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Hi DC-members,

as promised long ago, i finally managed to make some photos from the postcards and the mug i received while i stayed  in hospital. Thx. again to all!

Cranioscopicals JoTo-Cody
Lanux128s Riddle-Card
Momomans cute Puppy-Card
Mousers Wild-Cat-Card
CarolHaynes Funny-Card
Kens Valueable-Card
Nudones Joto-GetWell-CodyMug Front
Nudones Joto-GetWell-CodyMug Back


PS: I'm not a good photographer. I hope you can see something on the pictures.

Living Room / Re: Better run like Hell!!! I AM BACK!!!!
« on: December 12, 2007, 03:48 AM »
Thanks again for all the "welcome backs".

And there is no reason for apologies for those who dont send a card. Its enough they missed me and prayed for me every evening on bedtime ;D

And yes, i'll try to make a picture of all the cards and the mug and post it here. But i first must convince Rambo to help me get the picture done. So dont hold your breath, but it will come.


Living Room / Better run like Hell!!! I AM BACK!!!!
« on: December 11, 2007, 03:21 AM »
Hi DC friends!

i hope somone is still remembering me. :-)

For those of you, that are interested in my story, i divided this very long post (sorry for that) in two parts. The "Making a long story short" with the most important facts and "The More detailed story" part with, you've already suggested that :-), more and longer details.

But nevertheless if you read the short or long part, please read the following "Thanks to" part which i consider the most important one.

The "Thanks to" part:
First i want to say, that i was soooo impressed how much sympathy and interest for my situation come from so many DC members, proofing again that DC is more than a simple forum where many people write some posts. It's a circle of friends that take care of each other!

So my first thanks go to the whole DC community for that. It helped me much. It feels good to know that i was not forgotten and there is a world outside that missed me. THANK YOU!!!

Special thanks go to the members of DC that overwhelmed me with postcards and gifts sent to the hospital or to my home address. In detail this are (not in special order or rating):

Momoman: What a cute puppy on your card! Made me (and the nurses that saw the card) say "Ooooooooh how sweet and cute". Many thanks for your wishes too.

Mouser: You can now get your cat calm down again. What a special picture of a cat. LOL! Many thanks for the funny "cat card" and your "get back soon".

Cranioscopical: WOW! A Cody-Card carrying a special JoTo-Coin in his beak. Many, many thanks for your effort creating this card and your good wishes.

Lanux128: Thanks for your card with the two riddles, both still not solved. :-) First i have to think a long time about what is the building on the card? Petronas Towers? Taipeh 101? Or something comletely else? And, what was wrong with your card that you excused yourself for not getting a proper one? What was improper with it? Please help and give me the solutions for the two riddles now. Of course thanks too for your greetings.

Carol Haynes: Hahahaha! Your card was funny. Especially the picture where the chicken feeds the medicine to the teddybear. I can live with the imagination being a teddybear, but i better dont showed the card to the nurses, as they are represented by a chicken. LOL, no! Only joking. Thank you so much for the laugh and your wishes.

dementedmuppet: Thank you very much for your donationcredits. I'll use them to buy me a beer or two...???...err..i mean a health tea of course and drink it with your nick in mind.

Xenonym and dlagesse1992: Thank you very much for your wishes via the forum PM. Even if i could it read only when i'm already released from hospital it still gives me a good feeling.

And last but not least KenR: Ken! I think i don't have to say anything about your greetings and card. You already know that your card was a really special and important thing for me, right? So let me say only a pure "thanks that you are here and that you thought of me". We'll talk more in IRC soon.

I should say, that the nurses that brought me the cards and letters are very confused when they handed me the mails, as they can't understand that i get mail from all over the world. I think they must think i must be a really worldwide important person or a celebrity. :-) Thank you for that experience also.

And an additional special thanks go to nudone, mouser and the community again for the especially for me and my situation created "cody recovery" mug. Nudone for creating and painting the always so cute and brilliant cody pictures on it (soooo cute and i love cody and used the mug a lot already), mouser for organizing and sending the mug and the community for offering the money spent for that purpose.


Making a long story short:
Somehow (don't ask me how) i got an inflammation with two abscesses. One on every side in the chest. I have had to go to hospital for 5 and a half weeks and got 3 operations. I was released on friday 7th, Dec. 2007, but still not full recovered yet. I still have to go to hospital every day to get outpatient treatment. But that's still better than lying in hospital the whole day. Nor I felt any pain after the first operation nor i feel some now. I feel fit again and only the two big bandages still reminds on what has happened. I also don't go to work at the moment and it seems i don't have to go this year anymore because the process of healing (closing the wounds) is still in progress.

By the way, for those who are interested, the correct medical name for my illness was "Necrosive and abcessive mamma on both sides".

The more detailed story:
It began middle october that i felt tired and exhausted every day. Every step costs me a lot of energy and after a few steps (or stairs) i have to rest. I felt dizzy all the time too.

Then i got 3 days of fever and i still thought it is only a normal flu. And as the fever was gone again after this days and never came back i don't care anymore about this.

After another week i felt two thick "things" under my skin directly under my breasts in the chest, going from the middle of the breast up into the armpits. These things are getting bigger and bigger every day and begin to hurt after a while.

Then i went to my doctor and she recognized it as an inflammation and gave me some antibiotics. But after another 3 days we both recognized, that this don't help. So the last and only chance to get rid of this "thingys" was to go to hospital for more diagnostics.

At noon 31st, Oct, i entered the hospital and have had some more tests there. That results in, that i got 2 big purulence filled abscesses, that must be cut in an operation.

After waiting 8 hours at 23pm on the same day i was brought into the operation room. The first operation durates about 1 and a half hour. After 2 hours i woke up  again in the intensive care unit and felt well. I was in the ICU for the next 1 and a half day and then was brought again into the operation room for another operation to cut again some portions that couldn't be cut in the first operation.

After that second operation i have had two cuts in my chest about 2-3 inch long each in the skin and about 10 inch long under the hood. Both were about 1-2 inch deep.

I was brought to a normal care unit after this second operation where the long lasting, very boring healing process began.

They insert some sponges in the wounds, cover the whole area with a airtight foil and connect two vacuum pumps with some hoses to it. The general idea behind this treatment was to force the wounds to keep tight to the sponge which helps the wound borders heal without grow together to early and from bottom up not vice versa. The pumps also suck the still generated ichor out of the wounds.

Every sponge cycle lasts for 5 days without any further treatment. Then the sponges and the foil were changed, the wounds were inspected  and another 5 day cycle began. Very boring for me, as i felt fit and dont want to stay in bed. But when i planned to leave the bed i always have to carry the two pumps with me and take care of the hoses that connects them to me. Impossible with a helping third hand.

After another 3 weeks they took me again in the operation room for a third operation. This operation was necessary to cut of the dead and dried out meat, that prevents proper healing. After that the right side was left without the sponge and pump treatment, because it has healed enough so that my body can now go on heal it without any further mechanical help. The left side was left with the sponge for another 2 weeks.

On Thursday 6th, Dec. morning the 5 day cycle was again over and the sponge should be changed. The doctor inspects the left wound and decided that there is no further need for the pump on this side now too.

Then after that all went on very fast. Without the pumps and the now "self healing capable wounds" the further treatment could be done in an outpatient way with no need for me to stay in hospital the whole day.

So i was allowed to leave the hospital next morning with the requirement to come back every morning to change the bandages and inspect the wounds.

Today (Mon, 10th Dec.) i was in hospital again and they decided that from now on, as the wounds are still healing well, the bandages can be changed from a nurse that come to my home. So there is no need for me anymore to drive to the hospital on a daily base. Only once a week i have to go there for inspection of the wounds.

So now i am at home, looking forward to the nurses visit tomorrow the first time. As i'm still not recovered fully yet, i'm still not allowed to go to work and it seems that i won't this year anymore. The full healing of the wounds, as they were very big and more important very deep, will still last several weeks from now on, we'll see.

Thanks again for all DC membersthat accompanied me in this bad hours and days with all the greetings, thoughts and good wishes.

I'll be back in the IRC channel soon and then you have to expect me there regularly again. You have been warned. :-)

Your thankful DC buddy

Living Room / Re: Update on member KenR health status: Surgery went well
« on: September 24, 2007, 02:37 AM »
Sorry! Cant write anything about it right now! I'm too busy with dancing for happiness now, after i heard that.


Living Room / Re: KenR's health and situation
« on: August 18, 2007, 04:23 AM »
Dear Ken,

that's great news. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date.

Now we all eagerly wait for the 21st Sept. 2007 and the time after that date.

And dont forget: Keep your head up high in the air, even if your neck is dirty  ;D

Your buddy

Hi DCs,

we all know that CSS can be really a beast. Maybe this CSS Toolbox V 1.0 from Blumental Software can be a helping hand to tame it a bit? I have just downloaded and installed it. The first impression is, even if i haven't tested it in deep, its a helpful collection of tools and so i want to share it with you. Give it a try and decide yourself. OH, and that its free makes it much more interesting  ;D .

From the company website:

Free CSS Toolbox(Free CSS Validator, CSS Formatter, CSS Compressor)

Free CSS Toolbox is a freeware productivity software for web developers who work with CSS code.

Free CSS Toolbox includes a number of tools for fast-tracking and enhancing the development of style sheet code, such as an advanced CSS Formatter and CSS Validator.

If you develop websites that use CSS, the Free CSS Toolbox can help you save time and increase productivity without any cost.

Key features and benefits

Simple CSS Editor
  • Quickly create and adjust CSS code
  • Auto-complete and syntax highlighting makes CSS editing easy

CSS Formatter / Beautifier
  • Easily re-format any CSS code
  • Quickly adjust somebody's else CSS to fit your style
  • Make your code pretty and easy to read

CSS Checker
  • Find and eliminate errors in your code
  • Check your CSS against various specifications
  • See if your CSS is compatible with older web browsers

CSS Compressor
  • Reduce the size of your CSS code by up to 70%
  • Make your web pages load faster

Integration with W3C CSS Validator
  • Quickly validate your CSS code with the web-based W3C Validator
  • Make sure your CSS is up to the CSS Level 2 standard


Living Room / Re: KenR's health and situation
« on: August 08, 2007, 02:05 AM »
Dear Ken,

for me, you know, is all said and done in our previous long lasting PMs and chats.

So i only can repeat in short:
We miss you, i am glad that there is at least a silverline of hope on the horizon, i am sure it will work for you (always think positive) and i am with you (in mind).

So please only grant me one wish. Please keep me informed if you have some news on this (maybe knowing the date of surgery or sth. like that). Not for curiosity, but because you are a very important and valuable person for me on DC. TIA!

Best wishes

PS: Joshs offer count for me too of course. If you need something i can help you out...I'll be here for you.

Living Room / Re: Thanks for the cards
« on: August 03, 2007, 05:44 AM »
Hi Ken,

hope you can read mine :-) and i am soooo happy that you enjoyed it.

May we know how many cards you received? 1? 5? 10? 1.000.000?  ;D

And if you can manage the picture with them, that would be great...i am curious how the other cards look.

Greetings from your DCBuddy

Living Room / Re: DC get together in Western Europe?! July 2007?
« on: August 02, 2007, 05:20 AM »
WTF?  :huh:

Gothic, errr...Cody was spying at us from above?  :o

Now i get really scared from our so kind looking mascot.  ;D

I thought Gothic & Co left before us the hotel.  :huh:


Gothic and Della, please enjoy your last day in belgium today. And have a good trip home. Please get home healthy and without too much stress.

And please forward once again some nice greetings to your mom and rudi. It was a great experience to meet them. Hope it will happen again sometimes (then in Gent as discussed).

Living Room / Re: DC get together in Western Europe?! July 2007?
« on: July 30, 2007, 01:52 AM »
Mouser...i think you are right with the assumption it was Cody that targeted my trouser.

And when i meet Cody next time, i'll have a gift for him. A cooking book "1000 receips how to cook, grill, bake Cody birds".  ;D

Thx. for the compliments about my post (also to nudone).


Living Room / Re: DC get together in Western Europe?! July 2007?
« on: July 29, 2007, 03:34 AM »
So, for all that are interested what happened on the meeting, here is my report:

Rambo and i arrived, after nearly 5 hours or about 510 km of driving, at about 2:30 pm at the hotel in Namur. When we checked in, we saw that Gothic and Della are already here too, but are out of the hotel for the moment. So we decided to first get into our room and check the internet facility that the hotel offers for free.  8)

Unpacking our laptops and setting up the WLAN connection, after we got the right password from the receptionist, was a piece of cake. And so we entered the Donationcoder chatroom.

We noticed that mouser was active and so it was the perfect time for a nice game of mouser-cheating. We both told him, that Rambos car was broken and so we can't go to Namur to meet Gothic and Della. In return we get curses from mouser about the car and the situation. This lasts a while until i asked mouser if he can explain me something strange. Why am i in the channel with a belgium ip-address? Then he realized that he was our victim :P , and we earned curses again from him. But now
not about the car and situation, now we are the target for him.  ;D

While we have just a good laugh together, suddenly, about 3 pm, we hear a "knock-knock" on the door. We opened and there stands a young couple in front of us. With my razorsharp mind  :-[ i realized within a thenth of a second "That must be Gothic and Della". And i was right!  :Thmbsup:

It follows a big "Hello" and then the mandantory big "Pow-Wow". We talked about everything. From "Who are you" to "What do you do" over "The world in global scope" and "The Universe" to "Donationcoder".

And after that, seemed for me lasting about 30 minutes, i looked on my wristwatch and, oh my god  :o time was flown away, it was already 6 pm.

Gothic told us, that they have brought his mom and her friend with them, and that they will stay over night too and will have dinner with us. That was much appreciated. As more people, as more fun.

So we decided to go to the restaurant next door of the hotel for dinner. We met in the hotel lobby and leave for the restaurant, where Gothics mom and friend are yet waiting for us. It was again a big "Hello" and  Gothics mom and friend were very kind people. We got a good dinner, lots of drinks and much much fun together the whole evening. At about 11 pm we left the restaurant again and get back to the hotel.

I feeled the belgium beer a lot, and then the disaster happens  :huh:. I was missing a hand! I needed one to carry my mobile phone and the electronic translator, the second one to hold myself on Rambos elbow, because he has to guide me (as for my visually impairness) and as i don't have another one to hold my trouser up, i suddenly felt my trouser going down to my ankles  :o. It was really awkward standing there in the middle of the heavy crowded place directly before the main railway station in underwear  :-[. I have to decide what to do. Throw away my electronic equipment or loose my guideance. So i decided to leave my guide and pullup my trousers again with my now free hand. OH MY GOD  :o. You can imagine that the others around me have really a lot of fun with that episode.  ;D

The rest of the evening lasts not very long. At least not for me. The beer does its job very well and i get soooooo sleepy.

Now its sunday morning and i am fit again. After two bottles of cold water and a good breakfast together with the others i feel well again and i am capable of writing this report now.

Gothics mom and friend headed out now to visit a museum, while Gothic, Della, Rambo and i are sitting in our hotel room again and fighting the non working internet connection.

Its planned that the museum visitors are back again at about 11 am and then it will follow the sad part of this great weekend. We have to say goodbye to each other and Rambo and i have to drive home again.  :'(

The meeting was really a great experience and all who haven't joined us  missed a lot i think.  :Thmbsup: But next time, next chance.  ;)

Nearly the whole meeting group. Gothics moms friend is not shown. Someone has to pick the photo.  :(


Dear Nudone,

i wish i had your confidence in politcians and juges. When i look back mostly everything turned out more bad than expected. So better nip things in the bud.

And (please take no offense here, i dont mean your arguments itself, i'm only talking of the tenor in your post) your post sounds for me the same the politicans blah-blah sounds. Of course we'll only punish bad guys. Nobody wants to build a wall through germany (Ulbricht 1961), and it wont come up so bad and its all for terrorism-fighting and to keep our safety and the earth is a disk!

And i see it in a bigger context. Everything taken for its own is not so important and we can calm down. But when i look in the past what happened all there in little pieces, you have to assemble the puzzle and then we'll see the whole picture. And we lost so much "freedom" here in the last two year we haven't in the 50 years before together. And there are too much people that don't care about this trend and say "i have nothing to hide". And so they follow like sheep.  >:(

Thats why i get so angry about it. Not exactly for this one decision...for all the changes in the near past.

If you are right, i will be happy, but your servant will believe it, when your servant will SEE it.

Sorry that i'm so pessimistic, but life is a good teacher!


For sure in a short future knifes with which you slice your bread will be illegal here in germany too. Because you can kill s.o. with it.  >:(

And what about a WiFi tool like "Stomper"? Its illegal too then. And i use it to measure my WiFi topologie in my house to see where the signal is strong and where i have to change sth.

ARRRG! I always suggested that our "wheelchair idiot" Schäuble (its our minister for inner cases and security) is getting totally crazy, but now i KNOW it. And i always thought too that the usa is still going in front of us when it comes to idiotic laws, but now i know we have them overtaken today.

Old men, no knowlegde about anything, but making laws. What a bad, bad world.

Angry greetings

Living Room / Re: DC get together in Western Europe?! July 2007?
« on: July 04, 2007, 09:36 AM »
Yes, of course, I understand you, Darwin!

Even if i really would have been very glad to have you with us and meet you in real i wish you a good trip home to your family.

It's so damn bad, but thats the only date for me when i and Rambo (my driver and also DC member) have time for traveling a whole weekend and go for a 1000 km trip in total. You can see, that we already planned to have you with us, because we select Namur as the meeting point. Its not so far away from Gothics place, you would have been there in the region too, and its an acceptable distance from my home too. But maybe there will be another possibility...somewhere in time.

And Yes again! The last 2 summers in europe SUCKS! I have to think if i travel to Namur via car or boat!  ;D

Hotel rooms are reserved now. So we have passed the "Point of no Return". We'll be there at the a.m. date until sunday 29th July morning, when we'll leave again home. So, come on European members, take your bag, enter the train, plane or car and come to Namur...the heart of DC for one day!  ;D


Living Room / Re: DC get together in Western Europe?! July 2007?
« on: July 03, 2007, 03:19 AM »
What a pity i only have time on 28./29.07.

At this point Darwin is away again :-((

But for those that would still join, Gothic, Della, Rambo and i have agreed to meet us at 28. July aftenoon in Namur (so Gothic has two meetings).

If anyone will join, we'll be glad! CU at 28 July 2007 afternoon in Namur/Belgium.

Please post in this thread if you also want to join!

Hope to see many more DC members there

Developer's Corner / Re: Announcing a New Project
« on: June 28, 2007, 04:29 AM »

for a free, flash capable, screencasting tool have a look at WINK.

Get it from:



Use in the Screenshot Capture menubar:

   Capture -> Capture Image of Screenshot Capture Window

and you'll get what you want.


Living Room / Re: Thank you for this site and the people here.
« on: June 22, 2007, 03:46 AM »
Dear Jeff,

First take my excuse that i answer so late. Got notice of your post only now.

I agree with you that DC, with all his great members, can be (and for me, like you, IS) a vital part of life.

This results in, that i feel very deep with the success, failure, happiness and, as in your case, the condolement of regular and well known members, like you.

I'm not very good in saying such things. So i can only say that i'm really sorry to hear from your situation and i feel sorry myself too for what happened to you.  :( And it's getting worse when i have a look at the age of your loved one.  It's so unfair when someone have to leave so young. :( :(

But, as you got now finally through all the cruel administrative things that must be done, until furneral is over, you now can and should look forward into your future life. Even if you don't can and shouldn't forget your life with Dawn of course, and you never can't get her out of your mind and heart. But please always remember the happy days spent together with her and not the last six months.

So i wish you, that your family and we here on DC can give you all the neccessary strength to get you back to normal life and help you over the upcoming hard times you still will have until your "wounds healed" and it won't hurt anymore as much as it do now.

With very sad greetings

Hi Jimdoria,

i stumbled upon a nice freeware tool here on DC Forum that does exactly what you need, "SysExporter".

No need to install (portable). Start it and it searches all open windows and all controls in this window, presenting a list of open Windows with all its controls in the upper pane. Click on a child control in the pane and see the contents of the control in the lower pane.

Then select your columns you want to have exported and or the items you want to have exported (or say all columns and/or all items) and choose how you will get them. There are:

- Copy selected items to Clipboard Tab-limited
- Copy selected items to Clipboard Regular
- HTML-Report (All or only selected items)
- Export (All or only selected items) as a Textfile or Tab-delimited Textfile or Tabular Textfile or HTML-File horizontal or HTML-File vertical or XML-File.

I think there is sth. for everyone to work on with the data in other programs, eh?  ;D

That works all with controls that aren't selectable (marking with mouse) too and for dialogboxes that content can't be copied (good for long system error dialog messages e.g.)

I love this little tool and it was a timesaver for me more than once. And as i mentioned earlier, you can't beat the price - its totally free (Freeware)!

Ah, forgot, go get it here:

There are other nice utils there too. And thanks that you forced me, while writing this post, to visit its homepage. So i noticed that there is a new version 1.21 out.  ;D


General Software Discussion / Re: RegexBuddy 3 released
« on: June 19, 2007, 06:28 AM »
Hi DCs,

i purchased RegExBuddy 2 two or three months ago. And i was offered a free upgrade to V3. JG told me that he has extended my free upgrade permission to all future 3.x versions. Not only the first one now. If i understand his email correct i only have to pay again when V4 comes out.

I can live with that upgrade policy if the author is so fair to his customers like JG is. And by the way...RegExBuddy is a lifesaver for RegexLovers and worth every penny.


WOOOHOOOO! I'm a WINNER!  :Thmbsup:  :Thmbsup:  :Thmbsup:

I never won sth. my whole live...and now on DC i won the second time a program i want to have. Thats un-be-lie-va-ble!

Thanks to cThorpe for all the effort and work, thanks to the companies that are so generous and thanks to all DC members that congratulates the winners.  ;D

And of course: Congratulations to all the other winners!

*PLOP* <- Opening a bottle of Champagne!
*BURP*, oops sorry  :-[

CU all

Thanks f0dder!

Of course we dont activate the master! We only install it and our apps and setup preferences. Then image it and after the image is on the right pc we activate it. But nevertheless the 4-activation problem occurs.

I'll google for your suggested thingies and study them. Hope unattended setup is as fast as writing an image and also so easy to build the setup as configuring the windows for the image.


Wow, sorry for producing so much noise on the forum, but thank you both so much for your time and replies.

1. Corporate licenses
That wouldnt work, because each order/customer only have, say 5-20 Windows-PCs. That is too low for a corporate license, and we aren't free enought when the customer wants to exchange one PC later and then maybe with Vista a.s.o. I think we must stay with OEM Windows.

2. Called Bill
No app, not yet. :-) I thought DC is better than MS. So i asked here first. Only if i get desperate i'll give MS a chance.  ;D

3. HP + Dell
But they install an pre-installed empty windows. Without any setup preferences. And you need IIRC a special Windows Toolkit/Version and a contract with MS (was it VAR - Value added Reseller???) to get this to do this. And for that you must sell much more Windows than 100/Month or so.

4. Installing with no serial and Activation on Homepage
That both I'll try. Thanks for the hint! And, as i said in my first post, different hardware is no problem, because all our pc's are the same hardwareware components for mostly longer time periods. As we are working in the healthcare in germany there are laws that every device has to be proofed by law before its allowed to get involved in the healthcare business. And so every hardware change takes a lot of time, testing and money. So we only change the hardware when there is really a need for. And so all our pc's within this timeperiod are built with the same components.

5. Activate the Master and use Key Changer later
Hmmmm...maybe worth a try...but i hope i dont get in another hazzle later with that when the customer uses Windows Genuine Update Test or sth. like that. We'll try and see.

Thanks so far again. If there are other advices that would help, i am still looking forward to them.


Hi DC,

today my boss came in and asked me, if my community i rave about every day, may know a hint for our "rollout" problem.

First let me say, that we are searching for an absolutely *LEGAL* solution!

We (our company) develop digital radiography apps and sell them to hospitals and doctor offices.

When we get an order, we normally have to ship a full system with many pc's. One server that runs under linux, and many workstations with Windows XP. On this Windows boxes we have to set up a lot of preferences (networking and other stuff) and install some client applications. Most of that "installing" is the same all the time, for all Windows-PCs we rollout. All the Windows-PCs are equally in hardware of course too.

So we, everytime we updated something (hard or software), install one "Master PC" with all settings and applications we need, and then make a diskimage from it.

On rollout time we then only write the diskimage to the new PC harddisks we need for this order, without, or at least with only very little, fiddling with installing and setup preferences.


Then, after installing the new PC this way, we expectedly have to activate the windows copy. So we enter the Serialnumber of the Windows-Copy we plan to ship with this pc and activate it.

That works fine and results in a fast rollout of many pc's.

But, that only works exactly 4 times for this diskimage. Then reactivation stops. We then have to set up manually a new master pc with another and new windows copy, take the diskimage again and then have the opportunity to rollout 4 pcs again. To be continued  >:(

Now my question:
Is there a way to prevent this "stopping after 4 activations", so we can rollout unlimited pcs with one master disk image and different licenses (serial numbers) of Windows XP? Installing only a pre-installed empty Windows is not an option, as we want to have our application and our needed preferences installed and setup ready "out of the diskimage box".

What we do is absolutely legal, as we purchase and ship with every new PC a seperate full paied version of Windows with its own license and serial number. The only thing what we do is, use one license to set up the master for the disk image, that we then copy to many pc's and activate this seperate installations with the respective serialnumber that is designated for this (and only for this) one pc. We dont look for a illegal, pirated solution. We only wanna know if we can do sth. legal to prevent the "4 activation restriction with one image".

Any hint appreciated! Help me to proof my boss that my community where i chat the whole day is worth to be online while working time.  ;D

CU and TIA

Living Room / Re: Funny small software company names
« on: April 23, 2007, 02:38 AM »

i always must laugh when i see, and never can understand why the Company that makes the great Visual Studio Plugin "Visual Assist" named her Company "WholeTomato".  ;D


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