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Mobysaurus / Re: Mobysaurus Thesaurus v1.0 Released
« on: September 17, 2006, 04:11 AM »
Hey, here's one: what about a way to call WordWeb for definitions, rather than reinventing the wheel? Wouldn't that be slick? WordWeb's already a very polished app with a good selection of definitions, supplemented by online search capabilities, and has a free version. 8)

What a witty idea, Cavalcader!  I didn't even think of it b4 and I'm now in love with this feature. :Thmbsup:

Thank you!!

p.s. implemented in v1.0.20

- Anderson

Living Room / Re: Wireless Networks and Proxy Servers
« on: September 17, 2006, 03:55 AM »

I think you might find PrinterAnywhere of some help to share your printer over the Internet without causing yourself troubles, and it's free.  :)

Also I've been using Foldershare (a Microsoft service) to share my files with friends on the internet, and it's very convenient and reliable, IMHO.

- Anderson

Living Room / Re: Show us your (physical) desktop
« on: September 17, 2006, 02:50 AM »
My desktop:


mouser: https://www.donation...ndex.php?board=195.0 seems to be the right place for this thread.

Good job, sri, and thanks for taking the time to make this screencast :)

While it's of great help for IRC users, I have some doubts about it going to the site official screencasts page.  ;)

1. IMHO, simple plain Internet Explorer should be the default browser for our screencasts rather than a customized Firefox with a lota buttons and toolbars, which I believe many viewers may find it confusing.

2. I don't think a lot of ppl out there use FlashGet as their default downloader

3. Dunno what is Xplorer, what it is for, and why I'd be using it to manage my files, etc.

4. Most users launch programs from "Start -> All programs", not Xplorer.

5. I don't have an "S" drive and don't think many ppl will be able to successfully install mIRC into "S:\mIRC" and run it.

6. It'd great if accompanied by voice instuctions since it might be hard for IRC newbies to catch the details of every step in this fast-paced screencast.

7. Google Talk chat pop-up during the show could be distractive to the viewer in some cases, also the flashing Azureus client in the tray area.

Just a thought   8)

- Anderson


Direct Download: https://www.donation...s/moby_thesaurus.exe
Online Help:


v1.0.55 - 1/30/07

  • Added: "Auto-run and Minimize-to-tray when Windows starts" option
  • Additional options during installation
  • Bug fix: auto-complete query

v1.0.5 - 1/14/07

  • New feature: Auto-detect word spelling variants and inflectional forms
  • Added Back/Forward buttons

v1.0.45 - 11/24/06

  • Safe Search - allows you to show/hide vulgar and offensive words.   Thanks to Cavalcader and Tomos :Thmbsup:
  • Improved error logging and reporting for troubleshooting and product support
  • Auto-updater checker (if enabled) will only prompt once on the same day
  • Fully remembers window status across sessions
  • Menu bar items re-arranged
  • Important Bug Fix     Thanks to our beloved mouser  :-*
    Windows 98/SE Users:
    A bug in the license management module of the previous Mobysaurus Thesaurus was found to cause the program to crash on load. This version addresses this issue.
    Other operating systems are not reported to be affected by this bug.

v1.0.41 - 11/16/06

This release is intended to fix a bug in version 1.0.4 that might display annoying error messages in certain cases.

  • Adds auto-complete feature
  • Adds The Free Dictionary to Search Engines
  • Allows looking up words and phrases in your default (external) browser easily via the menu bar or context menus
  • Allows displaying more than one row of tabs, see "Options"
  • Easily switch tabs with F1-F5 hotkeys
  • "Shift + Enter to launch WordWeb" automatical tooltip is disabled

v1.0.37 - 11/06/06

  • Performance improvements
  • Improved updater module
  • minor bug fixes

v1.0.36 - 10/24/06

  • Changed wording: "root" -> "headword"
  • Improvements and minor bug fixes

v1.0.35 - 10/19/06

  • Added "Suggest Roots" tab for users to find desired roots easily
  • Compacted database (size)

v1.0.30 - 10/10/06

  • Faster startup
  • Added ability to remember last search engine
  • Added WordZilla to search engines
  • Click to automatically select word, no need to double click now
  • Removed "risky" collaborative editing link
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

v1.0.27 - 9/23/06

  • Added the ability to remember/restore the window size and splitter locations of the last session.
  • Fixed a bug in wildcard search which may cause the program to fail.
  • Some minor bug fixes and improvements.

v1.0.25 - 9/21/06

  • Major addition: System-wide (customizable) hotkey support + auto-capturing highlighted word/phrase in almost any program.
  • Faster start-up and better performance.
  • Better WordWeb support. (now detects "system32" folder too, single instance lookup, close all WordWeb windows upon exit, etc.)
  • Added "Close to Tray" option.
  • Additional functions in sys tray shortcut menu.

v1.0.20 - 9/15/06

Thanks to Cavalcader and cemole

  • Added WordWeb support.
  • Improve suggestion-as-you-type feature for better performance.
  • Added search query auto-completion function
  • Added option to keep search history (both dropdown and in history tab) across sessions
  • Added "Double click to display shortcut menu", "Look up in WordWeb" options
  • Fixed an auto-updater bug.




v1.0.15 - 9/11/06

  • Added "Check for Updates" - with an option to auto-check for updates when idle.
  • Fixed a bug which in some cases would cause the program to fail when launch from another program.

v1.0.10 - 9/7/06

Thanks to cemole

  • Added "Minimize to Tray" Option
  • Added auto-navigation after search
  • Updated a few hard-coded web links
  • Disabled auto-updater

v1.0.00 - 8/16/06

  • Initial Release

Mobysaurus / Re: Mobysaurus Thesaurus v1.0 Released
« on: September 08, 2006, 11:14 PM »
The up and down arrows seem to be navigating the history instead of going up and down on the word list (right panel). So, the only option to navigate the word list is through the mouse which is a bit counter-intuitive.

Ah.. what an oversight! I forgot to code that bit in v1.0. :(

Fixed in v1.0.1. And also in the case of multiple results returned, the app auto-navigates to the nearest based on your query.

For example, search "good", v1.0 by default highlights "for good" since it's the first list item (A-Z alphabetically sorted), however v1.0.1 highlights "good" so you won't have to navigate up and down to get "good" which is the one you are after originally.

Mobysaurus / Re: Mobysaurus Thesaurus v1.0 Released
« on: September 08, 2006, 11:03 PM »
I have been using WordWeb and I really wanted to give this software a try after seeing its screenshots in Donationcoder website. I was successful after several attempts of installing Mobysaurus (dot net problem unfortunately). I'm very impressed and want to commend/thank you for your time/efforts. I would like to make several suggestions and observations (in no particular order):

1. Minimize the program to tray instead of taskbar or maybe install a tray icon to keep the program in the background. Close to tray when minimized and exited.

2. Retain history after Mobysaurus is closed. I know you can add words etc. to your favorites but it seems like that's what you wanted to have when you included a command to erase the search history. At least this could be an option to save history across sessions.

3. Help us improve link does not work in program.

4. Updating gives the following error: Error Loading/Verifying Update Configuration from Server (Check your Internet connection or contact your Administrator).
I don't think there is a problem in my connection. Maybe an update server is not available?

5. One feature that is very useful in WordWeb is that it recognizes copied and/or highlighted items from programs.

Thank you again.

Thanks cemole!

I have updated Moby to version 1.0.1, most changes were based on your suggestions. :Thmbsup:

1. Minimize the program to tray instead of taskbar or maybe install a tray icon to keep the program in the background. Close to tray when minimized and exited.

Implemented. There's a "Minimize to Tray" option in "Tools" menu for users to decide whether they want to keep the program in the background or close it instantly on click.

2. Retain history after Mobysaurus is closed. I know you can add words etc. to your favorites but it seems like that's what you wanted to have when you included a command to erase the search history. At least this could be an option to save history across sessions.

I like the idea but not yet sure about this, because I don't know if most users would like to keep their search history across sessions esp. after they have the "minimize to tray" option. I'll think more about it.

3. Help us improve link does not work in program.

Thanks, I think there was a glitch with the link. Now in v1.0.1, "help us improve" is replaced by a link to the moby discussion forum (still under construction) in the hope that it will help improve user experience more than just a feedback form.

4. Updating gives the following error: Error Loading/Verifying Update Configuration from Server (Check your Internet connection or contact your Administrator).

I didn't test the updater with different firewalls (I disabled mine long ago), my own fault. :)

v1.0.1 is not packed with the updater since I discovered it ran into troubles with firewalls and also due to the relative small size of the installer, I wonder if we really need an online updater option.

Anyway, it's of course possible to re-include the updater in future release if ppl really want to have it.

5. One feature that is very useful in WordWeb is that it recognizes copied and/or highlighted items from programs.

It would certainly offer more convenience if we could let Moby auto recognize highlighted words in other programs.
Not sure how to code this function right now, I did some google search and it looked to me that you have buy very expensive on-screen text capture dll to do this. I'm going to discuss this with Mouser and other site developers. :)

Thanks again cemole.

to webmasters out there, generally how is site-index / site-map created? i had this question asked by someone who wants to have a visual map of his web-site. is there any software involved, any server-side scripts..? please enlighten me...

Hey, what a coincidence! I created my sitemap an hour ago.

I did a Google search "php sitemap generator" and found phpSitemapNG (free)

I uploaded it onto my site via FTP and ran the script, it worked just fine - pretty straightforward process. I don't think it would take more than 20 minutes for you to generate the Sitemap and submit it to Google, etc. with this.

Detailed installation instructions can be found on their site.

- Anderson

Oh MY GOD - at last they have revealed their "hacksaurus"

Freaking incredible toolkit - you might need an index file for all these tools!

Nice find Ken!  :Thmbsup:

p.s. been missing u on the channel  ;)

- Anderson

Mobysaurus / Re: Mobysaurus Thesaurus v1.0 Released
« on: August 24, 2006, 01:41 AM »
A few days ago I couldn't recall the term used by Neal Stephenson in his The Diamond Age, or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer for Mr John Percival Hackworth's custom-built nanotech programming.

I looked in several on-line Thesauri including Roget's Interactive and Merriam-Webster's. Nothing. Used Mobysaurus and bang! "Bespoke," a gentleman's word for a gentleman's technology.

Simple and useful. Great job, Anderson.  :Thmbsup:

What an honor (and surprise!) to have you here, Grady! I don't think we can thank you enough for publishing such an awesome thesaurus.  :up:

It's also a huge encouragement for me to work harder on this thesaurus so as to benefit more people.

Any plan for Moby III?   ;)

- Anderson

Mobysaurus / Re: Mobysaurus Thesaurus v1.0 Released
« on: August 16, 2006, 01:53 PM »
The download link on the moby page gives me a "not found" error.

Looks great though. Looking forward to trying it out. :Thmbsup:

Thanks Neils, and sorry for that trouble.  ;)

We just tweaked a bit (like wording) in the AboutBox to make it look same as other DCware.  :-[

Already uploaded, and the download link works now. :Thmbsup:

- Anderson

Mobysaurus / Mobysaurus Thesaurus v1.0 Released
« on: August 16, 2006, 04:41 AM »
Mobysaurus Thesaurus is an offline, free English thesaurus software based on Moby Thesaurus II

It's different from other thesaurus tools in several ways:

  • Comprehensiveness - database encompasses 30,260 roots and over 2.5 million synonyms
  • Wildcard word search
  • Look up history and bookmark your favorite words and phrases
  • Integrates various online linguistic search engines
  • Suggest-as-you-type
  • Instantly finds related/synonyms roots
  • Full-text print and copy to clipboard


Release Notes

Version  1.0
Date  16 August 2006
Download Size  4.81MB
License  Donationware (Freeware)
   Mobysaurus Thesaurus fully complies with the software licensing policy on

System Requirements

Microsoft's .NET Framework Version 2.0

Supported operating systems:
Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista


  Special thanks to Mouser for offering me so much support and guidance!

- Anderson


Some of my ideas on Donationware 2.0

For users who haven't donated,

License Type: Freeware (120 days before renewal is necessary)

1. DC donationware will not require any license key to run in full-functional mode for the first 15 days after first installation (Trial period)   Optional

2. [After the 15-day trial], the user is required to obtain a valid license key to continue using the program. Otherwise the program will not run.

3. Each license key will be valid for 4 months. After expiration, the user will have to renew his license at the DC website. Otherwise the program will not run.

4. The user will be reminded constantly by a unobtrusive static notification label staying in the corner of the program GUI to keep him informed about the expiration date of the current license key.

5. Users can renew their license keys forever at any time, without restrictions.

6. After 1 year from initial signup, the non-donating user can return to the DC website for a permanent non-expiring license key.

DC donationware will not pop up any reminder nag nor cripple any functionality for non-donating members in ANY situation.

For DonationCoder members,

License Type:  Lifetime Universal Deluxe

I think  we (dc coders) are trapped by a dilemma regarding how to encourage people to donate -

  • If we don't nag or don't nag enough, most users won't donate if they are not used to the concept of donationware.
  • If we are to nag users into donating (rarely works), we've already crossed over the line to become nagware makers.

Does "Stop working" work (for non-donating users)?

1. It's psychologically more effective than nagging, giving a user more incentive to donate.

It doesn't take a lot for users to get used to nags since they just have to press "OK" "I understand". And if the program works full-functionally after nagging, users looks upon it as an (imperfect) private property that they can use it or dispose of it any time, which discourages them to donate - "I've got it, just a nag screen, no big deal, why bother donating? It'll still work no matter what."

However with "stop working", it's less likely for an illusion of 'private property' and 'full control' to develop. Users know that the program will not be theirs until they decide to donate. So it appears more like a trialware to users for which they have to pay after a period, but it's actually not. - However by changing the way people think, the way they look at it, hopefully we can get more donations.

2. By giving users a 4-month between-renewal period and forever free license key renewal, we are not being mean to anybody.

Users get enough(ample!) time to decide to donate, and they are allowed to donate any amount. If a user still won't spare a dime for our work, why would we reciprocate with excessive generosity?

3. The '1-year permanent non-expiring license key' offer already indicates we are basically freeware authors with goodwill.

Alternatives to "Stop working completely"

Sometimes a user might be in urgent need of a DCware and he happens to have forgotten to renew his license. (Travelling on a train, airplane, a ship, etc.) Should our programs still to their seemingly unforgiving "no renewal, no way"? Maybe sometimes not.


1. Display a textbox asking the user to type in words like "Emergency Use Only" verbatim and click ok to continue using the app.

2. Tell the user that he can change the system date temperarily to trick the program into work.

3. Nag, and nag more.

A thought?  :)

- Anderson

Thanks for posting this. Love it!  :Thmbsup:

Living Room / Re: Zefrank Flower-Maker Website
« on: July 26, 2006, 12:20 PM »
fantastic.  :Thmbsup:

and how the web app works is beyond me.. looks like magic

Mummified Monkey + Dried Fish

Cryptozoologists at work again... hopefully it's a kind of "aquatic ape"  :D

It seems that the link you provided is no longer available.  :)

Living Room / Re: Would you drink this?
« on: July 23, 2006, 12:15 PM »
These are my 2 favs from the collection:


Nice find. Love it.  :up:

I got 15/20, BTW.  :D

Viruses are well tested before their release - all the time! Do we see viruses crippled due to internal bugs?

IMO, 'heuristic detection' shall always remain a joke if virus makers test their work against a/v products, and of course they do - you don't often see your a/v product pops up a message box that says "unknown virus/malware - cleaned", do you?  ;D

Well, I don't think those popular a/v products sometimes suck simply because they're market leaders; new viruses emerge and go wild undetected everyday because they are new and unknown.

Large anti-virus companies generally are more willing and able to put more resources into hunting new viruses and update their products, and of course, to fund the R&D of more advanced engines. This gives them a better edge against the less popular vendors. For many of those small vendors, they might not even get aware of new malware until popular vendors update their virus encyclopedias. The more vigilant and responsive your a/v product vendor is, the less vulnerable your system is.

80 percent miss rate

actually it talks about 80 percent of new malware, which might be a gross underestimation, if you define 'new' as 'within a week of first discovery/detection by someone'. AFAIK, none of those mentioned popular a/v products are good at detecting/eliminating new malware (actually they are most often blind and deaf even with up-to-the-hour patches.)

My suggestion is to install one or more anti-spyware products (best with real-time detection) in couple with your existing anti-virus program.

Nothing kills new malware - if they are new enough.  ;)

Living Room / Re: Website: English for Runaways
« on: July 21, 2006, 10:39 PM »
Wow, bookmarked it, how come I never get to find those good stuff?  ;)

for myself, I was thinking of the latter (different bloggers on a single blog),...

Well, I respectfully disagree.  8)

Blogging should be independent and personal, strictly, and also no strings attached, no restrictions imposed. Blogging is fun only when it's simultaneously personal (or private) and interactive, IMO.

Oh, wait, was I suggesting another 'seemingly' big feature?  ;)

Let Really Simple Syndication, the "notoriously wide-open" standard speak on behalf of us -

1. No need to tweak each blog to ensure compatibilty, no ultracomplex code hacking - a relief for mouser, I think.

2. Members can stay where they are - no need to unwillingly switch to DC forum if they don't want to. And still enjoying virtually the same thing (except when they get something awful from those blog hosting comglomerates  ;))

i will set up the blog software this weekend.  I think we will use Wordpress.

Would it be great if we allocate some space, let's say 10MB, for each blog, and "preload" Wordpress as the default blogging software - rather than the ONLY one allowed? It's never possible to have people agree on the same favorite blogging platform.

So people get to choose their own fav blogware later if they want to - be it a different blog system, just some additional plug-ins, or customization. To offer the maximium degree of freedom lies within the philosophy of blogging, I think. The less restriction we impose, the better end we would achieve, at least IMO.

not sure yet carol.. i will look into smf integration.

If "the maximium degree of freedom" is allowed, then smf integration would be a big headache in terms of implementation. One of the most important features ww should have, IMO, is to allow other people to have a glimpse of the up-to-date info about a member's blog, without having to subscribe to their blog RRS feed using an aggregator, or even having to actually check out the blog site themselves.

Well, simply put, it's like Microsoft's MSN Messenger and Spaces services, which allows you to know and preview your friends' recently updated blogs - once they update, and actually have a peek into the content before you donate your time to click into the blog site itself.

The idea for DC can be different, though similar. It works like this:

1. Allow a member to submit a RSS feed to his own profile (should be from his own blog, by default)

2. He will then have the option to "Display an extract of my latest blog entry on the Forum" or "Keep other members up-to-date about my blog"

3. Not bad-looking, huh? ;)

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