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Cobian Backup I had trouble with Cobian Backup working on my PC.

some donation credits going your way, swing!.
I already have.

Living Room / By the way Mouser
« on: May 19, 2006, 02:09 AM »
"IF" you need it, I have over 5,000 Icons, 489MB of various wav files.
And a lot of other things. :D

And many many idea's for program if you are intrested in those as well. :D

Because "that is what friends are for, too help."

I think newer programs I have many ideas just no coder to code them. (hint! HINT! hint! )
The newer programs draw people in.

Unfinished Requests / Yes I have plenty of ideas
« on: May 18, 2006, 02:55 AM »
get back too you after the flu has passed if your intrested.
Desktop Corral for folders and Program Icons.

I have (3 hdd's) the 3rd is a 250gb hdd, I back up alot of data there
my 2nd hdd is software and sorting.
my 1st is RAPTOR 10,000RPM 74GB my root.

lol lol hahaha lollol :D ;D yeah me too!.

When a Program is excellent you will always be back :Thmbsup:

I have several Programs like this I have collected over the years.
I still go back looking for an update's too these great programs.

And some times  :(Updates suck:( like the New Yahoo Messanger :down: :( :(

Yes I also have this problem as well.
Best I can do is find everything created that day or 3 days ago copy paste it to a DVD.
Which is ok for me I move around a lot Which can easly fill up a DVD.

Not the best solution but there is not a lot out there that works well.
It needs a high compression ratio, lots of options.

I am currently using Acronis "True Image"
I Love it.

It goes like this.
"If the gas station says FREE GAS FOR YOUR LIFE TIME.
It is FREE until you die."

Living Room / Re: Greetins from Thunder7
« on: May 16, 2006, 11:53 PM »
Greetings and Thank you :D

Living Room / Re: Greetins from Thunder7
« on: May 16, 2006, 11:35 PM »
I am still adding my bookmarks (The whole 58,000) to my database.
However I have started my bookarks/favorites over, (When these get so full I will dump these into my main library) and again start over.

If anyone would like to see my latest collection of bookmarks, For a $10.00 Donation to I will rar them and send them.

I have many thing's I have found in my travels around the net.
Many categories, Health, Art, Cool Stuff,Intresting Stuff,Tech Links,All things Google and many more Last backup was Thunder7bookmarks 5.14.2006.htm.

Just contact Mouser

Living Room / Re: Greetins from Thunder7
« on: May 16, 2006, 05:58 PM »
Hello, As Eastwood would say "I will be back" :beerchug:

Living Room / Greetins from Thunder7
« on: May 16, 2006, 04:38 PM »
Greetings I am Thunder7 my friends call me either Thunder or -7- or Thunder7.
I have been a beta tester for many years now.

One of my best friends is CoMa of CoMa Freeware List
We are bother artist.
We usually sit on ICQ chatting suring the net.

I have around 58,000+ bookmarks/favorites I have been online for 12 years now. I collect alot of freeware programs. And URL's amoung other things.

Right now i am trying to stop surfing long enough to add all my links to a database so everyone can find lots of cool stuff I have already found....

Here are some sample's:

Want more just ask,...  :D

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