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Surprisingly when all the files were selected it had taken the name of the shortcut to unregister as a folder name by default in the popup, and it is not that it has taken it because it is the longest of all because I have made 1 more file with a longest and tried..

It is not a problem by any means but I just wanted to let you know how it works.

Thank u, Now it works, when 2 or more files selcted and right clicked then a popup comes with a pre-populated name and have to just press Enter, but still the Special character issue remains.

Sorry couldn't find any change at all, I even unregistered the shell extension and reregistered

Sorry was out somewhere, so could not download and check and reply but as soon as I was near computer I downloaded it and it is working as Promised, I didn't have any such problem that shell Extension not seen but only one request is that when 2 files selected and a popup box comes then the file name should be pre-populate in the input box,

when popup comes for the filename and if you simply press enter it does nothing...
(A box will pop up asking you to enter a folder name.  Enter a name
         and click OK or simply press Enter.)

As you wish SIR

No, not for a single file if you were able to remove hyphens, Hashes and any special character from single File's name, because it increases one key stroke.

Rest depends on you, because you have to see that your program is useful for others also.

N.B.: Sorry forgot to Mention but can you add a Global Keyboard Shortcut to it, so that even a file is selected and if keyboard shortcut pressed then it creates a folder but if it is difficult at this stage then better leave it.

Thanks for all your help.

You can name it anything according to the context, lets say "File Name Folder Creator" and the context entry can be "Create Folder on File Name..."

Dear Intelligent Friends (Atleast Surely intelligent than me because you can program and I cannot)

Can anyone make something so that when a user rightclicks any file he should get an option to create folder by the file's name excluding extension and move that file in the folder after creating the folder...

If an option given to move the no. of files then better and option to remove the hashes and any other special character while creating the folder from the file's name then better as well....

Like in the attachment there are two files selected and if right clicked a single folder should get created by the name and the two files should be moved inside the folder after creation of the folder.

Thank u wetsmellydog

Edit: Didn't like MediaMonkey, Well Personal Choice, can't say anything more than this

Forget it if the author doesn't want to fix the link then he is not interested in donating his piece of cake

u r kind-hearted and really intelligent to fulfill requests...

Thank you SKWIRE, it perfectly works or say works like a charm (Small, Efficient)
and more over thanks for the credits given in About...

Owe you a Big one

Please do it...

I thank u in advance...

Dear all,
First Post and desperately in need of help for the small program which can automatically create sub-folders on the basis of album name for music files and move those music files into the specific folder... example

Name of the song                               Album
abcdef.mp3                                       sample
weferw.mp3                                       sample
qwerty.mp3                                       Test
do not worry.mp3                                Test

Now it should create 2 sub folders with the name Sample and Test and move first 2 files in Sample and 2nd 2 files in Test...

Album Names are already present.... :)

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