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Finished Programs / Re: IDEA: Extended function for Files2Folder
« on: February 12, 2011, 05:15 AM »
Many thanks for the response. The description I gave was in the simplest form, as I can see other potential later. I am actually sorting pictures

The idea came from using Calibre and how it stores ebooks based on regular expressions. Unfortunately it puts each item into a subfolder of the group, rather than directly in the group, which would have meant i could have used Calibre to do the grouping.

The problem is selecting the images into sets. Most have one or other of the formats mentioned for the filenames, but there are multitudes of variants, and the list is continually growing. Automating the folderising would reduce the biggest manual part of the process to an insignificant number.

Once grouped, they can be placed in CBR format and loaded into calibre as sets or stored elsewhere.

So it does sound like what you have may work, I can always give it a try, maybe iron any bugs too if they exist

Finished Programs / IDEA: Extended function for Files2Folder
« on: February 11, 2011, 08:27 AM »
Hello, hopefully in this my first post, I get things right.

First Files2Folder is a great utility

The thought I have which may be a new utility or enhancement of the existing.

I often encounter files in the following formats

first part - middle part - last part.extension
first part - last part.extension

It would be nice to be able to select a group of files and have the utility folderise by a defined segment, though to make it easier.

option 1
Anything before the first " - "

option 2
Anything after the last " - " (ignoring extension)

There may be other cases, but I suspect it would be more complex to handle.

When run the utility would create folders based on content for the defined option.

If a folder already exists, there is no need to create

Files are then added to the appropriate folder.

In case of duplicates, files are enumerated, or ignored, though in theory this should not happen from an existing folder, but may if further files are added for subsequent processing.

I am guessing there may already be something out there that does this, but I have yet to find it. And then probably nothing with the simplicity of Files2Folder

Thanks in advance


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