activations
    90-day money back guarantee

We offer an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee.
License price includes free technical support via email, all WinCatalog 2021 minor upgrades, 50% discount on future major upgrades.

WinCatalog 2021 - Disk Catalog Software for Windows

Looking for a reliable and powerful disk catalog software to organize your huge collection of disks?

WinCatalog 2021 disk cataloger is a perfect solution! On the market since 2001.

Automatically create a catalog of all files, stored on your disks (HDDs, DVDs, CDs, network drives and other media storage devices): WinCatalog will automatically grab ID3 tags for music files, Exif tags and thumbnails for photos, thumbnails and basic information for video files, e-books, contents of archive files, thumbnails for images (pictures) and PDF files, ISO files, and much more.

Organize your file catalog, using virtual folders, tags (categories) and user defined fields, and find files in seconds, using powerful search, even when disks are not connected to the computer. Also easily use WinCatalog as a duplicate file finder. Your disk catalog can be automatically updated through Windows task scheduler.

And no matter how huge your collection of disks is - you will always have your file catalog on hand, perfectly organized.

I'm missing spartan clipboard.
If it was your favourite, OK, I understand - but there are an awful lot of good alternatives...

MindVisualizer mind mapping software just received a rare update and has been re-released under a new name, FastMindMap.

Release notes:

Re-designed icon markers & new filter pane
Customizable Icon Names
Enhanced Dark Theme Support
Summary of other  changes
°   Large screen (High DPI) support.
°   Enhanced the overall user interface.
°   New spell check engine.
°   New mind map samples.
°   Modern Windows OS Support.
°   Full Unicode (International) support.
°   New "version check" feature.
°   New error report engine.
°   Many small fixes and enhancements.

FastMindMap is aiming at becoming the best tool for visually organizing your ideas, notes, to-dos, projects and writings.
(<sigh> Don't they all)

There is a  50% off coupon valid until the end of the month: CBNEAQ
Full price is $79.  License is perpetual for the version you buy, with 12 months of updates.  After that, there would be 50% off for a new version.

Found Deals and Discounts / Serif Affinity on 50% offer (again)
« on: May 16, 2022, 04:28 PM »
Serif Affinity offers:

*All apps and add-ons now half-price*



I didn't spot the exact length of time the offer is on.

I like the power it offers; some features I don't remember ever seeing in any other program, which would make it worth persevering if you really need them.  But, I genuinely found it hard going.

I am curious if anyone is using Deskrule?  It looks like it can search the contents of a file [...]

I was interested in Deskrule because it can do obscure searches like finding which of your JPEGs does not have your name in the copyright field of its EXIF data.  The problem is that I find Deskrule one of the most impenetrable programs I've ever tried to use.  A GUI where you can tear bits off and dock them somewhere else does not help me, and I think it makes Help more confusing, because there's no guarantee your version will have the same appearance as is shown in Help.  I hate online Help anyway, the more so when it forces Edge, a browser I never use, and which isn't even set as my default.  It wasn't just me that had problems with the UI, either. At one point the author revised Deskrule to offer an alternative interface that was supposed to be easier.  I didn't find it much improvement, or maybe I was just jaundiced by then and didn't persevere.  Hence it may be the most powerful search engine ever made, but remains a mystery to me.  I'd rather have the relatively simple and straightforward UIs of programs like Nir Sofer's SearchMyFiles or the search part of XYplorer or maybe Binary Fortress' FileSeek.

Zabkat, best known for the xplorer2 file manager, are soon to offer Bits du Jour deals on two of their other programs:

i-DeClone 50% promotion
May 7 & 8
(Search and remove duplicate files)

DeskRule 50% promotion
May 12 & 13
(Advanced desktop file search)

General Software Discussion / Re: WinPatrol appears dead
« on: April 04, 2022, 03:33 PM »
There's still Chameleon Startup Manager, which has been mentioned several times in rather old DC threads.

Maybe look at AM-DeadLink?
Freeware to detect dead links and redirections.
AM-DeadLink can check URLs for dead links and redirections from the following sources:

    Text files
    Tab delimited files
    CSV files
    HTML files
    Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox
    Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, IE

But note this:
Why bookmarks cannot be deleted directly in AM-DeadLink

Browser bookmarks should only be deleted within the browser user interface, not via external tools. Changing bookmark databases outside of the browser will be in conflict with various functions and will also produce side effects when synchronizing bookmarks between devices.

For what very little it may be worth, the Zufuliu fork of Notepad2 now does Markdown, but not I think WYSIWYG.

The recently-released Notezilla 9 can do Markdown, and now has hyperlinks that point from one sticky note to another.  I don't know if you can collapse a group of linked notes into a single document.

General Software Discussion / Re: Does this "blog/shared notes" exist?
« on: February 12, 2022, 03:49 PM »
Maybe Simplenote?  It's a "free" cloud service by  Automattic (the people behind WordPress?) that you can access by browser or by their own (Electron behemoth) Windows app, or their Android app, but it can also be synchronized with CintaNotes (free and payware, I think even the free version will sync with Simplenote now) and ResophNotes (free, mentioned by wraith808 of this parish) on Windows, and with Glance Note on Android.  Certainly CintaNotes and Glance Note, and I think ResophNotes, keep their own local databases.

It's possible to use Simplenote collaboratively.

Big caveat; as a cloud service, you are at the mercy of their policies.  The ResophNotes site has a note that Simplenote might remove the API for third parties, though that hasn't happened yet, as far as I know.  Also, at present anyway, you can export from Simplenote to plain text files.

Website Watcher:
That won't work since half of the sites are password-protected.
The Personal edition of WebSite-Watcher can do passwords.

I could swear there was a tool that was discussed here years ago with the need to do just that (the mapping)... I don't think there was complete success at that time but I remember the discussion!

There was New program: Ethervane ActiveHotkeys (freeware), but the entire thread is dated 2009.

General Software Discussion / Re: What Android Apps Do You Use?
« on: February 01, 2022, 04:43 PM »
Are any of you hold-outs who stick to the older version of K-9 Mail, with its better accounts list, having any problems with it?  Two of my accounts (with GMX) no longer work; K-9 hangs or crashes now.  This happens to me both on my old Android 4.2.2 (!) tablet and on my Android 11 phone.  I presume the webmail provider has changed something, because my other accounts still appear to work. 

Admittedly, I'm mostly using FairEmail now on the phone (thanks to 4WD for the recommendation) but it doesn't, as far as I can see, use Android SharePity; K-9 Mail does that, but doesn't always render HTML email properly.  I wish people would stick to plain text, but they don't  :(

Correction: FairEmail does have Android Share enabled, but it's well hidden.

+1 for Pegasus Mail. Note that the developer has been working on the 5th major version for quite a while now, version 4.x is not quite contemporary in look&feel*. (Which is OK for me, but less OK for other people - especially as you come from The Bat!.)

I dabbled with Pegasus long ago.  I much prefer The Bat!'s permanently-visible tree of accounts, but the thing I hated about Pegasus was its default of deleting all mail on the server.  It felt like a deliberate attempt to lock you in.  Still, forewarned is forearmed.

I, personally, also own and primarily use a license for Pandora Mail which I - incidentally - first saw on DonationCoder.
Pandora Mail 4.1 uses roughly 53 megabytes (plus the profile folder which can not completely be moved off %APPDATA% as far as I can see) of disk space, it seems to not have a portable mode (yet?). Of course, you should be fine with 90s GUI design... (you can configure some of that.) :)

I briefly tried Pandora when I saw your earlier post, and couldn't make head nor tail of it!  Software doesn't usually leave me baffled (though a trial disk of DOS AskSam did).  But, I spent the 90s (and after) determinedly clinging on to DOS software, and I don't think it was until 1998 or so that changes at work meant I finally had to come to terms with WinGUI.  Maybe I missed out on that era.

It has replaced The Bat! for me when RITlabs decided to use ribbon toolbars which I don't want to use.

Nor do I.  I'm still using The Bat! 9.1.18.  Perhaps the new UI is responsible for some of the recent bloat:

thebat_64_9-1-18.msi                              42,135,552   
thebat_64_9-4-5.msi                              143,663,104   

If you like Alpine (which is good software, I admit), other interesting command line clients for Windows include NeoMutt and a few others, but note that usual "ported to Windows" software mostly requires jumping through quite a few hoops to use the file system over Cygwin... :)

Ouch.  That could be a disincentive  :(

It's everything I wanted from a notetaking tool.

Sadly, no mobile version, despite several for various flavours of Unix/Linux/BSD.

I use The Bat! Pro on my main laptop, but now have a budget ultraportable (Xidu Tour Pro) as a back-up.  It only has a 128Gb SSD (though it has a slot for a second one, which I haven't looked into).  I'm looking for a compact, lightweight email client for it.  A quick search turns up TheBat! as "lightweight", but recent versions have jumped from about a 40Mb download to 120Mb.  I could use The Bat! Voyager on a USB stick as the Pro license covers this, but I'm wondering if there are other recommendations.  I briefly tried i.Scribe / InScribe and didn't get on very well with it, but might take another look.  Otherwise, the commonest suggestions seem to all be ports from Unix/Linux:

Is there anything else I should consider, please?

Came here after years of inactivity to say : zim

Are pages stored internally to the app? Or on your disk in text format?
@wraith808: what happened to your interest in Ema Personal Wiki, which you mentioned earlier in this post?

Same thing as this - it uses WikiWords, but it's still bespoke. I like the idea, but I'm firmly in the markdown camp now.

That's a pity, as Ema Personal Wiki has an Android version as well as a Windows one.  I don't want my data in the cloud, but interoperability is a big plus.

Came here after years of inactivity to say : zim

Are pages stored internally to the app? Or on your disk in text format?
@wraith808: what happened to your interest in Ema Personal Wiki, which you mentioned earlier in this post?

From Private Eye magazine, No. 1560, 12 Nov.- 25 Nov. 2021.
Private_Eye_Facebook_1.jpg Private_Eye_Facebook_2.jpg

General Software Discussion / Re: Looking for Book Catalog
« on: October 27, 2021, 10:01 AM »
If you don't want a web based catalog, Readerware (not free)

"Not free" is putting it mildly!  :o

$50 isn't as much as I'd expected from that response.

Apologies - looks like I clicked too far in the dropdown and lighted on the Client/Server edition, which at $89.95 would be a bit much.

resubmitting so the google god's will deem them worthy.

Google algorithms presumably  :(

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