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N.A.N.Y. 2013 / Re: NANY 2013 Release Find Long Names
« on: January 11, 2013, 01:19 PM »
Dear all,

I also use this other freeware : Pathscanner ( http://www.parhelia-...canner/Download.aspx )

And in order to avoid long filename (260 caracters limit in win7) when saving webpages in Firefox I do the following :

Then each month I zip my archives this way (I don't use 7zip on purpose as it doesn't display error if filename is longer then 260 caracters!) ) https://www.donation...dex.php?topic=4657.0

Hope this helps ;)
See ya

I also add a new request: It should works for http and https !

Thanks in advance for any help ;)


Do you know a Windows software (*) than can create an RSS feed for any webpage ?

Here is what I am looking for : I manually select what is a title, what is a link and if needed what is the content that I would like to keep (article content + their related images if they exist). The software create a RSS feed from that. Then it monitors the feed every x hours (or x days at a specified time). If updates are found then send the results to my email address.

It is a little like a combination of the Firefox addon: Autopager (WYSIWYG selection which uses Xpath and WebSite-Watcher (RSS software monitoring

(*) not an online service like yahoo pipes. As if, for instance, such company goes bankrupt I lose everything !
ps: best wishes to all for 2013. ;)

Dear all,

I have tried to find a solution (
Alas even if I am very pleased with all the help received. ;) I must confess that my starting idea was stupid (convert .htm to .pdf). ;(
It is better imho to forget about it !
Sorry for disturbing.
See ya ;)

(...) Am I right in thinking you want to convert the HTMs into PDFs because you want to put them into a Google cloud service, which indexes and OCRs PDFs?  But only shows HTMs as raw code?

Yes ! ;)

This doesn't directly answer your query, but I'm wondering; have you ever considered using a Web clipper, of which there are many?  See, e.g., the DC thread web clipping.  If you really need your data in the cloud, you might have to go to EverNote, or RightNote.
Thanks. I am aware of those products. I have started saving webpages (and their related images + audio + video..) about 13 years ago (I use Copernic Desktop pro for indexing my content right now). Those products did even exist at that time. But I prefer to be independent of them. Who knows if they still exist in the next x years ? If they go bankrupt I lose everything. ;(

Thanks anyway for the ideas. ;)
See ya ;)
Thanks also to "Curt" for his help. ;)

Dear all,

I would like to batch convert folders (and many subfolders) full of .htm and .html files to pdf files with "pdf creator" ?

I guess that "pdf creator" can be used with a command line (http://www.pdfforge....mand-line-parameters) and maybe somebody can help me with a AutoHotkey script ? But I am not against another program as long as the pdf is OCRed.

I would like that it deletes the htm file once the job is done and keep the same filename (example001.htm => example001.pdf) inside the same folder(s).
I also would be much pleased if "pdf creator" can be run in silent mode for a specified main folder (does the job in the background).

Many thanks  in advance, ;)

ps: here is why I need this : Over the years I have saved many htm files in my computer with only one hand gesture in Firefox (see https://www.donation...opic=23782.msg215935)
I would like to be able to make keywords searches of my archives in my Google Drive. Alas for now Google Drive displays (and index) only the code of html files. ;(
I have already copied only my htm + html files with Syncback (free and Puresync (
Hopefully Google Drive index the content of pdf files (first 10 pages if no OCR in the pdf file and first 100 pages if the pdf file is already OCRed. See http://support.googl...n&answer=2423485). Hence my idea to convert my htm(l) files into pdf ones. Furthermore, converting my files decrease their size (example: .htm size : 153 ko => .pdf size : 105ko only ! ;))

Thanks Mouser!  Have a great day. ;)

Hello Mouser ,
Just curious : did you try backblaze ?
(see my post above and especially this technical link

"Could you explain please:
With your method, how do you file and index the saved pages for easy/fast lookup or reference at a later stage?"

Each months I zip my saved folders (one per day) and save them on dvd. I also do unzipping in my main archive folder (year/month).
Then I use Copernic Desktop Search Pro (recommended imho if you have x millions files) so I can do text searches in my archives.

See ya ;)

For my part I do this manually :

Here is my 4 years experience with online backup (if you can afford it I recommend also to have a raid mirroring in your computer and dvd manually saved elsewhere than inside your home the time that all your data are uploaded online).
I recommend backblaze because :
- it is a profitable company (fees: aprox 50$ /year for unlimited data) : from mid 2008 to the beginnings of 2011 I was a customer of elephantdrive: 50$ /year per computer and saved more than 1000 Go. It took me one full year aprox to upload my data (dsl line in europe). Alas I realized too late that the cost for them to save my data online was aprox 1000$ / year (amazon s3 based) ! Once they run out of money the company increased their fees a lot. Then last year I turned to backblaze  firstly because they are a profitable company (see their old blog posts examples : see last image http://blog.backblaz...ealing-more-secrets/ and http://blog.backblaz...bye-2009-hello-2010/ or BTW they are owned by their employees )! ;)

- low usage software: Then they tried to remove unnecessary things when coding their software (low cpu and low ram usages:  see last url of this message for coding details).

- no hassle : The only thing that annoyed me at first is that you cannot choose directly what to upload first ! But it is still possible to exclude the not desired folders. In fact I have to admit that in reality this is a great thing : yes it uploads a few unwanted files but if it is 5% or less of what you exactly needs who cares ?  ;)
You can choose the type of files exe... that you want uploaded.

-what happen in reality when one of your drives fails :
The other thing is : I realized it better a few weeks ago: I had an OCZ ssd (note: I don't recommend this brand !) in C:\ then 4 months later it failed. ;( Out of 120 Go I had only 40Go that were personal data important for me, the rest being normal software data I didn't care. The great thing that I was able to download exactly what I needed (even some small settings files I thought that I would never use : for sure if I had to choose such folders myself I wouldn't have done it! So I would have lost some time fine tunning such settings...) as a zip file : 40go took me about 2 days with my dsl line (they have a great little software that allow resume downloading for your specific zip files). But I realized that if I needed 1000go of my data I could either download them for free (that would took me ages!) or simply buy from them a hard drive with those 1000 Go for aprox 180 $.

The only caveat is that : you should be cautious when you add a new drive on your computer (they allow you to transfer your old backup state to your new computer (you keep your data) or start over from 0. From my experience it is better to ask them before what to do in your particular case than doing so yourself as I did and I was wrong (their explanations are a little bit tricky when you are in a hurry) ! Their support always answered me within 24 hours).

- nice feature if your computer is stolen :
Furthermore, if you computer is stolen you may be able to locate it thanks to their "locate my computer"  : it gives you the last ip address used with backblaze software inside your computer. So the police should be able to locate the thiefs with luck. ;) (http://blog.backblaz.../locate-my-computer/)

- data location building etc... :

Final notes:
Their servers are located around San Franscisco area ("datacenter is located in Oakland, California, United States" in the same building that where cnet data are stored ! from memory please check their blog).
They use "MB basis 1000" for computing file and folder sizes.
Here is a great technical link abut their systems:
Encryption of data is possible (you choose your own password). Files transfer is encrypted.
You can make searches inside your backup data for filenames in a few seconds. ;)
They doesn't reduce uploading speed! ;)

I hope this helps ;)

I have finally found a simple solution ;)

I use this freeware "Xenu's Link Sleuth"
then copy paste htm results in excel , then extract urls with macro and rank by date ;)

see ya ;)


Do you know a way to easily collect titles and links from a website ?

save only titles and links of this website :
which contains only this kind of links (the other links being excluded) :

Results :

title 01

title 02


Thanks in advance ;)

Yes I know about ScrapBook but I prefer far more my solution in my case (my collection of webpages being to big for my computer). ;)
See ya ;)


Here is a tip that I use daily and which saves me a lot of time and troubles. ;)

The idea : I read many articles online and I have the habit to save them (I used "CTRL+S"+"Enter" before).
I need to do it fast (only one mouse gesture and a click).
And when I do my backup archives once a month (zip files saved on dvds and hard drives), I need to avoid errors later (usually during unzipping when I have some small files with path longer than the 260 characters limit on Windows Xp see here).

Here is the setting part (this is a little long but it saves so much time later ;) ) :
You need :
- Firefox
- and these two Firefox addons :

1) create 2 new imacros files (adapt the path "C:\.." to your own saving folder path) :

SAVEAS TYPE=CPL FOLDER=C:\Users\David\Desktop\savingfolder\OT FILE={{!NOW:yyyymmdd_hhnnss}}


SAVEAS TYPE=CPL FOLDER=C:\Users\David\Desktop\savingfolder\OT FILE={{!NOW:yyyymmdd_hhnnss}}

2) (once imacro module openned) right click on 01autosaveclose.iim (same for 02autosave.iim) and "add to bookmark"

3) right click on your new firefox bookmarks (see "bookmarks" menu at the top of firefox) and add a shortcut (right click on the bookmark + left click on "property")

For first bookmark, I advise the keyword : 01autosaveclose
For second bookmark , I advise the keyword : 02autosave

4) open Firegestures options, go into the second tab called "Mapping" [note: before you may have to remove gestures "D" (= "down") and "L" (= "left") if they are already used]. Then choose, "add a script".

name : 01autosaveclose
script : loadURI(getShortcutOrURI('01autosaveclose',{}));
getShortcutOrURIAndPostData('01autosaveclose').then(function(result) {
gesture : D

Do the same for another script :
name : 02autosave
script : loadURI(getShortcutOrURI('02autosave',{}));
getShortcutOrURIAndPostData('02autosave').then(function(result) {
gesture : L

Results :
Right click on your mouse + down mouse gesture = autosave current htm(l) page + close it
Example : file saved :  "20100820_095428.htm" (date and time) + corresponding folder name including images,etc...

Right click on your mouse + left mouse gesture = autosave current htm(l) page (without closing it)

Hope this helps ;)

Congratulations, Skwire!  8)

No problem Darwin. It was my fault!  :-[

Re "Direct folders", I have edited my first message so it is more readable. ;)

Direct folders : alas the "recent folders" option does not appear in the open/save dialog box under vista


FileBox eXtender works on Vista and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit).

"No longer in development, dialog/explorer window settings did not work consistently in Vista."


Just to let you know that I very much like Pitaschio (freeware as it adds the following time saver options:
-"parent folder" by double clicking inside explorer. Under vista the parent folder icon can appear inside the open/save dialog box but not into explorer - note: you may have to disable the option "popup menu on double click in another program named "PS Hot Folders", so they can work together)
- and "activate the current window" when I click on the mouse wheel (I often had this problem in firefox)

I would be pleased to know if you have any other ideas. ;)
Thanks in advance ;)


I have tested a few programs (*) under Vista which could have the option: a list of the "recent folders" in the open/save dialog box (Vista naturally has one on the the left part of the open/save dialog box, but it does not work in real time).

The only one, that is working for me is (shareware - I am unrelated to this company and I am still in the trial period):
PS Hot Folders

I would be pleased to know if you have any other ideas. ;)
Thanks in advance ;)

Many programs exist and work under xp only. ;(

Tested, but failed to do the job under vista:
Direct folders : alas the "recent folders" option does not appear in the open/save dialog box under vista
Pikyfolders (Pikisuite) : alas add only "favorite folders" option in the open/save dialog box

Should not work under Vista:
FileBox eXtender
Dialog Box Assistant

Hello skwire,

So, jity2, can we call this Coding Snack completed?

Short answer: yes ! ;)

Long answer (in case it may help other persons) :
With "path scanner" I use the 273 limit (= 278 - (260-255)) as vista limit is 260 and xp limit is 255 !

Unziplify found a new kind of bug ("the file seems to be corrupt") as there was 4 htm files with this size:
.htm 1ko
related folder 1Mo

When I checked the .htm in firefox, not everything has been saved properly (firefox loaded the missing info from the internet).

note: all the 4 htm files (and related folders) had names starting with "www." ! May be a bug in Firefox ? I try to repeat this firefox but this time everything was saved properly!  :huh:

Another error found ("the file seems to be corrupt") by unziplify :
Inside the related folder on one html file, there was a tiny file that vista could not have access to.
Solution: save the text and deleted .htm and related folder.

I have use the freeware "CSDiff 5" (http://download.cnet...2248_4-10009023.html) so I could find the what was the missing file in the case just above.
To my surprise, I have found a real (small) bug in unziplify :
If there is
" ' "
" << "
" " "
 (spaces not included) in the [.htm + related folder] name unziplify transform into strange characters.
note: the folder size in octet and file number is exactly the same !  :huh:
Hopefully I can still load the html file in firefox and read the text correctly. The only problem being that images contained inside the related folder are not loaded in firefox but can be openned manually in the explorer. ;)

Many thanks again for your help ;)


After much more tests all this morning, here is what I have found :

If I use 7-zip for zipping and the last RecurUnZip version (using 7-zip fo runzipping), it works great (same size octets & same files numbers). ;)
The only small problem being that there may be some problems when later one wants to delete files [path+filenames] longer than 260 characters.
Solutions (*): go one parent folder before and rename the folder with a shorter name and it should delete the folder and the longname file inside.
( (**) this seems normal as since 2007: "7-Zip now supports file pathnames longer than 260 characters.";ct=clnk&client=)

If I use 7-zip for zipping (done under vista), and unzipping in XP the last RecurUnZip version (using 7-zip fo runzipping),it works ok.
But is it not working fine for [path+filenames] that have more than 260 characters (i.e. the 3 folders were I had problems originally with unziplify and winrar). The files seems properly unzipped but are not exactly of the same octet size and not really accessible in the Xp explorer.
The solution I have found is to:

Use this freeware (I have tried many others but they failed under vista!):
Pathscanner (http://www.parhelia-...ner/PathScanner.aspx) and list files that are longer than 260 characters.

Tip: Pease note that it is better to know in advance where the zip file will be unzipped and how long that path will be!

Personal example :
I zip this folder (folder path = 56 characters)
C:\Users\jity1234\Desktop\1234567\0 1234567 dec09\1 OT1\
which gives this file :
C:\Users\jity1234\Desktop\1234567\0 1234567 dec09\1 OT1\1

But when I unzip the zip file I use into another place: ( folder path = 32 characters)
H:\archive\2009\0 1234567 dec09\1
it gives :
H:\archive\2009\0 1234567 dec09\1 OT1\[unzipped_files_here]  ( folder path = 38 characters)

So there is a difference of 18 (56-38) characters less in my destination folder of the unzipped file than the original folder.
I have to keep in mind this when I check the path characters number before zipping the original folder.
In my case : 278 characters (260 Vista limit + 18 of difference) limit should be fine. ;)
So I rename and/or save text copy of files (usually html files in my case) in my original folder before zipping.

I hope this helps and thanks in advance to skwire. ;)

(*) other possibilities:
- rigth click on the folder, uncheck "read only". Then, click on "advanced" and check "ready to be archived" and "compress what is inside" (sorry rough translation from french!)

(**) more infos on this 260 characters limit

No problem skwire ;)
Thank you ;)

I did more tests with 2 other problematic folders on vista and it worked fine ;)

I did other tests on xp (will do them on vista later) and RecurUnZip is working fine again. ;)

I have just found one bug (I don't think it is xp related!) :
In the folder : H:\1_123_u\2009\Mebo07-10_2009  I have two subfolders (and nothing else) :

Both these subfolders contain one or more zip file(s). example :

When I use RecurUnZip and give him the same folder : H:\1_123_u\2009\Mebo07-10_2009
alas it unzip the zip file here:
but not here:

Thanks in advance ;)

Hello again skwire !;)

Thank you very much for your great help. ;)

If I do : example 1, it is working fine. Same octet size. wow! ;)

(For information: If I do first the zipping with  Spinzip (izarc.exe), the unzipped size is slighlty different than the original (1Mo / 177Mo about 35 files missing))

note: see image for current path

I have to do more tests with 2 other problematic folders and let you know how it turns out. And test on xp.

Thanks again ;)

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