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the script didn't work, at least not with me. Reason why I am posting here...
I had the toolbar button alright (meanwhile removed), but got a Windows error.

As was mentioned, it's a script plugin, you need to install it: Preferences->Toolbars->Scripts and drop it on the interface.
[ Invalid Attachment ]

it was there alright.

Also please note that I am just an 'end-user' ...

As am I but I do know how to use the forum search.

you are great!!

As for the rest: forget it, let it rest.

I was asking for a simple tool, but end up with scripts that don't work with me as well as allegations for not looking good enough.

again, forget it!

Sorry for the delay, one way or the other I didn't get any notifications anymore.


I tried following
SnagIt-21052018 150135.png

But then what? When I click on [OK]  nothing seems to happen.
For yr info: I selected the two folders in the right window panel and then Sync Wizard.

Indeed Duplicate File Finder could not do what I wanted (I -did- gave it a try anyhow, but bad luck)

Well, as said, I have tried quite a few of those file comparison tools, but haven't found any of them to offer what I want.
Guess it is quite unique then.

the script didn't work, at least not with me. Reason why I am posting here...
I had the toolbar button alright (meanwhile removed), but got a Windows error.
Seems the script should be stored in some folder that 'my' Directory Opus does not have. I have no 'script' folder, nor Dopusdata, nor something that even looks like that. After trying over and over and vainly checking on Internet and reading long texts, well, I gave up.
(Felt I shouldn't keep on nagging there in the Opus forum)
Also please note that I am just an 'end-user' - I am not familiar with scripts. Sorry.

The thread 'Hide identical file names' - that one is new to me. Thanks.
However, actually the issue is that the file names are not identical, the hashes are identical.
It would be nice if it was 'hide files with identical hashes'

Have vainly been searching for a tool that compares folders that contain in fact the same files, but the files in one folders are renamed.
Meaning to say that hashes, date time stamp and sizes of the files are the same.

All compare tools take the file names into account, by design, there is no option to just compare based on MD5 or so.

I have two relatively big folders, with probably over 90% the same files (different names though), but the folder sizes are different and I would like to figure out what files are missing in the smaller folder.
The tool should therefore 'hide' identical files.

WinDiff, WinMerge, FreeFileSync, GoodSync, Beyond Compare, ExamDiff Pro: not possible.


Coding Snacks / Re: Rename folder and files before deleting
« on: May 10, 2018, 12:38 AM »
Yes, you can mark this thread as closed.
I did a CCleaner Wipe Drive on my SSD yesterday, results are as per attachment.

@4WD - thanks.


Coding Snacks / Re: Rename folder and files before deleting
« on: May 08, 2018, 08:42 AM »
Sorry.... overlooked it multiple times, too much focused on on the thought that using file shredders on SSD should be avoided.
Hence assumed I was looking at HDD screenshots. Sorry again.
Will check out reviews on file shredders.
Thanks again for taking the time.

Coding Snacks / Re: Rename folder and files before deleting
« on: May 07, 2018, 01:59 AM »
For your info:
1) I formatted a (small) partition on conventional HDD... - see A.
2) then Recuva deep scan - see B
3) thereafter CCleaner Wipe Free Space - see C
4) then again Recuva deep scan - see D

SnagIt-07052018 084456.png

SnagIt-07052018 084625.png

SnagIt-07052018 085134.png


Coding Snacks / Re: Rename folder and files before deleting
« on: May 07, 2018, 12:20 AM »
Is this a SSD you are using in this test? Fileshreders like Eraser, BCWipe, etc. work well on conventional HDD's
but they say they don't work well on a SSD.
On a SSD 'TRIM' should do the work.
When you run Recuva on your SSD (if you have one), then you will see that a lot of data is revealed.

Opus itself does have a secure delete of files.
Recuva will then show a very long file name consisting of random characters, but it also shows the original folder name.

Ideally it would look like this screenshot, all with Z...ZZ  names and folders


Coding Snacks / Re: Rename folder and files before deleting
« on: May 06, 2018, 01:32 AM »
Yes, the SSD software (Samsung Magician) also provides secure erase.
That covers the entire drive and will probably run for a century.

Other software,  like Eraser,  can securely delete files only, which in most cases is enough.
In most cases there is no need to secure erase each and every file, but only specific ones, or specific folders.

However, in such cases, after securely deleting files and after running recovery software the file names / folder names are displayed.
Even though files can not be recovered, names show what they were about.

That's the background of my idea.

So, as securely deleting  -files-  on SSD is not possible, at least not that I know of, then the only thing left is to 'hide' them as best as possible
using random names and random 'scratch' folder.
- randomize file name
- create a scratch folder with a random name
- move file to that folder
- delete that folder

Anyway, that is just an idea.

Coding Snacks / Rename folder and files before deleting
« on: May 05, 2018, 08:50 AM »
When running Recuva deleted file names are displayed.
Secure deleting files on SSD is not recommended (TRIM should take care of it?)

I just ran Recuva on an SSD and it showed a lot of files and foldernames, even though TRIM is active.

Up front, I don't know whether it is workable or not, but I just  -wondered- ...

Say that once you are deleting a file (for the sake of argument, let's call it 'safe delete')
So, let's say you are 'safe deleting' a file, using 'some kind of special instruction/or tool'
it would then go as follows:
the file will be renamed to some random name e.g. l2LCAnnRpIMkUTmpKf0q.tst 
then it will be moved to a scratch folder with some random name as well, for instance, it is moved to D:\lCQgD45dJSEX1DFLkW8E
then it will be deleted there.
Recuva will show weird paths and weird name, making it at least difficult to guess what it is about.

Right now, within Recuva, one can often guess based on path names.

Again, it is just an idea!

There may be tools that secure delete files on SSD, but they do not clear the MFT records.

I have a regex for almost every format. Opus vbs script containing all kinds of possibilities. (If this then that, etc.).
With   [-\s_]*  I cover 99% of the cases.
The only  exception is mentioned in my earlier post, specifically updating the time stamp only (date is updated)

Anyway, I suggest to drop the issue. It is not worth spending more time on.

Would like to thank you all for thinking along! Really appreciated.

Site/Forum Features / Re: Uploaded video not showing up?
« on: April 04, 2018, 05:52 AM »

Okay...  many thanks!

I wasn't aware of that.
That explains it.

thanks for your assistance on the video file!

Site/Forum Features / Uploaded video not showing up?
« on: April 04, 2018, 02:31 AM »
I tried to add a small .wmv file to some other thread, but noticed, after posting, it did not show up in the post.

SnagIt-04042018 092707.png

SnagIt-04042018 092452.png

What am I doing wrong?



The idea is to do this in a batch, i.e. for multiple files simultaneously.

For years I have this script that is doing exactly what I want.
It is working fine, with just 1 exception...
updating time, when the date format in the file is yyyymmdd
In case the date format is ddmmyyyy then it is okay.

So far I manually update the time of such files using the change date time attributes
within Opus. It is not a big issue, but I would like to have it in a script.

Have sent skwire the script by PM.

So, let's wait for his feedback.

Anyway, many thanks so far!
Truly appreciate your support.

* PatchToFiles-Video_2018-04-04_091419.wmv (400.27 kB - downloaded 399 times.)

Thanks 4WD.
I'll check it out. Right now I seem to have issues with executing .ps1 file (executionpolicy, whatever)

Sorry ...
I just now noticed: I accidentally clicked on the envelope-button, which is 'sending an email'.
Did you receive an email?

I did not.

"Your message has been sent successfully."

please could you check again?

thanks a lot!

Sorry ...

I just now noticed: I accidentally clicked on the envelope-button, which is 'sending an email'.
Did you receive an email?

see pm

It is a vbs script to be used within Opus

Coding Snacks / Update Timestamp of file based on time in filename
« on: April 02, 2018, 04:25 AM »
I am looking for a way (script, or tool) that will update the timestamps of files based on the time in the filenames.
The time is always at the end of the filename, before the extensions.

Like: FilenameXYZ Bla-bla ddmmyyyy hhmmss.txt
or     FilenameXYZ Bla-bla yyyymmdd hhmmss.txt

I am already using a small script that updates the modified DATE, but not the modified TIME.

Have searched Internet for any tools, but regretfully can't find it.

ProgFileW10PShellModules.snippets-06-20141230 123456.txt  present date time : 15122003 141414
After updating date: the modified date reads 30-12-2014
but the time remains 14:14:14

I am looking for some tool, or so, that updates the time to 12:34:56

The default renamers can't do this.
I have no knowledge about programming.

If it is just 1 or just a few, then any ordinary attribute changer can handle that, but that is one by one, not in a batch.


Thank you all for the feedback!
All your comments and/or recommendations are truly appreciated.

As Paragon: I know about its 10 days limitation.
What I did is the following: I installed it within VMware Workstation, used it there and after that I restored the VMware  snapshot that I made just before installing Paragon.

So, basically I can do this the next time. As said, I may be using the tool, maybe just a few times a year, to free up space on the HDD so I can copy new data from the TV setup box, in the living room. Copying data from the tv setup box to the usb drive box is terribly slow. A couple of days ago I copied 103GB - it took 7-8 hours. I believe there is no way to delete files whilst using the tv setup box.

I have looked at
1) Paragon Harddisk Management (v16), have a license on that, but it has no 'file management' option, meaning no such thing as delete files.
2)  Minitool Partition Wizard as well. but same as HDM above, it can do almost everything, except file handling - both tools are not designed for that of course
3)  "LinuxLive USB Creator" and booted whilst using "Linux Mint" booting from USB.
Regretfully 'File delete' was greyed out because I had no admin rights. Could not change anything with regards to the rights.
The administrator was 'Root' or something
4) "LinuxLive USB Creator" and booted whilst using "Ubuntu" booting from USB. A lot of text flashing by, Ubuntu logo, again text, hang. Nothing happened (I selected 'Try Ubuntu' rather than install ubuntu)
5) I also checked out ext2fsd - did not install it - hesitated about that one - I initially wanted something to run from USB or to run from within VM - I did and do not want to install stuff into my 'host pc', which could mess up things.
6) Yamb-1.6 : launched it - but nothing happened - leaving me puzzled what to do now

Bottom line: the Paragon thing worked immediately and is user friendly.

As said earlier, this handy tool, deserves to get more attention.

Undoubtedly there will be other tools around, but I gave up spending more time on it.
(Also looked at Linux under Windows, available as from 1709, and one or two other tools (payware) but all are either too complex for just an occasional use or one has to pay right from the start)

Anyway, thanks again.


Just a few screenshots.

SnagIt-17032018 084716.png


SnagIt-17032018 084827.png



That worked fine, really fine. I truly appreciate your advice, really super!!
BTW... if you read the FAQ of Linux File System for Windows...

Paragon Linuxfs-windows-FAQ

specifically the questions:
I have Paragon ExtFS for Windows. Will it be updated?
I already have Paragon ExtFS for Windows. Can I get Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software for free?

it appears that Linux File Systems for Windows is the successor of ExtFS.

A product like this deserves more attention I believe.

Again, many many thanks!!


Many thanks!
I'll give that a try. Didn't know it existed...
Also found:
Paragon - Linuxfs-windows

but will give your suggestion a try. Will revert.

Thanks again.

p.s. Just now I also gave Ubuntu a try  (see my earlier post)
after loading I got two choices - proceed a trial (ubuntu will not be installed)
or install.

I selected the trial, a lot of text on my screen and then ... nothing happened
tried it twice.

Very occasional only, it may be 1x or 2x a year.

Living Room / Booting Linux from USB thumbdrive - Linux Explorer
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:39 AM »
Up front... I have absolutely -no- knowledge of Linux.
Also I do not wish to use Linux, but  -have- to use it for 1 specific task only.

Looking for recommendations as to how to proceed on the following :

I would like to have a USB thumbdrive with Linux and start my pc from USB and running Linux,
then I would like to delete the contents of a Linux formatted (EXT3) external USB drive.

Tried with "LinuxLive USB Creator"  and used "Linux Mint".
However, options to delete files were greyed out, I had no administrator rights.

Any other suggestions?

So: start pc from USB thumbdrive and delete files on an external USB Linux drive.


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