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Hi Folks,

   An addition to the above list is in a company known for an excellent freeware uninstaller.

Revo Uninstaller

  Includes a Junks Files Cleaner, a Windows cleaner, a Browsers Cleaner, and an MS Office Cleaner and some other complementary tools.

   Now if an industrious reviewer wants to compare all the freeware products ..  :)

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,


FileZilla and

CoreFTP (freeware with SFTP and more, main pro features scheduling and compression)
   both are impressive to this newbie to FTP.

And the SyncBack feature set on freeware is very kewl.
Not drag and drop, but more powerful for backup sets.

Actually I did wonder about security issues.

"Another issue is the degree of security (do I want and need SFTP, do people really try to intercept a generic FTP download from a cable connection to a web storage area) and the WebDav possibility. "

Oh, is this one possibly ok from your perspective, freeware with secure transfers, if not SFTP ?




Yes, mwb, thanks .. a good suggestion.  Syncback's free product is very savvy for FTP, to its credit (the setup to sign in and setup in eexpert mode since there is FTP and then go was super-quick, and included simulation modes and more) and Syncback has the advantage of thinking like a backup program in setting up the config and tasks (choose these files, directories, omit those, etc, various setting about overwriting files and things like that).  The scheduler is I think the Windows XP scheduler, which can do the job, even if not super-elegant.  Since it also does not have the "you must compress" problem I referenced from Backup4All and some others either the freeware or the paid product of Syncback may become my master straight file (not image) backup program.  I always knew it as a good, versatile product, this experience combining backup and FTP from freeware really brought it up a notch or two.

btw, Fresh FTP does not do the job.  It has the same queue mechanism as FileZilla, nice but not a scheduler. In fact, looking at interface and features it appears to me to be using the FileZilla code base, without acknowledgment that I could see.  And surprisingly the huge similarities were without mention in some articles and threads on the net that even discuss the two ! 


General Software Discussion / FTP Client - freeware with scheduler
« on: April 10, 2008, 08:54 AM »
Hi Folks,

  Do you have a good FTP Client that is freeware and that has a built-in scheduler ?  Granted
there are cmd-line and Windows Scheduler methods.  However I would prefer an integrated simple
solution for files that I share at work and home and here and there.  I would like to make sure
I don't have to save manually to USB drive or to my free Net storage area (DriveHQ, which is
FTP-friendly).  By scheduling once an hour when the program is up, I can make sure the current
file is available wherever I am just by having the program running in the background. The important
files might be about 15 megs, not too large, notes and bookmarks and PIM type of stuff.

   Seems like FileZilla doesn't have scheduling, just a queue (On my test it also seemed to drop
a couple of times, it did restart in the right place but I did not see an auto-reconnect feature,
is it there ?).  I saw an earlier version of Auto FTP Manager (3) on one of the Brit magazines,
that is one idea, one thread indicated pro versions of CuteFTP and WSTP are good on this,
but that is pro versions.  FlashFXP as well, good but not free.  Apparently Total Commander
would need some special scheduling stuff. 

   Keep in mind that an auto-reconnect feature in the midst of a download should be part
of this solution.  Another issue is the degree of security (do I want and need SFTP, do
people really try to intercept a generic FTP download from a cable connection to a web
storage area) and the WebDav possibility.

   Right now Fresh FTP looks good as a possibility, but my email code is slow arriving
so I have not tested it.  Not mentioned much in the forums on the net, yet looks interesting.
I always check DonationCoder, Snapfiles and FileForum, maybe CNet and a little extra-Google
before working with a new software.

   Any references or suggestions ?  And add any additional thoughts.  I would also use
this for a larger daily or weekly web backup of all critical files.

   Also if any of you are techies on FTP on the iSeries (AS/400) minicomputer and wouldn't
mind sharing some expertise and brainstorming, please contact me on that as well.  Thanks.

Steven Avery

Is that your new Website supertechno? So now we are promotong RegCure, are we not?

Good pickup, Phil.  RegCure can probably be considered borderline rogue-ware, so imo we have to ask if anyone promoting it has a financial incentive.  Integrity first.

As for CCleaner, while it is a good product for sure, even excellent, and to a large extent made the niche public, I am always looking for better.  CCleaner is fine for basically cleaning out temp files and such but even there I do not think it has a global entry, only user by user.  If that is still the case, a major limitation in terms of one-pass efficiency.  Some weakness in save or rollbacks comes up, as mentioned, and the possible incaution on registry entries and even cookies comes up, with a lack of selectivity between preview and action modes (to be fair, the fact that it has a preview mode is excellent).  Especially in registry cleanup, where in the perfect world you would visually confirm every deletion entry and not delete any that you are not sure of.  Essentially I would delete entries that are clearly connected to removed software and leave most everything else alone, unless I was very conscious of a save/restore mode, perhaps using ERUNT as the registry save program.

Cleanups in general, here is my list with the complimentary products and alternatives (not focusing on registry issues, which are imho, independent and squirrelly, potentially dangerous and can be overdone).

Not a bad idea to settle on the two or three best, since no one covers everything.  CCleaner of course has a place at the table.  I think Cleanup! has the global capability I mention above, not sure about the others. 


Advanced Disk Cleaner v. 5 (free registration code)
Innovative Solutions - interesting mix of software products

Advanced Window Care Personal - Iobit
Professional is $30, Personal has good rep, too.

ATF-Cleaner - Atribune (fella is very helpful on Vundo problems)
Web Forum, not real active on ATF-Cleaner

CCleaner - Piriform

Cleanup Assistant (concern added three posts below)

Cleanup! - Steven Gould
Web Forum
Good rep, solid, slightly dated tab interface.

System Cleanup - Franckey

Zappit - Cloudeight

Steven Avery
Queens, NY

whether this should wait for when PT moves to a more generic per-application-rules based thing.
Hi Folks,

This leads to my question.  I have an application that does not use a lot of resources (Powermarks) that needs a higher priority to lessen the "wait-state" (memory loading ?, paging ?) when I return to the program.  It seems to be helped when I make it high priority (e.g. with Process Master, which runs by application, while Actual Booster does that on a more global realm and could easily clash with Process Tamer).

So what is your recommendation ?  Perhaps a limited usage of Process Master for the PowerMarks type app, combined with the normal global usage of Process Tamer ?  I just want to be :

a) careful about programs that can compete against each other, perhaps clashing or crashing
b) achieve multiple ends, taming hogs on-the-fly (Process Tamer) and allowing for exceptional situations

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

   I think the slowdown in email clients to a crawl is a real problem.  Gmail is great for some stuff (e.g. I have an account for my programming-related personal mail so I can access it anywhere, and I auto-forward each mail to my ISP account).

   However for heavy volume usage, such as email forums, nothing is remotely close to an email client filtering into dozens or hundreds of boxes, having many views, having at-home composing, as some of the posts pointed out.  Eudora has been mine for years, noting the stability and industrial-strength filtering and very helpful user forums (when I looked at Thunderbird a while back the filtering was like toy-level, may be better by now).  I would always consider Becky, TheBat! and Poco as well as some others, especially now that Eudora has stopped development of the base product and been sort of absorded by Thunderbird.   

   However none of the alternatives has inspired great confidence (not to say they aren't good products, but I always would run into weaknesses) so I stick with Eudora while agreeing that the lack of the competition of a few years back has stifled development.  Gmail on one end, Outlook this and that on the other.

   I'll await and await.  (Eudora 7 is fine meanwhile.)

   There is a company that is trying to be a sucessor to Eudora, Infinity Data Systems, with a product called  "Odysseus", billed as "The Eudora Successor".  Perhaps it is in Beta, maybe.  Too soon to tell if it will pan out.


Hi Folks,

   It seems that some of the shareware favorites (e.g. Backup4All goes zip, Genie-soft goes zip or exe) don't address this, as far as I can tell.

  A review of Backup Platinum (Softlogica) says :
"Step 4 is unusual. Here I can choose to store files on the server exactly as they are, with no compression or encryption, or with some form of compression or encryption."

  This should not be unusual !

   So I may give it a whirl for my need today, and for future flexibility.  Any other "unusual" recommendations from our team of DonationCoder experts ? I'd like to try and use the best of the genre that has this flexibility.

  I can understand that image backups and file-by-file backups are quite different conceptually, and you might have two different programs (though it would be nice if a program was strong on both) however within the file-by-file world this would seem to be a rather fundamental consideration.  Compression or not as the user's choice, save-by-save.

  Morning add-on: The move to Backup Platinum .. so far very fine.  I was able to back up 10 gigs or so, a good chunk of what I was trying to do, before the bsod.  Now I restart the backup exactly where it crashed in a 2-minute check and modification. 

  The bsod is probably driver related, an DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL message about which discussions on the web gives numerous possible causes.  Here it is apparently driver related, especially IRQL clashes that Windows XP handles poorly, might be the situation here, as sometimes the msg gives an associated file name and in a couple of recent cases it is the USB driver, and this backup is USB.  (So perhaps a Laplink or FTP or Web (slow) backup would work, it would be an interesting test).  I actually at one point had the same message for a graphics driver and upgraded the driver and may have reduced the bsod.  Since the system is a 2-3 years old I am thinking that if I can't do some nice techie stuff (still researching, e.g. this discussions:;t=9888&page=2
And I have some others that gave about 5-10 other possible causes) and since I have an alternate puter, I will move towards a reformat and a lighter XP system .. maybe.

   Oh, and now I've switched to safe mode to get this done hopefully much quicker.

Steven Avery 

Hi Folks,

   A large multi-gig backup on a large dicey disk (e.g. prone to bsod) may not complete.  It would then be helpful to restore have you got, and keep moving from there on the next pass (perhaps skipping over a folder if there is an indication of disk problems, or trying to copy the folder, but let's assume the bsod is something like memory or driver related).

   What software programs take this into account well ?  e.g. Would be easy to restore what was done.  I noticed that Backup4All wants to put everything into a .zip file and then that file will likely be corrupted on the bsod, and their restore system is looking for files that are written at the end as well.

   So is this a factor that should be carefully considered in delicate backups ?  One obvious solution is a non-compress mode, yet apparently that is not in all of these packages. 

   What is best in this regard ?  And am I right in thinking that this is a largely overlooked part of backup comparisons. 

   Perhaps they could journal a type of restore/continue point, that probably is in some packages, so if you know of that, share. However that would not be as bulletproof as saving files in the same structure and layout (no compression, maybe 10 times larger) as on the disk.

  Thoughts ?

Steven Avery

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: PowerCmd on Bits du Jour
« on: March 26, 2008, 12:38 PM »
Hi Folks,

Thanks for the feedback. 
I picked up the license too. 

Maybe without the kludge of Windows Start-Run and then the
cryptic screen where all your keys are lost to history I'll be doing
more stuff.  Just wanted to confirm that this was an A-grade program.

Note added:
Even today this program came in handy.  I was following some FTP
instructions to communicate with an AS/400 that required the DOS
Box and my DOS box hung in the middle of the operations.  When I did
it in PowerCmd not only was there all sorts of goodies like cut-and-paste
working, I had no problem at all.  Kewl.


Found Deals and Discounts / PowerCmd on Bits du Jour
« on: March 25, 2008, 09:24 AM »
Hi Folks,

PowerCmd - $9.95 today
Bits Du Jour Today
There is a thread with a little discussion of these programs here.

This price is reasonable $9.95, and there may not be an equal freeware.

Any thoughts from users ? 
This does show up on GAOTD sometimes, too.

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

My fineprint is an unregistered copy 5.5 .. maybe it is a trial that keeps on ticking.  I'm ready for a real registered copy when I know the advantages, the best discount, etc. since my trial or whatever it is has gone on for years and saved me tons of paper (the real help isn't the cost of the paper, it is the convenience of carrying around or filling less sheets).

On install attempt Greenprint did a few funny things, telling my firewall to call out to a place on (yes, the anti-virus company, I checked the url) many times, asking for Net 2.0 (which I think is installed already) .. so I haven't yet got around to trying it as the alternative.

(Yes, the Bits was yesterday, sometimes the company will honor it a day or two later, you just email them, explain the situation, and they try to set up a special purchase code.)

As for comparing the two (and any others) I have not found anything on the net.  Fineprint is close to bulletproof, excellent.  I also use their .pdffactory to convert purchases and such to .pdf to store in a special folder as a paperless office history.


Found Deals and Discounts / Greenprint today on Bits Du Jour
« on: March 17, 2008, 06:41 PM »
Hi Folks,

Fineprint is one of the indispensibles, I use the free version with
the small blurb-ad line and maybe a couple of restrictions that
I barely notice. 

Greenprint looks new, designed to compete with Fineprint.

Does it have any advantages ?  Disadvantages ?
Fundamental differences ?

Inquiring minds .. yes .. they do want to know.


Found Deals and Discounts / Easy-Hide-IP today on Bits Du Jour
« on: March 11, 2008, 07:06 PM »
Hi Folks,

Easy-Hide-IP is one of the Bits Du Jour Today, at half-price, under $10.

Folks use proxies and such for lots of reasons, and have different
requests. Anonymous browsing, and anonymous email to a forum,
come to mind .. while relative speed might be a big factor, maybe not. 
Perhaps the need is an IP from a particular area, or changing IP's,
or not-changing.

Some people want a more complete untraceability than others and
for some folks the issue is getting around political barriers, such as
censorship.  Or concerns about various types of persecution and
repression, current and potential.  It could be something as unusual
as a teacher concerned about their job if speaking publicly of their
creationary views.

Thus it is hard to look at any of this as "one size fits all". 

From my reading, it is very hard to generalize about various
IP-hiding and proxy software and servers .  Though I noticed
that while some stuff is free, a lot is say $25-50 a year.  I've
never used one so it is a bit of a mysterious area.

To someone uninformed (myself) this one looks like it might give
you an ease-of-use front-end without much difficulty with some

What do our experts say about Easy-Hide-IP ?  Does it have a niche ?
Perhaps fairly new, claims a lifetime license for small $, and it looks
like a nice interface .  Will it help the light anonymous user ?  Say the
person bounced from the DonationCoder forum who wants to post  :).
J/k Mouser !

Any thoughts ?


Hi Nudone,

You might try the smaller and friendlier services like Fastmail.

They are likely to have a longer period, although their free accounts may
be online only, without forwarding and you would have to check about
POP3 access.  That is the possible rub in the free accounts, however
you have good discussion forums for questions. host some forums where folks know all this
stuff well .. post the question there and you should get active response :-)

Such email biz folks are more likely to give you a personal response, or to do
an override if you ask.  Another to check is GMX, although they are larger,
they are making a USA push, and maybe 5-10 others, like

Try emaildiscussions, I think you will get informed answers, I used them
when I was trying to find better email.  And I am using Tuffmail on a
trial and Polarismail (domain email) as well as a free Fastmail account.

This is not to diss Gmail, it has a place, however specialty uses, such
as special attention, is not possible.  Very convenient also for those
'throwaway' (temporary) web accounts if you don't want to give out
your normal email.  However on a private account I have been pleased
with their keeping out spam, possibly because of using a long name
that is not advertised.  Another possibility would be for you to check
in your friends or families mail every month or two, if they don't mind.

Steven Avery

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Bits Du Jour and GAOTD one-day deals
« on: January 31, 2008, 12:22 PM »
Hi Folks,

Right.  I wasn't suggesting any extra attention to Bits and GAOTD than they have now, if something is special it will be noted, otherwise we can check ourselves.  Simply that they would have their own thread, and we would know only the stuff at the top is "live" (Bits looks ahead a few days).

Let other "short-term" deals stay here, since most of those are still for awhile.  Only organized short-termers, including Woot and "1 Sale a Day" should be on the "One-Day" thread. 

The thread (sub-forum or equal forum) could be called "One-Day Discounts".  And we know that Bits has a look-ahead feature, so the current discussion could be about a day in the future, but the past will be, as they say, history.


Found Deals and Discounts / Bits Du Jour and GAOTD one-day deals
« on: January 26, 2008, 06:28 AM »
Many of watch Bits Du Jour and Giveaway of the Day.  I especially like Bits,
the other day I purchased Backup4All from Bits, and I have been finding a product every two weeks or so that I consider a good purchase choice. On Giveaway I enjoy the discussions with all the references to this freeware and that shareware, and why the current giveaway is so schlocky (with some notable exceptions).

Since those are all short-term one-day giveaways (Bits we know a few days in advance) can we stick all their "Deals and Discounts" on a "One-Day Deals and Discounts" separate section, next to this one, so that they don't flood this thread from its more long-term discounts ?

If this post should be on a different forum on DonationCoder, move it along :-).  However it would be good to be seen here, since a lot of us check this thread most frequently, not wanting to miss a solid deal !


Found Deals and Discounts / Alpha Five and others
« on: January 26, 2008, 05:51 AM »
Hi Folks,

Interesting thread.

There pretty surely is such a niche, starting with people who are more comfortable with a designed database environment, or whose programming skills are more on mini-computer languages rather than the dozens of overlapping PC and web languages.  I know I like the idea of simply designing a few tables and then linking them by keys and having apps flow easily from that foundation.  If that gives me a web app at the same time (more or less) so much the better.

Even some PC-super-savvy programmers might find that helpful, they might like the nicety of a good RAD when they are working with an application with a number of linked tables.  They may not want to invest a lot of time in tweaking their multi-code languages right and left.

Whether you like the Alpha environment (which does give you a lot of hefty integration to word processing, email, mail merge, data browsing and reports and such as a given) or not is really a personal preference, it is true that hiding the environment is not a good option, you don't have a tabula rasa.  However in many cases that is an advantage, you don't reinvent many wheels in every program.  Same with Filemaker.

My struggle the last time I used Alpha was that their Windows programming seemed to be more 'event-driven' where you would be telling what happens when this button or thingy got clicked, and those snippets of code did not seem to be correlated to an ease-of-use-and-see repository.  Perhaps I missed something, that has been one of two reasons I am reluctant to go back to Alpha (although I may) remembering more fondly the Alpha 4 DOS days.   The second was that they didn't always seem to be able to quickly, fully and decisively eliminate niggly annoyances, something mentioned above (or on the ProgHeaven page) vis a vis the browse mode.  Not sure why that is, since it does seem to be a technically quite competent company.  Despite those two concerns, every time they call me to do an upgrade, I am almost ready to say "let's go !".

Meanwhile I am earnestly considering WinDev/WebDev from France at the moment (partly because it interfaces to AS/400-Iseries data, my home base, partly because it seems to be a hefty and very competent and competitive product that has been active in Europe and worldwide yet a sleeper in the USA) although we are talking a higher price tag.  On the even higher end, costlier, Magic Software from Israel, which used to win all the NC database RAD contests, is a very serious competitor and also very web-capable these days. Clarion is lagging in some ways but still is in the mix and has some pluses.  All of these products, to varying degrees give you their environment (Clarion a bit less so, perhaps, it was more able to give you pure .exe files, a direction towards which WinDev is heading.  Clarion was able to eliminate any concern about end-user pricing on an application you developed.  However the product has not grown quickly into the 32-bit and web worlds like the others.)  Another competitor on the high end is CA-Plex, that Computer Associates took over from Synon.  And there are a few more.  And each one will vary as to their ability to generate, integrate with and tweak lower-level code, written in C++ or other PC languages, and that will effect your decision.  For one product it might be a non-issue, for another product this may be standard and a given.

WinDev and Magic allow you to download their actual product in a trial, limited version, so you can really see if it makes sense. 

All of these seem heftier than the Alpha, Filemaker, Access level (amazingly the old-time goodie DataEase is still a viable product I learned the other day, so there are others.. eg Foxpro joined the Empire while Paradox went into a Borland space-time-warp-black-hole) and a person could easily decide to work with one simpler product and a heftier one as complementary, depending on the app complexity and specific needs.  And still do the PhP and C++ and Python learning and training and developing as they move along.

Back on the simpler end, Alpha probably does have Filemaker beat on many rad-relational aspects, yet Filemaker also has its fine aspects and the Filemaker programmers seem to the 'work-around kings' nicely filling in the gaps this way and that.  Access and its utilities probably lagging to those who like a full feature ease-of-use feature set.

Of course I have missed all sorts of other environments and products, folks who work in the Delphi and Visual Basics worlds, or those other products mentioned in the Jolt site, might have other excellent ways to achieve an ease-of-use full set. If others can share from diverse background, muy appreciado.  Perhaps this discussion is well-placed here, maybe a different section, maybe Programmer's Heaven, maybe elsewhere ?

Steven Avery

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Automise Lite - 70% off - Bits Du Jour
« on: December 10, 2007, 06:29 PM »
Thanks guys.  Let's say you are not (yet) in that programming, system management, ultra-techie mode.  Can you give some examples of usage. 

e.g. Would I use it like a macro to get a who-is from a firewall ?  (Opening a program or an external web site).  The problem there is I probably have to cut-and-paste the ip# anyway, so the gain is small.

For techie use .. no question, sounds good ... how about some less techie examples, in the next four hours :-).

Thanks for anything you can come up with.


Found Deals and Discounts / Automise Lite - 70% off - Bits Du Jour
« on: December 10, 2007, 03:46 AM »
Hi Folks,

Automise Lite on sale at 70% off today.

Automise (not Lite) was given some nice references here on a Bits Du Jour discount a year ago.

The feature matrix is at:

At $15 instead of $50, the Lite version may be good for many.
Our users may want to help explain more their current usage and status.

Granted the earlier discount was even more intense however they were trying to break into the marketplace and visibility (there is even a webpage somewhere with hourly sales and discussion of discount startup and impulse buying philosophy !) so that was likely a one-timer.   That does not negate the niceness of the current 70% off.

The current discount is one of the nice "Bits" -

"I can handle that, apparently it's a good niche product,
inexpensive enough to try to fit it into my mix".

Steven Avery

Oh, I also made a little comment on Bits about "SpyEraser" today.

Hi Folks,

(This post did not fare well on my own review, so it is enhanced the next day, going over the full thread ! - Just offering some thoughts from a light notes user, planning a bit more organizing and writing.)

Good thread.

I am always looking for a good note software, with some color and RTF, ala Keynote,
which I use on one machine, in a simple note and tab and search and print manner.  The speed and simplicity has always been great and I probably haven't used tons of features, like the virtual links mentioned in the thread.

On freebies, reading above and a little elsewhere, on the second puter I have decided to try Neomem and TreeDBNotes .  The discussions were very helpful, and they probably can give me the basic functionality quite nicely.

Usually I avoid the free version of paid products (too crippled) but apparently TreeDB is an exception, lacking mainly the contact manager (which I have in Time & Chaos anyway and not in Keynote) and lacking advanced features, which is fine.  Hmm.. there is an ebook feature in the paid version that might be helpful.  And since the paid version price is reasonable it is definitely worth the effort.

Apparently Evernote is also ok then as a potential freebie, that could expand to paid. I have used Powermarks (bookmark manager) as a pseudo-Pim and pseudo-Reference master, since its keyword metaphor is so strong.  Perhaps, from the thread, this is an EverNote-type strength as well ?

On paid products my interest in most piqued in trying MyBase - and returning for more of Surfulater (which I had not considered in this genre, I would like to find its niche, I do have a reggie) .   Also the Zoot possibility (despite the priceyness) should be considered now that they have 32-bit and .rtf.  MyInfo might deserve honorable mention if I really have time to play.

I have some moderate writing-organizing planned, and Zoot may work the best for that.  Gathering text from places, augmenting with my thoughts and writings, interrelating, and then putting it together for articles of a couple of pages (Bible themes, mainly, especially the "Johannine Comma" is planned).  A lot of the source material comes from Google books and similars and web pages.

Other products that had their own cachet or niche potential are AceText and the Wiki-ish products.  I also found the NoteCase Open Source / NoteCase Pro products and  NotesBrowser to be of some note, in my second or third tier of consideration.  (There are about seven tiers  :) ).


Here are four that have been little mentioned on DonationCoder, some of which may deserve space in Roundup #2, with the emphasis pretty much purely on notetakers. 

Perhaps an inclusion, at least on the side, of the page :

Notetaking Software Roundup #1

My Notes Center (2006)

My Notes Keeper (2007) - (mentioned on p. 15)

Treepad Pro (referenced, but not in the review, the original Keynote alternative)

Whizfolders (has been a good program, with solid support from Sanjay in India)

However none of these are freeware.

The top two are recent entries and seem sensible so could be sleepers, or could be pablum. Since they are newish it is hard to find a good review or even discussion by snapfiles or fileforum or Cnet users.  Whizfolders has lacked a tab methodology, leaving windows open a bit freely, and Treepad should be included in consideration at least for longevity :-) . 

Sanjay of Whizfolders very nicely once sent me my lost-in-space registration number after a gap of some years of non-contact.  I always consider giving them a better go-try.


Steven Avery
Queens, NY

Hi Folks,

World-class thread, thanks.
Newbie poster here, couple of limited thoughts.

rtf:   (especially re: Zoot)
Please keep in mind that .rtf is a lot more than pictures, which some need, some don't.  For myself, I use color and bold especially (and other .rtf features) as simple emphasis for my own benefit, or in writing I send out.  I have really appreciated that Zoot may be the leader of the pack in many ways but till Dave comes up with the basics there I will have to pass, looking forward later to the .rtf implementation and then a trial.  I am glad to hear he is making headway !  As soon as he has color and bold and underlining and italics, even if nothing else, it will be worth a real spin and the $99 would be fine if the program is as good as some say.  If I copy in my own text, or something from a forum or a web page, that has basic .rtf I really don't want to lose that info.

It is amazing how powerful and significant good tagging is.  Simply my Powermarks bookmarks, with a little subject-line tweaking, makes it possible to keep a library of web-pages on 100's of subjects easily available. Powermarks became my pseudo-Pim while using Time&Chaos and Keynote and this and that.  The keyword search of Powermarks is the starting point (along with scanning certain mailboxes in my own email) for any research project.

The note-pim-surfing etc software that I will like is the one that really has the tagging metaphor for pulling out related data snippets at a high level. 

So if folks want to indicate how Evernote and NoteCasePro and Zoot and X1 & Achivarus and UltraRecall and Surfulater and the others are on the keyword issue, please share away.  (I will assume it is only Zoot that lacks basic .rtf unless there is indications of another.)  Keyword tagging is only one feature out of dozens but I do not want to spend hours, or even a download, on any software that is not strong in this manner.  The right metaphor with less detail is better than the lesser philosophy implemented with lots of extras. At this point a heirarchal and scan approach only is not sufficient for my style for any project.

So those are my preliminary thoughts. I have a little project of a few articles planned (probably from 2-20 pages) on some research on some Bible issues so I am looking for a good tool or two to start working with.  Yes that also starts to lean over to the writing and outlining areas but really I am more concerned with having the snippets of data correlated and connected easily, as done with Powermarks for webpages, as a start.  The hardest part of the writing is having the source data manageable.

Steven Avery
Queens, NY

Hmm.. is the html implemented in this forum ? 
Usually I "take" a color if it is.

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