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... use it to tab to the first editable box on a page and nothing happens.
That is not surprising as it doesn't send the text but pastes it, so it isn't sending "tab tab tab + text" but just "^v"

You could try make it a script, if you know it is always 3 tabs:

Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. Send {Tab 3}
  2. Sleep 100
  3. Send ^v

When it comes to browser automation relying on clicks and tabs is too tricky and you should really look into other options (also via AutoHotkey) - in no particular order:
* Rufaydium (using webdriver) https://www.autohotk...php?f=6&t=102616
* UIAutomation with a focus on Chrome https://www.autohotk...ewtopic.php?t=104999
* Chrome.ahk https://www.autohotk...iewtopic.php?t=42890

v1.9.22 @
    v New: Toggle timer to
StartSearchHotkey activation + option to disable to toggle view mode (wide/narrow)   
  see settings StartSearchHotkeyTimeOut and StartSearchHotkeyToggleView 

Some updates for Lintalist @

  • New: Added setting for ColumnSearchDelimiter to allow to search in a specific part of the snippet (part1, part2, hotkey, shorthand, and script) (a ColumnSearch setting is also available as hidden setting to automatically implement this for all searches)

v1.9.15 @

General Software Discussion / Re: Automatic text software for Windows
« on: December 08, 2020, 12:40 PM »
Beeftext also seems to be a Autohotkey spinoff. They all support plain text only.
Beeftext has nothing to do with AHK and is developed in C++. It does support Formatted text (in HTML format). Lintalist also supports formatted text via HTML, Markdown and RTF, and is developed in AutoHotkey. (But the focus of Lintalist is more on search imho)

Re GIF support: why not use Activex control e.g. a browser, to display it, takes care of GIF animations and transparency.

Thanks! As you can tell I'm a graphics designer by trade ;D

There are various settings you can play around with just in case you hadn't noticed them:
- Font (the font type used in Listview + preview)
- FontSize (used in Listview + preview)
- BigIcons=2 will use 32x32 size icons in the button bar vs default 16x16 - if you use BigIcons=2 it will also increase the fontsize used in the search box (slightly)

Icons in the tray & menus are always 16x16, too much work to provide bigger sizes as the source is only 16x16 ( - but playing with a combination of the three above should help somewhat.

General Software Discussion / Re: Virtual desktop tools?
« on: October 24, 2020, 04:18 PM »
I'm guessing various Win 10 updates makes it hard(er) to keep programs working correctly, combined with the fact the basic functionality is now available doesn't help with motivation.

If you are a AutoHotkey user: if you google around a bit you can find quite a few scripts to help manage the Windows 10 desktops, just found this for example so you can use hotkeys to switch desktops - - (haven't tried it so it may no longer work correctly if something has changed).

Anyway, have fun :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Virtual desktop tools?
« on: October 24, 2020, 01:55 PM »
I tried in the past (Windows 7, worked well) - homepage says it works on Windows 10 so might be worth trying.

Yes, snippets are trimmed when reading them from a bundle, so any leading/trailing spaces/newlines are gone - you can use the
    Bunch of text Bunch of text Bunch of text Bunch of text
    Bunch of text Bunch of text
    Bunch of text [[C=\n|6]]   

Someone else asked about it too  (don't try the test solutions as it fails and messes up your bundle) - I thought it was relatively easy but apparently I had good reasons to do it like this a decade ago :)

^| should move the position of the caret to the start of the snippet, is that what you mean?

Or do you want to paste the snippet anywhere in the text area, and THEN do a "ctrl+home" ?

There isn't a direct way, but could do it via a script.

So edit your snippet, paste this in the script section
Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. LLInit()                            ; fake call to load global variables from Lintalist main script - see Docs
  2. ClipSet("s",1,SendMethod,Clipboard) ; store current clipboard contents
  3. ClearClipboard()                    ; clear it
  4. [[llpart1]]
  5. clipboard:=llpart1
  6. SendKey(SendMethod, ShortcutPaste)  ; paste changed clipboard using SendMethod defined by Lintalist settings
  7. Sleep 100
  8. Send ^{home} ; this line is just AHK code and will send ctrl+home
  9. Clipboard:=ClipSet("g",1)           ; restore original clipboard contents

If you need to do this for many snippets, you can create a local var (see tray menu), and place that in the script section, that way you would only have to update the script once should you ever need to do make any changes.

I've toyed with the idea of allowing snippets to send keys,, but haven't developed it further yet.

15 2 / 79 on virustotal (url scan) at the moment so nothing to worry about me thinks.
Never did like Malwarebytes programs, my opinion is visible in their name :)

Just saw this, but perhaps popmenu is something to look at? Review here https://www.ghacks.n...auncher-for-windows/

Edit: you could try to run in in an emulater, will alllow you to run 16bit dos apps in a 64bit OS

General Software Discussion / Re: Custom Screenshot/OCR software
« on: June 20, 2020, 11:14 AM »
If you happen to be using AutoHotkey, there are two scripts you could use and/or modify to suit your needs:

Vis2 - Image to Text OCR() @ https://www.autohotk....php?f=6&t=36047

OCR with UWP (Windows 10) @ https://www.autohotk....php?f=6&t=72674

I thought of SED too but a quick search showed that some people report(ed) problems with unicode files as the cmd window doesn't play too nice with those. But I didn't pay attention to the age of the posts so it may have been resolved, the "windows" SED does support UTF-8 by the looks of it.  :up:

BK ReplaceEm is a useful tool, still works as far as I know, its free. Not sure how it handles unicode files as it is a bit older

Otherwise command line options such as powershell https://stackoverflo...-line-envir#20999154

Edit: a fairly simple AHK script would do it too of course (read find/replace from file, loop files in folder, read file, StrReplace, save file to new folder)

Just fyi

1) clibor has a FIFO mode it seems @
2) if you use AutoHotkey the CL3 script mentions FIFO @ (you can also burst multiple items to the clipboard in one go it seems so select three lines and made it three items in the clipboard in a certain order 1, 2, 3 or 3, 2 ,1)

Edit 3) CH+S has FIFO as well https://www.donation...index.php?board=49.0 (Help: https://www.donation...om_highlightsub=fifo)

Lintalist v1.9.13 @

Lintalist v1.9.12 @

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Searching emails with Archivarius
« on: April 10, 2020, 04:16 PM »
If you do need to buy MailStore it is rather expensive.

You can export your mail it seems, - so use your preferred format every once in a while. You can also convert email to HTML and search those files (I'd go for mbox format (thunderbird) and use perl or other programs/scripts to convert it, various free solutions can be found - often such tools keep cross references between messages e.g. next/reply etc)

Just a thought: why not a cloud provider? (Note just random search results)

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