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You probably manually set the ORDERING column value for your favorites, to values that you use to sort them.

Yes, that is exactly what I've done.

But you've probably made those values lower than new clip ORDERING values of 0.

The QuickPaste menu obeys the ordering of the QuickPaste group, so its putting all favorites at top.

Do you mean, that I have assigned to them negative values ("lower than 0")? No, I've assigned to my favorite clips manually natural numbers as 3, 4, 5 etc.

If you go into the QuickPaste group you will probably see your Favorites items at the top if sorted by the Order column.

No, it is not so. They Favorites are there in the list in QuickPaste group, but not on the top, but are they are distributed at different places among regular clips.

Simple Solution:
Edit the QuickPaste group, change the Custom Menu Sorting SQL from "Ordering,ModificationDateTime" to "ModificationDateTime"
That should solve it.

Anyway this trick you have suggested has solved the matter. Thanks!
Here we can see, that sometimes a bit inaccurate assumptions can lead to a correct conclusion/solution. ;)

Now paste a screenshot of that Group Edit dialog.
Maybe the sorting is wrong.
Here is the screenshot of this dialog:

Now as a result of some my experiments with CHS database I have got again a similar (not the same) issue, as I've described in my old post a half of year ago.

I had to remove temporarily all my favorites clips and than put them back. Now they all are sticked at the beginning (at the top) of the Quick Paste Menu. I've spent a lot of time in order to get rid of them, but every of my different tests has failed.

Well, I can easily delete one on several clips from favorites list and than they naturally disappear from the Quick Paste Menu list too. But when I put the clip back to favorites list, the second copy of it immediately goes to to the top of the list Quick Paste Menu list too.

Now I have no any other idea, what to try. :(  And as one can see, I virtually can not use CHS, as last copied clips are buried somewhere in the depths under sticked favorites clips list at the top of the Quick Paste Menu.

Am I the only person, who suffers from this bug?  :tellme:

i'm afraid not.. im guessing that maybe the source and target window are using different character sets? does that make sense? in other words did you copy the cyrillic text from one app and paste into another?
Nope. I had a similar idea too, but this issue appears even when copying a text fragment inside the same window of the same app.

Let me look into that -- if the clips are showing right in the grid, then it should be fixable..
Hey! Is there any progress with this issue?

Can you email me ([email protected]) so that I might send you some test versions to try?
Surely. I'll do it shortly.

Also, can you walk me through exactly how you are selecting and trying to paste clips using the keyboard?  Are you using Ctrl+Alt+Q hotkey to bring up the quick paste menu and then selecting with the enter key?
Or with a specific # key? does it make a difference?
Yes, I call the Quick paste menu list (only I've changed default hotkey to combination "Alt"+"<", but it does not matter, with the default hotkey the behavior is the same, I've just checked it.

It does not make any difference, whether I select the specific clip from the list with navigating arrows and than [Enter] or with a specific # key (or for favorites key Q + # keys)

The main difference is between using whether keyboard or mouse, as I've stated before.

Do you regard that strange fact, that in some target applications the issue appears and in some other does not? I have no any idea, what it might depend of.

I have spent quite a bit of time tweaking around with AutoHotKey and CHS (Clipboard Help & Spell), trying to get it to meet my peculiar needs, and in the process - through some analysis and experimentation

Ow, your short essay is quite impressive!  :Thmbsup:

However I need to add one essential thing (sorry, that I did nor made it from the beginning).

You are right, that tinySpell+ includes (among others) these features, which is connected to clipboard:
  •    Checks spelling of text that is copied to the clipboard
  •    Includes a clipboard spell checker that shows all spelling errors in the clipboard's text in a single glance, and allows you to correct them
  •    Optionally copies the selected replacement word to the clipboard

However I do not use them and have disabled them all. It was the first thing I've checked when the problem has appeared.

Thus you suggestion might be not true, that:
When you make a Copy or a Paste, there is probably quite a lot - more or less simultaneously - going on in CHS and in tinySpell+, and both apps would be accessing/manipulating the contents of the Clipboard buffer and may be making changes to it at some stage.

Also your observation is correct itself. It is clear in general, that the cause of CHS strange behavior is the Battle for the clipboard between CHS and TinySpell+. However the question is, what exactly happens and how it is possible to bypass it.


There is a strange conflict or bug between your clipboard manager CHS (Clipboard Help+Spell) and TiniSpell+ (spelling utility, home page address ) at my Windows 7 x64 (English) system.

When the both CHS and TiniSpell+ are running, pasting a clip from Favorites clip or Recent clips list with a keyboard becomes a headache, because in many different target applications CHS pastes a letter "v" instead or adds this letter after the pasted clip(without a space) from a CHS list (I was not able to detect any clear algorithm between these two scenarios).

Say, in Windows 7 stock Notepad (also in other plain text editors AkelPad and Mark Editor) CHS pastes whether ONLY the single letter "v" or the required clip PLUS the letter "V".

MS Office Word 2013 x32:
a clip from Favorite clips list - OK
a clip from Recent clips list - pastes only letter "v"

Stickies ( - all is OK, no problems.

And so on, I've tried many different target apps, there no matter to list here every of them.

If I unload or disable TiniSpell+, the issue disappears. However when I tried to use TiniSpell+ with some other clipboard managers, say, Ditto, MyClip, Spartan MultiClipboard etc, there were no any troubles. Thus we need to conclude, that something is a bit wrong with CHS, say, it uses some very special hook to paste its clips in a target app.

The most interesting thing, that if I use a mouse to select a clip from the list (favorites or this recent clips etc), this problem does not appear. (However it is senseless for me, as I am a keyboard lover guy).


It seems, that there is a bug in CHS. If you have some ordered favorite clips and paste any of them several times (two or more) in a short time interval, this clip automatically goes the most top place in the Quick Paste Pop-up Menu and gets sticked there firmly, so new items just copied to clipboard get lower places (thus higher order numbers) than this sticked favorite clip. If you do than the same with another favorite clip, it goes up as well and take the place nr 1 before the previous - and so on, so you'll get at last the whole crowd of favorites in the beginning of the Quick Paste Pop-up Menu. It repeats every time with every favorite clips.

After tens of attempts and tests the only way I could invent to remove this favorite (or these favorites) from the Quick Paste Pop-up Menu is to delete them and their duplicates totally from any folder from CHS database.

At first I thought this to b a feature, but now I suspect, that it is a bug, because I could not any reasonable way neither to control this behavior nor to remove these clips from to top positions of the list. Have I missed anything?


What font (fontface and size) is used hear at this forum? It looks very pretty for, so I'd consider to use it in some my documents.

I've tried to use Clipboard Help+Spell under English Windows 7 x64 in order to copy and paste some Cyrillic text. The behavior is quite interesting: CHS shows Cyrillic symbols correctly in the clips list and in the main window (clips manager) too. But when I paste the clip from the list into the target application's window, it puts Cyrillic symbols in some totally distorted form (a bit similar to some Eastern Asia hieroglyphs). It is well known issue, which usually points, that something is wrong with the encodings.

I've tried to paste in many different application, with or without Unicode support, plain text, HTML, RTF formats (from Notepad to LibreOffice Writer) - the result was always the same (see the screenshot).

Have you any idea, how to fix the problem?

mouser [?]
You can order clips -- it's just not the most obvious thing.  I really need to make a help file and video showing how to do it.
See this thread for a discussion: http://www.donationcoder....m/index.php?topic=32162.0

Thank you! I've found now another thread here at the forum for the same subject and have added my answer there.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: can I add new favourite to "end" of list?
« on: December 01, 2013, 05:58 AM »
I think that should be the default sort for the Favourites list - it is a permanent list, and as such one (me, anyways) would expect newer items to be added to the end of the list.
+10! I suppose, that there is no any user, who would not agree with it.
Plus it will be fine to get support for simple manually re-sorting of Favorites clips with drag-and-drop with mouse, because the current way via manually setting priorities is quite sophisticated.

Hi to all!

Is there any option to re-order (manually) the clips in the favorites list?

It seems, that it must exist, but I was not able to find any way to do it. Imagine, I have the only clip in the favorites list, so I used to paste some favorite ABC clip by pressing the sequence Alt+C -> Q -> 1. Than I add another one... and it gets the number 1! Thus when I press Alt+C -> Q -> 1, I get pasted this new clip, so if I need to paste my older one, I need to get used to use Alt+C -> Q -> 2.
Well, I am able to learn this new combination too, But than I add another one... Well, you see, what I mean...

And I have not found a single word for this subject in the manual and at this forum as well. :o


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