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Hello to all!!

I thingk it would be great if we all could see the list of all programs partitipating the contest sorted by categories here... (just names...)

What do you think?

I can't wait to see the winning programs...

Good luck to all !!

a good game. It really is!

hi Tp just wanted to let you know i downloaded TPcube and TPXonix and neither woule run on my machine

I have the same problem with several programs participating this contest...

for example, if you use delphi or c++ builder, you can set "anchors" on most of your controls which control the way the resize.

yes, i know about the anchors, i just thought that there is also another way of doing this...

ps. this should be in developers section, so im moving it there.


Developer's Corner / running program on different resolutions
« on: July 19, 2006, 08:33 AM »
Admin, if this is not the place to ask these kind of questions, please move it to some other place on this forum, but PLEASE send me a private message to tell me where you moved it...

Lets say you made a program on 1280 X 1024 resolution.

Of course when you run this program on a 800 X 600 or 1024 X 768 or some other (smaller) resolution, this program will not look as it should!
You probably won't even be possible to see it entirely...

What do you do with it to make it look the same (make it entirely visible) on any resolution?? Is there a solution for this?

Thank you..


yes, BUT only people who are members of this site who have already donated to this site.

only people who are members of who have donated to this site have money in their account which they can give to you.  then, after you have received enough donations, we can send you the money you have received.

Well, that's great!!
It means we can put this explanation on how to donate in our "About" as well...???

it would be great to put text:


in front of T-Shirt.
and on the back something like:


And offcourse put somewhere "Borland C++ Contest"...

Do you like this idea?

All Early Entrants (entered by July 15):

TDx_Library DirectX Components

Commemorative Contest T-shirt

When will we receive these awards? and how? (reffering to TDx_Library DirectX Components)
Are all countries supported (reffering to T-shirt)??

Mouser said:

(I suggest paypal, or amazon donations, google checkout, or a shareware service like shareit or plimus or kagi)

it's ok if you live in countries where you can use this services....

But what about us who live in countries where these services are not supported??

Is bank account in "About" enough??

I didn't quite understand this:

You'll notice on the entries (https://www.donation...ests/bcb/entries.php) page that people can click a gold coin next to your name to donate to you using our microdonations donationcredits system.

You must forgive me, i'm not so good in economics...Does this mean that people can donate me (me personally) RIGHT NOW via this service (just click on coin and donate me NOW)? (lets say i did put my programs on this site, and they liked it and want to donate me)
I mean...Is everything has allready taken care off, or must i first create account in some of the services you mentioned...??

Can you please explane me this...


Excuse my english..  :)

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