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I think I only have 2 apps from there, one of which is a freeware video downloader for Netflix, the other is the Fitbit app for Windows.

There is a desktop bar that contains all the widgets in your collection, which is what is showing in your screenshot. You need to open the widgets from there, to display it on the desktop like I have them. Then you can close that toolbar so that it stays in the tray as just an icon. The open widgets will remain on the desktop, unless you close the whole widgets application or the individual widgets.

Attached to this post you will find my fixed weather widget. Keep a backup of the zip file, after extracting it, in case you should need it in the future. Then just click the extracted widget to open it.

Unless you have changed the widget engine's default settings, it will ask if you want to move it to your collection. The answer is yes, move it, overwrite the original existing widget, whatever it wants. Once the non-working widget has been replaced with this one, you should be good to go.

One note about this. I only replaced an old dead URL in the original widget code with one from that works. The weather widget will occasionally crash if/when it receives bad feed data from, which is something I have not fixed (and do not plan to).

I am not sure which clock you are referring to, since there are 2 on my screen.

The analog clock is the Carmino Vector clock, a stand alone application (not a Yahoo widget) from here:

The digital clock is my own DClock project (also not a Yahoo Widget), which you can find here:

As far as RAM is concerned, I can't really say. It couldn't be all that much for just the weather widget, though, since I have used the whole collection you see in my screenshot, plus a ton more stuff, on an older Pentium 4 PC with 1GB of RAM. (the Yahoo Widgets engine and all widgets were written for XP era computers, which were typically single core and usually 2GB of RAM, or less)

Use a disposable Google account and upload it there, to open in Google Sheets. You can view it there, without any sort of Excel specific macros causing potential problems to your system.  And even if it does cause a problem, it would likely be limited to that specific Google account (not your machine), which would be a throw away account, just for that very reason.

For CPU temperature, I don't have a good desktop widget for that. I am using Speedfan, which does have a tray icon.

For weather, CPU load, memory, wifi, battery, calendar, and trash bin, I am using the old Yahoo Widgets. Whereas you may be able to find an installer for the base engine application, the actual widgets to use with it may be difficult to find, and some, like the weather widget, near impossible to find one that actually still works.

If you like anything you see in this screenshot, let me know and I'll see what I can do to give you more info, or a source to acquire them, if necessary.

For the weather widget, I may be the only source for the one shown on my desktop, that actually works, since I had to decompile it and fix it myself.

Screenshot - 3_3_2018 , 10_04_41 AM.png

Weather widget in compact view:

Screenshot - 3_3_2018 , 10_07_35 AM.png

Living Room / Re: Peculiar windows problem
« on: February 21, 2018, 12:14 AM »
Tip of the Day: Never use Facebook as an indicator of the health of your PC or browser.

Facebook has been known to experiment with stuff, and for it to go horribly wrong, disabling functionality of various parts of their site.

They roll out changes, both good and bad, to a limited audience, so the changes may affect some accounts and not others, or some accounts under certain conditions, browsers, OS's, or combinations of things.

If you want to know if something is wrong with your PC or your browser, use other sites (more than one, in more than one browser) that actually care enough about user experience to not test crap on their live production servers, because if you let yourself become a victim of Facebook's code experiments, you will be driven completely mad, for no good reason.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Explorer crashing
« on: December 12, 2017, 07:13 PM »
You wouldn't happen to be using Classic Shell under Windows 10, by any chance?

If so, try disabling it and rebooting, to see if that solves your problem.

After a recent Windows update (which may have also occurred to your system automatically, without you noticing), I started experiencing the same sort of Explorer problems.

The culprit turned out to be Classic Shell. Once I disabled it and rebooted, problem was solved.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2017
« on: December 04, 2017, 07:30 AM »
SitePoint has 50% off for the next ~4 hours (link)

Well, it's for more than 4 hours. Most likely till Christmas, at least (perhaps till the end of the month, but I am not completely sure on that).

And 50% off means 2 years of membership for $99 USD.

The exact offer page is here: https://www.sitepoin...mium/l/black-friday/

There are also some bundle offers going out to our mailing lists, that don't include a membership (because not everyone likes memberships):

- Ultimate Full Stack JavaScript Bundle for $39 USD (updated with new content): https://www.sitepoin...k-javascript-updated

(I'll update this list as I see more mailings going out with other bundles)

Disclosure: I work for SitePoint but they have not compensated me in any way for making this post nor encouraged me to do so.

Living Room / Re: GoDaddy Blocking Access to Website
« on: September 22, 2017, 11:31 PM »
So... Let's just say you fixed it and move on.. :D

Living Room / Re: GoDaddy Blocking Access to Website
« on: September 20, 2017, 06:47 PM »
I once had a site hosted by some cheap-ass company that had an automatic temporary block that would be activated by any IP address that made "too many" requests to their server within too short of a period of time. And it didn't discriminate between viewing pages in a browser and downloading a copy of the site via FTP. So, making a backup of the site would result in my not being able to access it again till the following day. And even worse, I also ended up temporarily blocked from even accessing the web host's support forum, so it was awhile before I could figure out what the problem was. I was eventually told that uploading the site wouldn't trip the block, but downloading the whole thing again could, if it were more than 20 files.

But if something stupid like that were in place at Go Daddy, wouldn't their support people know about it?

General Software Discussion / Re: Modern forum software: Discourse
« on: September 20, 2017, 06:24 PM »
I thought there was not a single human in the universe that thought that the 'old guard forums' were better than Discourse. But @tuxman proved me wrong.

We use self-hosted Discourse where I work (SitePoint), and I can't stand it, on the whole, but there are maybe a few features I do like, such as @mentions. So, I am another one that likes SMF better....but not just any SMF, Dc's SMF. (I do miss the old Zillarank search mod, though)

Living Room / Re: Tomaso Albinoni Concerts
« on: September 20, 2017, 12:05 PM »
And if you are also a fan of The Doors...

Living Room / Re: Badly explain your occupation
« on: September 20, 2017, 04:29 AM »
I used to be an unpaid freelance content generation consultant, and I also used to get paid to give away other people's free stuff, which I still do both (part time), but most of my time is now spent sitting on my butt at home, making angry, confused, and/or frustrated people happy, sometimes with gifts containing collections of letters, numbers, and noisy moving pictures, that by looking at them (in the correct order) could potentially make them smarter, and fill their pockets with pictures of dead people.

Another alternative would be Pale Moon, which will also continue to support XUL extensions. Here is their roadmap for the future:

I recently had to figure out how to get about 4G of pdf files off my phone and onto my PC. Tried connecting the phone to the PC via USB, but discovered that unless the storage card is formatted as external storage, not all files will be accessible via USB. Some, most notably the ones I wanted to transfer, are not available to access if you have formatted the card as internal storage for your phone.

I ended up finding them on the phone with ES File Explorer (they were hidden in the application folder of the app where they were acquired from and not in my Downloads folder), then uploading them to Google Drive, which then automatically copied them to my PC, so that I could then delete them from my phone with ES File Explorer, move them to a different folder on the PC, and then delete them off my Google Drive.

And I really do have to thank Inspira Technologies, makers of my inexpensive Astrotab A10 tablet, for introducing me to ES File Explorer. It came preinstalled on the tablet and I liked it so much that I installed it on my phone.  :)

Anyone know how enable MTP mode on Galaxy S6? Can't get the phone being recognized by Samsung Kies even with USB debugging on

Normally, (in almost all Android devices), you pull down the Notification Panel then tap on the one that says Connected as ... when you have the USB cable plugged in.  That should take you to the option to set it for MTP, PTP, Mass Storage, or Charging.

When I have to type in a lot of stuff on my phone and get fed up with fat finger frustration I plug in my USB mouse using the adapter and click on the onscreen keys.  It is way faster since it is pretty much impossible to miss a key with the mouse pointer.  :)

Get a cheap roll up USB silicon keyboard.

I just got an iClever keyboard on prime day.  I had an iGo stowaway before that, but I think because it's getting old in the tooth, even though it would connect, there were some idiosyncrasies.

I bought a Periboard about a year ago, that I could use with either my phone or my tablet, so I could actually get work done away from home, when I don't feel like lugging my laptop. Combine it with a text expander app, I'm all set. :)

Hello from McDonald's!

2016-07-23 21.33.09b.jpg

Developer's Corner / Re: Your First Programming Language vs Now
« on: July 20, 2017, 02:06 PM »
1. Multi-user BASIC
2. I try very hard not to. It really gets in the way of learning and using other languages when your brain defaults to thinking in MuBASIC. I think the whole experience gave me a sort of brain damage that I am still trying to get over.
3. Object Pascal for desktop apps, a combo of things for web
4. I wouldn't. Most of what I did in that language was writing stuff to solve my algebra homework (high school CS teacher was also my algebra teacher, and she accepted the programs as a homework solution, and as extra credit in CS class, because you have to know how to solve the problems yourself, to be able to write programs that solve them). The only really useful thing I ever wrote in MuBASIC was a user friendly program for inexperienced, computer phobic teachers to use, to average student grades. If I were to do something like that today, it would be entirely different, and a much bigger project than it was back then.

I love Notezilla and personally, I wouldn't use anything else. It's well worth the price.

But if you'd like other options, there is a thread listing lots of other sticky note apps that are available, both freeware and commercial: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=18605.0

Living Room / Re: DayAgainstDRM
« on: July 14, 2017, 09:03 AM »
On the plus side, while a subscription to a smaller service like SitePoint Premium won't get you access to as many ebooks, the ones you do download won't have any DRM and you are free to keep whatever you download for as long as you wish, well past the date of your subscription ending.  8)

(I only mention SitePoint and not any of the other smaller publishers, not because I am trying to promote SitePoint, but because working for them, I know them well enough to know there isn't any sort of DRM in any of their files, and you can feel free to keep whatever you download and/or convert them to any format you may need if they don't carry your preferred format for any particular ebook. Other smaller services may also work the same, but I can't say for sure if they do or don't.)

General Software Discussion / Re: Microsoft and Skype atrocity
« on: July 14, 2017, 08:07 AM »
I have found that Hangouts is good for international group video chat and we use it where I work, just for that purpose, so that we can all attend company meetings, remotely, regardless of where in the world we happen to live. (company located in AU, with remote workers located throughout the world)

It's not a good international alternative for just calling someone and connecting with their phone number, but for things you can schedule, it's great.

Living Room / Re: DayAgainstDRM
« on: July 14, 2017, 06:41 AM »
O'Reilly didn't just carry their own books in their shop. They have print on demand contracts with smaller publishers that can't afford to hire printers to publish large batches of their books. O'Reilly allows them to upload a copy of their books, and then they print the books for them, as they are sold. As well as those books also being offered through O'Reilly's shop, these smaller publishers could then sell print editions on their own site, too, only ordering from O'Reilly what they actually have already sold, with O'Reilly shipping them direct to the customers, as well as O'Reilly taking it upon themselves printing up additional copies for titles that seem to sell well, which O'Reilly offers on Amazon and elsewhere.

I have been told that there will be some changes on the current O'Reilly shop pages, to include Amazon buttons for the affected print on demand books, located below the button for reading it on Safari. But to me, this does create a bit of a sticky situation, where many of these small publishers have their own subscription based service for their e-books (most of which are DRM-free), with O'Reilly now becoming a bigger form of competition to them, offering an inferior version of the digital versions (in my opinion any way), while still remaining the actual printer of their books.  :-\

I am not sure I'd entirely define this kind of relationship as "friendly competition", or a "mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship", or even as a "benign parasite". (but that's just my personal opinion)

Living Room / Re: DayAgainstDRM
« on: July 12, 2017, 12:03 PM »
Indeed.  You can no longer purchase files from Oreilly.  Only rent them.

Holy cow! They don't even sell print editions any more! I wonder how that is going to play out with publishers that have print on demand contracts with them, such as SitePoint. As far as I know, they have not contacted us to inform us that we have to start referring our print customers elsewhere (such as Amazon). Thanks for letting me know.

Where can I buy the videos, ebooks, and print books from O’Reilly and the other publishers that are on

You can buy all of the books (ebooks and print) at from Amazon and other digital and bricks-and-mortar retailers. We're no longer selling individual books and videos via—but we are definitely continuing to publish books and videos on the topics you need to know. And of course, every O’Reilly book and video (including O’Reilly conference sessions) is available instantly on Safari.

ProcessTamer / Re: UAC still requires permission...
« on: July 12, 2017, 11:50 AM »
The page also provided links to 2 applications to make the task of creating the shortcuts much easier. I tested them both and one of them doesn't work in Win10, and the other was discontinued by the developer, replaced by Winaero Tweaker, which does work well.  :)

ProcessTamer / Re: UAC still requires permission...
« on: July 12, 2017, 04:04 AM »
Have you tried using Task Scheduler to bypass the UAC prompts?


Living Room / Re: DayAgainstDRM
« on: July 12, 2017, 03:45 AM »
Now, they're going against it- all books on their site are DRMd by default, as they've changed to being a platform, rather than selling their books.  When confronted with this, they said that you can purchase their books from other storefronts, but in all honesty, that's a dodge, rather than an absolute.  It might be understandable - except for the fact that PacktPub also has a platform, and still sells their books directly DRM free.

Wait a minute... Are you saying that all ebooks sold on O'Reilly's site now contain DRM? Including ebooks originating from other publishers?

In other words, is there a fundamental difference between the ebooks sold on this page of O'Reilly's site and the DRM free ones sold here, on the publisher's site?

Living Room / Re: external hard drive backups
« on: July 11, 2017, 08:30 PM »
I am looking at the WD My Passport or a WD My Book.

Or the software that comes with the drive be good enough?

Good drives, I have a few of them. Crappy backup software, though. First thing I do when I get a new Passport drive is delete that software. It's a complete waste of space.

Is cloud storage safe to use?  Are my cloud files at risk of becoming infected if a file becomes infected on my computer? 

Dropbox has file versioning, so even if something does mess up your files stored there, you can always revert to previous good version of them. And the versioning doesn't eat into your allowed storage space.

What I would do is set the Dropbox folder to your Passport drive, then back up your files to the Dropbox folder. (paid accounts offer 1 TB of space)

That way, if something happens to your PC (hardware failure, dead main drive, etc.), you can just plug the Passport drive into another computer and keep moving along. And if something happens to your Passport drive, you can get another one, set Dropbox to sync to the new drive, and keep moving along. And if something happens to both your computer and your passport drive (fire, flood, tornado, etc), you can get another computer, and another Passport drive, then sync from Dropbox onto the new one, and keep moving along.

It is not completely wrong. Besides, what type of data are you backing up and is it possible to get into legal trouble? For example: you work from home and store by accident or as an ad-hoc transfer solution, store your work on your cloud account. In my case, I would get into serious legal trouble, even for the briefest of time that work would be on any server other my own or at the customer. You better make sure something similar doesn't apply to your personal situation when you (accidentally) mix work/private stuff using any cloud solution.

There are some of us (me) that work from home and absolutely must store work related files in the cloud, and for them to be sharable with customers, in order to perform our jobs. And my employer was mighty glad that I have a Dropbox account with ample storage space when this happened and made it impossible for customers to download their purchases.

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