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General Software Discussion / Re: The Best Browser? With Roboform?
« on: August 01, 2006, 12:48 AM »
Thanks, I didn't realise that.  I'll give it a go.


I gather that a favouite added in IE will also appear by default in IE based browsers such as Avant or Maxthon.  Is there a re way to keep a separate list of bookmarks in one or more of the other browsers.


Thanks Josh.  I'll have a look.


It's amazing how quickly one can go from being a mature computer user to being a newbie again.  Is there an option or extension in Firefox which reopens the tabs from a previous browsing session automatically when starting a new one, a la Opera or Maxthon?

Thanks for any help,


General Software Discussion / The Best Browser? With Roboform?
« on: July 29, 2006, 04:13 PM »
Thanks to the generosity of superboyac, I am now the proud owner of a new copy of Roboform.  However since I have been using Opera I will have to work out which browser I should use so that I can use Roboform.

I already have Avant on my machine because my wife and daughter use it and I use Avant at work.

I know this is probably repeating other discussion on the forum but I am interested in members ideas as to what to do.  Avant?  Firefox?  Maxthon? IE? Other?

Also BTW if I add a bookmark to say IE does it automatically appear in the IE based browsers?  Firefox?

Thanks for your patience,


Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: DupeTrasher
« on: June 27, 2006, 04:01 AM »
I have, and use, Dupetrasher.  I find it very good.  User interface and (apparent) speed are the reasons why I bought it.


Living Room / Re: SPAM reaching epidemic proportions
« on: June 14, 2006, 02:25 PM »
If your prepared to pay for your email I'd also recommend Tuffmail.  You can host your domain there and it has very good spam controls. I also use fastmail which is very good.  To get the better spam filtering you have to pay approx $US20 per year.  They have a special on at the moment of $15 but it runs out in a few days.


No I don't.  Bitdefender does monitor changes to the starting programs though and warns if they change. 


I'd like to know why they won't stick too.  I wondered if it was something in my startup but I can't identify anything.  I first became aware of the problem when trying to do something with Genie Backup Pro.  I have deleted it and Directory Opus just in case they were the problem. 

I use BitDefender Standard v9 antivius.  It does have an antispyware component.  I might disable it to see if it makes any difference.


Thanks, Carol.  I'm at work now.  I shall try this here and again when I get home.


Problem is still the same with a newly created user.  The shell extension worked, Carol.  It didnt solve the behaviour of the normal method but it did enable me to see my hidden files.


Thanks Carol.  No I didn't creat a new user yet.  I will now.  I did test on a clean user profile already created and the problem is the same.


None of the above.  Not on a company PC, applying to all folders, I'm in admin mode, doesn't work from control panel either, no other problems evident.  The selection will just not stick.

Does anyone know the applicable registry key?  Is there a key which prevents the change?

Thanks Jeff

I'm wondering if I can get some help with this.

I can't get the "show hidden folders and folders" option in Win XP to stay on. When I apply it and reenter the dialog box it has turned itself off again. Does anyone else have any experience with this and what can I do about it.

Thanks for any help.


Living Room / Re: SPAM reaching epidemic proportions
« on: June 12, 2006, 03:41 AM »
Having your own doamin for email is a very good idea.  And if you have you will probably find that the spam you get is adressed to info@yourdomain, wemaster@, support@, sales@ and so on.  You can safely block and/or delete all email to these addresses.


While noting the reservations posted above, if you do want a sychronisation program, you could try syncbaseSE.


Living Room / Re: SPAM reaching epidemic proportions
« on: June 08, 2006, 04:58 PM »
I use Fastmail but, apart from the basic level account, it is not free.  Gmail's built in spam filtering appears to work well.

If you want to really get into this subject I recommend a visit to, which is the forum associated with the site  I moderate there.


Living Room / Re: Overcoming email checking addiction
« on: May 20, 2006, 03:56 PM »
We need a support group.  Email addiction anonymous.  We could incorporate eBay have I still got the highest bid checking Anonymous.

One treatment I've found doesn't work is my wife shouting at me, "You can't even sit and talk to me for five minutes without getting up and going to the computer room!".

Email addiction can be fed by visiting the E Mail aDDicts over at  There are people over at that forum that have posted in excess of 1000 nay in excess of 5000 nay in excess of 10000 hits about email.  (Mind you some are distributors).


I'm not sure but I think MediaMonkey would do this.


Welcome Martin and other new members.  I note you are from Australia, Martin.  I live in Kingaroy Queensland.  Where do you live?


I got lock it easy to work on my flash drive (I'll have to wait until I go to work again on Wednesday to check the admin rights issue).  However I can't get it to work of my larger external USB drive.

Carry It Easy seems to have locked up in the configuration phase as it's been sitting there for 10 minutes.  edit:- it worked OK after I reformatted the USB fash drive.


I did some testing and while it is easy to make PerfectDisk play up with Folder Lock installed I couldn't get Spybot to misbehave, so something may have been done by one or both vendors.

However because of this incompatibility and the possibility of losing protected files I decided to give purchasing Folder Lock a miss until the problem is solved.  The vendor's estimate for a solution is mid-May.

I also found that my comment about the speed of Portable Vault above seems to miss the mark as a retest of it's big brother, Digital Vault, was not slow at all.

However for my one off needs I will, for the time being, go with patthecat's recommendation of Blowfish Advanced CS.  I have been trying it out and it is one of those applications where the more you look the more functionality you find.  It occupies less that 500kb on a USB drive.  It's fast and it does what is, for all intents and purposes, on the fly decryption.

Thanks patthecat.


(PS we posted at the same time.  I'll have a look at those apps as well.)

I am not having much luck.  I found that Folder Lock is has a driver which causes problems with some programs including Perfect Disk and Spybot, both of which I use.  The vendor says a fix is on the way but it has been a while coming.  Thanks for all your suggestions.  I am trying some of them especially Blowfish Advanced CS which looks promising.


I've actually changed my mind.  On further testing I found that the program forces one to encrypt and decrypt which is mighty slow with a large file.

So I'm still looking and may shell out $35 for Folder Lock which now has specific provision for USB devices and gives one a choice re encryption.

Just to let members know another alternative (perhaps) is Winguard Pro and I've just noticed a 40% discount on their site until June 30 making it approx $US18.


Well Ive had a good look and I'd have to say I haven't found quite what I want among encryption or folder lock type programs.

I need something that resides on my external drive and is independent of the computer I attach it too.  Most of the solutions require admin access to the target computer or want to load or leave a driver on the computer and won't work if they can't or leave the decrypted file visible unless I remember to delete it.  I found "folderhideking" which is a so called green installation but it is a very fragile looking piece of software at this stage.

I'm not on Linux BTW.


Folderhideking seems functional enough but I am hesitant to pay $US20 for it as it seems very clunky.  This is probably because of a language issue since it is of Chinese origin.  Eg in the help menu there is a link to older (sic) the program.  Clicking on it leads one to a Chinese language site.  However if one goes through Simtel one has the choice of Share-it and Qwerks to place the order.

However I think I've found the answer ... StompSoft's Portable Vault.  I installed, ie copied to the root directory of every flash drive/USB external disk I could lay my hands on and it worked like a charm.  No "you need admin privileges", "I can't load the driver" or "Service can't be started messages".  Members should be aware though that the trial version is very limited with respect to the size of files which can be encrypted and the full product supports only one encryption algorithm.  But it works beautifully smoothly and is only $US15.

I haven't bought it yet as I'm considering it's older brother Digital Vault.  I have sent a support request to StompSoft about wether it will work OK on portable drives. 

I hope this is of some help to members at some time.


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