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Living Room / Re: Where did your DC user I.D come from?
« on: June 29, 2009, 11:39 PM »
OK, here's mine.

I played Bass Clarinet in my high school marching band.  L2 was the designator for my position in the "drill" (all the formations on the field) my senior year.

My other ID (The one for the really important stuff wwitthoff1  stems from the old days of *cough* AOL *cough* w is for my first name william my middle name is witthoff and since AOL wanted screen names to have a number in them (go figure) 1 was my choice.

Living Room / Re: Recommend to me the BEST USB stick to get
« on: April 21, 2009, 03:11 AM »
Sandisk cruzer micro. Havent had 1 fail yet.

DC Website Help and Extras / Re: Boot Linux From USB Flash Drive
« on: April 05, 2009, 10:22 PM »
Ubuntu (my distro of choice) has an installer for USB flash drives built into the live cd.

Site/Forum Features / Re: March 2009 Survey Discussion
« on: April 05, 2009, 10:19 PM »
Just sent in my contribution.  I agree that the aggregate data should be public, as well as the suggestions for ideas (anonymously of course)

Living Room / Re: Why I Avoid Apple Products
« on: March 06, 2009, 02:16 AM »
Up until 1999 I didn't own a computer, and I never really gave much thought to buying one.

Then in the early part of that year, Apple did something that made me sit up and take notice and make me interested in buying one....they came out with one in purple!  ;D

Unlike other smarter people that would shop for a computer based on something that was actually important, the fact that it came in purple was the most compelling reason I would have had for owning any sort of computer at all, at that point in time. And Apple was the only one to tease me with my favorite color.

But I procrastinated about it for about 8 months...just long enough for my dad to decide to give me his old P1 with his OEM Bundle From Hell™ (he downloaded everything he could find on Tucows and installed it all).

It had issues...lots of them, and instead of enjoying a life of "it just works", I was forced to learn a whole lot more than I had anticipated, with all the troubleshooting that had to be done "out-of-the-box". (this isn't a bash against PC's in general, remember that it was a used computer set up by someone that overloaded it worse than any OEM does with a new PC)

I could have been a stupid "happy Mac user" but because my father enticed me with something that appealed to me even more than purple (free!), I was instead forced to learn and tinker with things that most Windows users don't even know exists. That machine, by its very nature, forced me to become a power It became a challenge, a competition between me and a machine, and I was determined to win.

For the last 24 hours I have been contemplating what the last 10 years of my life would have been like if I had bought that iMac. Would I be the computer nut I am today? Would I even be coding?

I was a whole different person with a completely different way of thinking, and Apple knew that. "Think Different" isn't a command, it's their target consumer. For a long time they have been very good at making pretty things that appeals to clueless people. I am not saying that all Apple users are clueless, just saying that you are pretty clueless if you consider "pretty" to be the most important or only reason to buy something, and a lot of Apple's customers do think that way. I know because I once thought that way, I almost bought a purple iMac!

Then they hold on to you by using fear to keep you, convincing you that you are happy and don't want to change that by wandering off into the scary world of the unknown. The famous Mac vs PC ads serve a dual purpose: to convince Windows users that they would rather have a Mac than deal with "scary Vista", and to convince Mac owners to stick with their product and not try anything new unless its an Apple product. It's a form of brainwashing. "Stay Clueless" should be their company motto.

Today, the most compelling reasons I have for choosing something else over an Apple product all comes down to choice and freedom. I like being free to choose from many options, and unless Apple decides to give me that, I'll continue to stay away from their products.

I want to choose my hardware, my software, and everything else...not allow a company to tell me what to use, where I can shop, what I am allowed to buy, who I can code for, etc.

And the Oscar goes to...

I feel the same way, Macs (IMO) are overpriced aluminum boxes that a cheaper non-apple computer can run circles around.  </vent>  Still macs have their uses (and it isn't just as a doorstop) ;-)

I obtained VS Pro 2008 courtesy of MSDNAA (i.e. all hail student discounts)

Haven't had a chance to crack it open tho.

Living Room / Re: church managment software
« on: December 02, 2008, 02:34 PM »

This is the application that my church is implementing.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 7 -- ribbons for everyone!
« on: November 01, 2008, 03:05 AM »
IMHO I think the beef about the ribbon (I happen to dislike it with a fervor) is that it was forced on people. (Either intentionally or unintentionally) I think MS should allow a user to decide which version of the toolbars they want to use. (Then again that would be MS giving users freedom, but that is a different subject all together ;-) )

School is taking my time so new version may take a while.  I intend to include password protection (albiet in plain text.  sorry but I have no clue about hashing, if you want to tell me how, please let me know), fixing the length of allowed fields, and adding Copy/Paste features.

Living Room / Re: Show us the View Outside Your Window
« on: August 30, 2008, 01:06 AM »
Screenshot - 8_29_2008 , 11_04_04 PM.png

My front yard thanks to our friends at google.  Looks like it was trash day too. ;-)

I don't think my neighbor would approve of my taking a picture of the side of his house (all my window sees).

General Software Discussion / Re: Your fav' audio CD burner?
« on: May 09, 2008, 05:33 PM »

So my question to 'you' is:
What do you use to burn audio CDs that will show all proper info?  (see attachment in previous post) (see attachment in previous post)
- name your fav's, forum!  :tellme:

Winamp.  I use it to play my media so naturally I burn Cds from it too.  Also Nero 8.  I havent had any problems with burning the CD-Text to it.

One limitation (its access not me)  codes have to be <= 255 characters.  If anyone has suggestions on how to remedy this.  Please speak up.  Thx.  If you get an error, I am adding error checking to a future version.  Nevermind,  I found the problem,  Datatype for the field,  I need to set it to Memo rather than text.  Will show up in new version.

Nice work!

EDIT: Now it appears the download link is broken on your site.

It Works as of 10:00AM Pacific

I have repackaged the application using NSIS so now the MDB should be easy to find.  I recommend uninstalling the previous one and installing the one here http://www.bassclari...m/willsoft/releases/

The password feature is forthcoming.

Looks useful.

If I may make a suggestion: Use mouser's ScreenShot Captor to take the screens of the program. It has some neat tools built in to let you blur out areas you don't want others to see and add annotations, etc., and it would make it seem a lot more professional than the current screens, which look like you used Paint to cross out the serials. I also suggest taking a couple minutes to type out more information about it here in the original post. Give people an incentive to click your link.  :Thmbsup:

Because it's version 0.01 I'm curious about it's stability and also what sort of format it stores the information in. For something as important as registration codes, you would need to be able to guarantee me that I could get my data if for some reason the program stopped working or was no longer developed or something similar.

The version number is more arbitrary than anything.  (Sorry about that.)  I didn't want to give the impression that it was done (e.g. give it a version of one) and yet was concerned about giving it such a low number. 

As far as stability and the format things are stored in:  Its stable for me,  no code breaks, etc.  and all the information is stored in a Microsoft Access Database (*.mdb).   I think (being that the installer was created by VB express) the the Path is x:\Program Files\WillSoft\W's RegCode-Serial Number Manager (x being the name of your system drive) so the mdb should be in there.  Not entirely sure where the mdb is installed to, going to fix that and use by using NSIS to make the installer rather than vb express.  In the view mode there is a print button to create a hard copy of all the codes in the database.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to either post them here, or send them to me [email protected]

Thanks for your feedback.


Installed OK

One would have thought that a password entry to the program would have been the first priority to any such application.

Otherwise looks ok

A feature for the future would be the ability to copy via a click to the clipboard

Take a gander at pd-base


Like I say, more is to come.  Thanks for your feedback.
This is just a start.

whoops.  forgot to add the folder.

Hey,  I just created an application to manage your registration codes. (from all the software products you own)  It's in a rudimentary form but it, and more information can be found at

This application allows you to enter/delete, view, print, and in near future, search for registration codes.  In essence it is a stand-alone way of interacting with a Access database.  Since I'm an MIS student for of the features will be added as I learn VB and as I find a moment.  Please feel free to make suggestions here or send them to me at [email protected].

It was written to solve a problem I had of managing all the regcodes that I have accumulated and print them out.

You may also use a dps plugin in winamp.

For years I have used Compressor and Wider available at the following URL

Unlike normalizers, such as the gain options listed above, the compressor will adjust the volume throughout each individual song so the music is always at approximately the same volume.
-the3seashells (March 29, 2008, 07:04 AM)

Winamp itself will handle replaygain.

FYI: ReplayGain is just another component of the ID3 Tag.  So it doesn't modify the actual sound data.

Mcafee isnt the only one,  Kaspersky just flagged one of skrommel's utilities as having a backdoor.  Screenshot - 4_10_2008 , 8_54_03 PM.png

Well I downloaded v136  and kaspersky seems to like is so who knows what up with that.

Put me down for one,  My truck would love to have one.

Can't we employ Cody to stand beside the server with the electronic equivalent of a crowbar to bash any other idiots over the head if they try in future  :trout: :trout: :trout:
-Carol Haynes (March 07, 2008, 06:40 PM)

Ah, I see another fan of Monty Python.

I too would like to offer my congratulations on returning DC to operational status.  I know what its like to have something go completely belly up.  So to all y'all (sorry)  have a giant virtual cold one on me.


Thanks skrommel.

Hi, I need a program that defines a corner of the screen as a "drop target" for desktop items to be dragged upon and sent to another location (in my case my external hdd).  I download things to my desktop so I can find them and then hate having to open up the drive in explorer and then drag the items into it.

Strange I realize but I want my Desktop to look as clean as possible.


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