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As the title suggests, I'm looking for a good way (that actually works) to send and receive sms and mms from my computer. I spend most of my time at home sitting in front of my computer, so why not be able to text from my computer. So far I have tried Airdroid, which kind of worked, but wouldn't display picture messages, and I have also tried mightytext, but its kind of bugy, and half the time won't show my messages in the web interface.

The idea is not to buy it, but to earn it.

Oh, well poop. I'm not that great of a coder. I only know a little bit of AHK scripting.

Nope it's a different one.

Yeah, I still need to finish this one. It has some things that need to be tweaked.

But I don't think it would be quite suitable for NANY. It really is designed purely for Coding Snacks.
 (see attachment in previous post)

If that were made into a shirt, I would so buy it!

NANY 2015.png
Not the worlds best, but I gave it a shot.

Living Room / Re: DoCo...I need your help!
« on: September 16, 2014, 11:07 PM »
Well trying to donate via the DoCo system took more than 5 seconds to figure out, so I will just have to donate through indiegogo.

Actually Giggled xD - Also Thank you VERY much!!!!!
You are very welcome sir. I hope you can raise enough money to cover the costs :Thmbsup:

Living Room / Re: DoCo...I need your help!
« on: September 16, 2014, 10:55 PM »
Well trying to donate via the DoCo system took more than 5 seconds to figure out, so I will just have to donate through indiegogo.

Living Room / Looking for new windows media center remote.
« on: September 11, 2014, 03:09 PM »
I currently have this media center remote. It apparently emulates keyboard keystrokes, because I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0" tablet with the IR port on it. There is an option to control windows media center with the tablet, but I guess my remote isn't compatible with this. Also, for whatever reason, the play, pause, stop, and fastforward/rewind buttons no longer seem to want to work on my remote. (I haven't plugged the receiver into a different computer yet to see if it works on that computer yet). So what I am looking for is a windows media center remote that will let me use my tablet (or my note 4 whenever it is released, and I get it), or maybe something else down the road such as Logitech's Harmony remotes (are they any good?).

I bought a "Microsoft Media Center RC6 iR Remote Control Kit w/Receiver Cable" from ebay, but the seller hasn't shipped it yet. He sent me a message saying that he couldn't find the remote, but asked if I still wanted just the receiver. Would that receiver do the job?

As always, thanks for the help. I love how helpful the DC community has been in answering my many questions. You guys rock!

Edit: I guess I will find out if this microsoft remote will work. The guy found the remote, and is shipping it out in the morning.

Yeah, I'm all up to date now. I checked shortly after I got home from work. I only had one small update.

Directx 10 is not supported in the game?

XP doesn't support Directx 10, so selecting that mode would revert back to Directx 9 allowing the game to run.

That would be my best guess.
That actually makes sense. I just relooked as the system requirements, and it said it needed a directx 9 compatible card.

Living Room / Re: New "censorship" technique on Youtube
« on: August 08, 2014, 11:22 PM »
I live in the US, and several years ago, I ran across a video that had that muted audio claim on it. I haven't seen it recently tho. All I have seen recently is just videos that have been removed due to copyright claims, or not available in my country.

Well slap my Teletubby dvds (bonus points if anyone knows where that line is from) I ran it under xp SP3 compatibility with run as admin checked, and it works now. Which is interesting, because one of the first things I tried was selecting windows 7 compatibility with run as admin checked, and that didn't work. The sims 4 CAS demo is brand new, why is it that it will only run on xp, and not windows 8?

I've ran sfc twice now, and it says it found corrupt files, but couldn't repair some of them. The log file makes about as much sense to me as the actual error. I'll post the log file tho if it will be helpful. I am usually pretty good about keeping my computer updated, but windows 8 is very unobtrusive about informing you that you have updates available. I'm not entirely sure what the spring update is tho. I have the start button at the left of the start bar, and the metro apps now have the minimize and x button on them, as well as showing up in the start bar. Is that from the spring update?

1,087 / 1024 = 1.0615234375

I'm terrible with filesizes, so sue me, lol.

well thats just strange. Is there anyway I can get a new one? (the install disk maybe?) the one in the system32 folder is 1.06MB

I just installed the sims 4 create a sim demo, and every time I try to open it, it pops up with window's cryptic, unhelpful error messages.

Problem Event Name:   APPCRASH
  Application Name:   TS4CAS.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:   02003040
  Fault Module Name:   KERNELBASE.dll
  Fault Module Version:   6.3.9600.17055
  Fault Module Timestamp:   532943a3
  Exception Code:   c0000005
  Exception Offset:   00012b82
  OS Version:   6.3.9600.
  Locale ID:   1033
  Additional Information 1:   5861
  Additional Information 2:   5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2
  Additional Information 3:   d1d9
  Additional Information 4:   d1d94a13d3609d6b740644c12508f581

Does any of that make sense to anyone? I did a little research before posting here, and a few others have this issue too. One suggested uninstalling, and then reinstalling it, which did nothing for me.
Someone also suggested that it might be due to a corrupt user profile, so I created a brand new local admin profile, and had the same issue with that profile.

I'm running windows 8.1 pro x64. My computer also more than meets the system requirements for the demo. I'd really like to get this problem fixed, because I already pre-ordered the sims 4 several months ago, and I don't want to have the same thing happen to it.

edit: just looked in the event viewer.
Faulting application name: TS4CAS.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x02003040
Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.3.9600.17055, time stamp: 0x532943a3
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00012b82
Faulting process id: 0x1cac
Faulting application start time: 0x01cfb33e9604ffbd
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo\Game\Bin\TS4CAS.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\KERNELBASE.dll
Report Id: d5bc457b-1f31-11e4-825c-e06995eb7d97
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

Living Room / Re: Thinking of switching to WP8 from Android
« on: July 30, 2014, 02:00 AM »
Thanks @eleman You've made some great points there. I'll probably stick with my nexus 5 after all. I was just looking at the WP app store, and couldn't find some of my must have apps. I was also watching some youtube videos on windows phone, and it does seem a bit to cookie cutter simple to me. There isn't really that much customization to it.

Living Room / Thinking of switching to WP8 from Android
« on: July 29, 2014, 11:34 PM »
So right now, I'm using the Nexus 5, and I love it. Though, I was curious about Windows phone. I was thinking about getting the Nokia Lumia 1520. If anyone that has used both Android, and Windows phone could give me some insight on WP, that would be great. The Nexus 5 is very open and gets the newest version of Android shortly after it is released. How locked down is Windows Phone, and how is Microsoft about updating phones? (are they like nexus phones, or will Microsoft stop updating their phone after like 2 or 3 updates?) On a side note, the Nexus 5 uses a micro sim card, and the Lumia 1520 apparently uses a nano sim card. If I wanted to switch between the two phones periodically, how hard would it be to transfer service between my micro sim card, and the new nano sim card?

Would it be worth it for me to switch, or should I just stick with my Nexus?

Edit: One more thing that is actually kind of a big deal for me. I have my phone paired to my car stereo via bluetooth, and use the pandora controls on the stereo, because I hate all the commercials that FM radio has, and satellite radio is to expensive for me. Will I be able to use the pandora controls with windows phone? Or at the very least, can I use the bluetooth streaming option on my car stereo to atleast skip songs, and pause them?

I went ahead an bought titanium backup. I'm going to pass on Rom Toolbox though. I use multirom with a modified TWRP recovery for my roms, and I don't have a need to change fonts. I also just manually change my boot animation, because I rarely change it anyways. I was tempted to buy Rom Toolbox tho when I saw SassiBob's video was on the page.

paid: both versions.

I might have to give the paid version of Titanium a try then. other than it's backup features, is it worth buying rom toolbox?

A while back when I first got my otg cable, I was able to view my usb drive in twrp. I never tried to actually set it as my backup location tho. I assume it might work. BTW, are you using the free version of Titanium and rom toolbox, or the pro versions?

I use twrp. Is there a way to backup to a usb drive (via an OTG cable) since the N5 doesn't have external storage? The only problem with a nandroid backup is that I want to be able to "copy" all my apps and data to a different rom, which I can't do with a nandroid backup. I was reading that titanium backup can restore from twrp backups. I suppose if I can ever get titanium to actually backup the data, it might be an option.

I'm looking for an app or method to backup both my apps, and my app data. I have a nexus 5, so I don't have an sd card option to backup to. I do however has stickmount, so I could backup to a usb drive. Though, it would be nice if I had the option to backup to a folder on my google drive. I have tried various apps, and they all seem to only know how to backup just the app, and not its data. (meaning, I lose all my progress on any games I have.) I've heard Titanium backup is supposed to be able to backup both the apps, and their data, but when I tried it, it only backed up the apps, and then when I went to restore my backup, it just installed each app one by one, and without the app's data.

Does anyone know of a good free (or free with premium option) app that will actually backup my apps and their data? My phone is rooted, is there some folder that has all of my apps' data that I can just backup?

Pontiac Vibe (used, circa 2005):
 (see attachment in previous post)

Would not recommend anything made by Pontiac. I drive a Pontiac Grand am, and little things are always falling off it. (luckily it still runs perfectly though). My girlfriend drives a Pontiac Grand Prix, and she has similar problems with it.

N.A.N.Y. 2014 / Re: NANY 2014 Release - Wallpaper Welder
« on: January 21, 2014, 12:32 AM »
It did not work. It saw one giant monitor, and only let me select one image. :(

N.A.N.Y. 2014 / Re: NANY 2014 Release - Wallpaper Welder
« on: January 16, 2014, 10:46 PM »
Can I use this with nvidia surround? I've got 3 1080p monitors setup as one giant display.

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