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  • Thursday October 28, 2021, 10:00 am
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Thanks you all.

Although it may seem I have abandoned you I haven't. We are back into a busy time at the Concert Hall already.
I will try to put a bit of time into this each week. but it will be somewhat sporadic it seems.
That single GUI box is fantastic.
Thanks again for even entertaining the idea of helping with this.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for replying.

I've attached the script and some documentation with a folder of .csv files to use as test files. They were generated by the Handheld Spectrum analyzer and are representative of real data but there was very little radio activity so the actual variance in numbers is limited. Doesn't look like much when plotted on a graph but will be sufficient to test the script.

I also remembered that I'd like to add a "selectable on startup of script" function ... the ability to select a . csv and convert it between formats and appropriately name and save the output. csv file.

So it would be ... Script starts by asking "what do you want to do?"
1. Create. csv files from an RF Explorer scan
2. Convert .csv between existing manufacturer created scans

Industry folks have asked me for this feature as they generally use the manufacturers actual wireless Mic receiver to do the scans (not the handheld analyzer that generated these test files) and the machine outputs a. csv in that manufacturers corresponding format.

I suppose I could revisit my powershell skills LOL and add this function in, but have been very busy at the Concert Hall and haven't had much time to get it done.

Hope that makes sense and that someone will take this on :-)

Thanks you two. I am away from my desk for the next couple days but will post the script and my description file, and a test .csv to be operated on as soon as I get back.

Hi Ewemoa,

I would really like to be able to release this to the Audio community as a gift to those who would find it useful. To that end  I'd want it to be as simple as ... "run this" if possible.

In it's current form, there is a niggling issue where a file selection dialog popup appears behind the main window and unless you know it's there, the thing appears to be locked up. I was unable to solve it in a reasonable amount of time and got frustrated.

From what I've read it could run on Mac with some tweaking  and effort on the end users part to install stuff on the Mac.

I don't have knowledge of any language, but seem to be able to at least intrinsically understand the concept of programming. It was very mentally taxing and time consuming for me to constantly refer to the Powershell documentation and find existing snippets to borrow. I'd also hate to be the person who wrote something so insecure that it could takeover the machine or some dumb thing like that.

That "hidden" dialog is a real pain, as others who have tested it for me have gotten stumped.

I suppose I could be happier if someone were to at least help solve that issue and maybe find a straightforward way to load the proper libraries and run it on a Mac as simply as possible.

I think the script itself is reasonably commented to give someone an Idea what I'm trying to do.

Thanks for the inspiration to explain things a little further.

Hi all,

I am an Audio Engineer at a Concert Hall and frequently use Wireless Microphone technology. I have to co-ordinate the Radio Frequency assignments to avoid interference.
There are 3 main Manufacturers of this gear, and they use different .csv file structures for the data imported into their equipment to generate usable non interfering frequency selections.
I've written a Power Shell script that takes the .csv output of a very common handheld Radio Frequency scanner and converts it to the proper structure for importation into the various Manufacturers equipment to ease the process of assigning Frequencies to Wireless Microphones.
I love it ... it works, but is clunky, and I'd like someone to make it robust and multi platform if possible. Currently to run it on Mac I load a Windows Virtual Machine and run it that way ... ugh
I do have a budget line for this so please let me know if it's too much for the "snacks" section .... if so, we can move it to an appropriate spot.

Cheers and thanks,

Lloyd B

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