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I would agree with the comments above regarding "One ring to rule them all" (i.e., one "Social Network" site or your own website provides a base reference for the others). This is exactly what I ended up doing quite a while back. now. Some years back, I started using RealContacts and then LinkedIn, because they were relevant to business (not social) networking.

The thing is, social networks take time, are of questionable use, and maintaining your profile and persona on them uses up your cognitive surplus. I therefore did not follow all the invitations of friends/acquaintances to join Plaxo, Where-are-you-now, Facebook, etc. I recently joined Facebook (after it had sorted its gaffs in data security out) and set up a personal profile there, which linked to my professional profile on LinkedIn.

I later joined Plaxo, leaving my profile empty except for links to my  personal profile on Facebook and my professional profile on LinkedIn.
This seems to work for me, but it still takes time and cognitive surplus to maintain these things - tasks which I did not "have to do" before.

Thanks for the interesting thread. I tend to use Microsft's FolderShare to link to whatever files I need across my PCs, because it meets my 4 main criteria for use:

1. Good functionality (i.e., it does what it should).
2. Good price (i.e., FREEware or, at worst, reasonably-priced shareware).
3. Self-contained and independent (i.e., no forced dependencies on other, unnecessary or proprietary products).
4. Stability (i.e., it works, and has no annoying bugs - ß products are OK though).

I had not heard of DropBox or Live Mesh (mentioned in the comments above, so I went to the home pages for these two to run through the intros.

Result: I am going to try out DropBox.

WARNING! --- Start of rant ---
I went to Live Mesh first and clicked on "Take a tour", only to have a pop-up tell me that I had to "Install Microsoft Silverlight for a better experience on this site". Yeah right. Criterion #4 just fell over and I hadn't even got anywhere near the software I was interested in. Strike one. What beats me about this is why anyone in their right mind would force a dependency on an unnecessary product in order to communicate their sales benefits pitch. Experience shows demonstrably that, to be successful, marketing communications must operate at the lowest common denominator. They will never know how many people they just turned away by that single simple act alone.
On top of that the "Silverlight" pop-up wanted to access some new site - "" - that would not own up to who/what it was, so I became suspicious of it.
Live Mesh can get lost for all I care.
---End of rant ---

This would not be the same as knowing "which members are located where", but I use ClustrMaps ( on the blogs I maintain. It gives a useful and anonymous picture of where in the world the people accessing the blog are located. I guess you could use it on members'-only pages to show anonymously where in the world members are accessing the pages from.

I have a distaste for any organisation or person holding much identification of individuals and the details about them, so ClustrMaps is quite a good compromise - because it is anonymous.

Thanks. The TechRepublic article you pointed to seems comprehensive on remapkey.exe.

Thought you might be interested by a sort of review posted here:
Tip - dispatching the CapsLock gremlin with Microsoft's remapkey.exe

It refers to the Microsoft remapkey.exe utility.
Both CAPshift v1.7 and ShiftOff v1.2 are regarded as being useful, but redundant if you use remapkey.exe.

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