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General Software Discussion / Re: Advice needed on AHK script
« on: May 13, 2013, 05:40 AM »
I'll let you know the results.

Something I noticed yesterday which has probably been going on all the time is that my Windows 7 PC and my Netbook (XP) both have programs that produce pop-ups when you hold the cursor over the tray icons, on 7 it is USB Safely Remove, on XP it is Battery Monitor, when I run any of the tray cleaning programs the pop-ups appear.

I am attaching the tray cleaning program I put together from the AHK script for you to try if you want to, this morning I tried variations of it by reducing the number of times the script repeats, (the default is 4) I found that 3 repeats is also removing all the icons but any less and some get left behind. I have left it at 4 to give it a bit of leeway.

Living Room / Re: One year on with Windows 7
« on: May 13, 2013, 05:20 AM »
You have inadvertently hit on the reason I never benchmark anything.

you wouldn't necessarily be able to prove it without some comparative metrics

Why would I need to prove it?

When I buy/build things for my own use I have no interest in comparing/competing with other people.
When I was planing this PC for instance I could have gone for a higher spec, I could have started with a larger case, a higher rated motherboard, an i7 instead of the i5, I could have used water cooling.
I considered everything that was available at the time and weighed it against my requirements, (that's why the planing took two months) cost was a consideration but not the main one. I finished up with what I've got.

For what it is worth on the one occasion I looked at WEI it was 7.6.

One of the things that amuses me on a lot of computer forums is discussions on start-up times. I must admit that when I switch my old PC on I could get my breakfast before everything loaded, it is actually quicker now since I returned it to its original spec after its upgraded MB died last year, (which is what prompted building a new one) than it was before the upgrade.
I judge start-up time from when I hit the button on the tower till when the last start-up program has finished loading, on my Netbook that is probably around two minutes on my new PC it is around a minute.
I do not need it to be any faster, there is nothing I need to do that needs to be done 'instantly'.

I fear this sort of thing is just one instance of where so-called 'civilisation' has got to, everybody is in a rush to get nowhere.

I was working on motorcycle and car engines long before I left school, tuning them was a part of it although not to the extent that you are talking about.
For people who were into competition the sort of factors you are talking about were important, to the rest of us they weren't.
I can remember when the E Type first came out, and I can remember when the Shelby Cobra made the Jag look like a family saloon in terms of performance. But nobody I knew was ever likely to be able to afford either.

Back in the 1980's I had a company vehicle for several years, when I left that job I needed a car to get me to and from my new job.
I went out and bought a FIAT 126. Just about everybody I knew wanted to know why 'I hadn't bought a bigger car', why 'I hadn't bought a faster car', the answer was simple, I didn't need one.
(I also took a 66% drop in earnings because unlike the old job the new one was 'worthwhile'.)

We all have our own way of looking at things and in this case yours and mine are very different. That is not to say that either is wrong and the other right, after all both views are valid to the holder.

EDIT: Windows 8 has as much chance of appearing on a computer of mine as Vista did, NONE!

General Software Discussion / Re: Advice needed on AHK script
« on: May 12, 2013, 09:17 AM »
Don't worry, I just spotted the mistake, I do most of my testing on a non system drive so the CLI couldn't find the file.

Living Room / Re: One year on with Windows 7
« on: May 12, 2013, 08:55 AM »
To start at the end of your post I have not made any hardware changes and except in the event of component failure I doubt that I will.

Strange as it may seem to some I never benchmark anything, the only testing I have ever done on the computer itself when I was setting up the overclock profiles to make sure that I wasn't cooking anything, at 4.8Ghz it levels off at 67 degrees on 100% CPU.
I only ever looked at the Windows Experience Index once, I can't remember what it was but I remember thinking that one of the reasons it wasn't higher was due to various things that I had disabled, including Aero, so I consider I could never get a fair reading from it. If I wanted to use WEI again I would have to go looking for it as it is one of the many things I disabled.

I have 16GB of RAM, 4GB of which is a RamDisk, for normal use around 8GB is in use which leaves me plenty of leeway for just about anything I might want to do.

At the other end of the scale I upgraded my Netbook RAM from 1GB to 2GB which stopped it running out of virtual memory so often but what really improved the performance on it was an 8.75% overclock which made a considerable improvement while only pushing the temperature up by a couple of degrees.

Should anyone be interested I am attaching the PC specs and an image of it, the ball of cable at the bottom of the image got smoothed out and lays much neater.

New Computer.jpg

EDIT: Having had another look at the image I realise I took it just after it was first put together, hence the ball of cable, it also has an NIC card and a USB card installed.
They are not in the component list either.

General Software Discussion / Re: Advice needed on AHK script
« on: May 12, 2013, 07:40 AM »
I'm having a few problems with this.

Where, and how, do I get the debug results? :-[

I tried it in the cmd window and it wasn't recognised.

I tried adding it in the main batch file where I was running the program from and found that with /debug added it was removing different numbers of icons on each run, from 1 to all.
It also opened the USB Safely Remove pop-up saying there was nothing to disconnect.

Something I forgot to mention in my last post is that the icons no longer seem to be being rearranged. :)

Living Room / One year on with Windows 7
« on: May 12, 2013, 06:07 AM »
A year ago today I installed Windows 7 on what was then my new computer.
It had been started up a couple of days before to set up the BIOS as well as partitioning the SSD and the two hard drives, although the main reason was to make sure that nothing went bang.
Installing the OS meant that after two months of planing, ten days of building, and two days to recover, it was finally usable.

I then spent a week finding out where things were and installing security software and a few other things before putting it online, where I was almost instantly greeted by a demand to install 700MB of updates from MS.

Over the next couple of months one of the biggest tasks was convincing the OS that the computer belonged to me and not to MS, something that still comes up from time to time albeit increasingly rarely.
But having turned off UAC and taken ownership of half the registry and most of the system files I think that I have, by and large, got the idea across.

Up until the end of last year I was installing software and adding tweaks and adjustments to get it how I wanted it and make it easier for me to use, much of which involved replacing things that MS had left out and disabling/removing things that I had no use for and/or were a damn nuisance.

Since the beginning of this year I have undertaken a process of refinement to make it even easier to use. (Hence the large number of posts on batch files et al.)
Once that is done I should be able to start using some of the software I have accumulated like Sokoban for Windows which I have so far tried once without a single success.

I did consider buying something for the computer to mark its first birthday but it already has a full complement of RAM, which under other circumstances might have been the first consideration.
The onboard graphics are more than adequate for my needs so a graphics card would merely be an expensive indulgence on my part.
Likewise any thought of upgrading the CPU which has since been superseded, it will run happily at 4.8Ghz by simply changing the multiplier, although I rarely run it above the default as that is adequate for my uses.

So there you have it, an anniversary that, apart from this post, would have gone unmarked. (And probably should have done.)
Given the thought and care that was put into both the selection of parts and the assembly of same there is a reasonable possibility that the computer will outlast me.
Should that be the case I hope it finds a new owner who will be kind to it. (I'm looking for one for myself but I'm not optimistic.)

I have only tested it briefly but the shorter delay in the latest version definitely looks better.
It never got hung up but I need to test it for longer to be certain the problem is solved.

I've now added disconnect commands for both rasdial and the TAP-Win32 Adaptor to my main Internet ON-OFF batch file, cutting out a few more clicks.
I still need to separately shut down any OpenVPN clients I might have running, which I will leave that way.

General Software Discussion / Re: Advice needed on AHK script
« on: May 12, 2013, 04:57 AM »
Having finally caught up with myself:

Terminator.exe - It shut down D4 and removed the icon, the Network Activity Indicator Icon also disappeared. The other two programs stayed put.
What I did get was a lot of context menus left open including one for the next icon in line that is running all the time and one for the taskbar itself?

CleanTray.exe - Only removes the icon furthest to the left.

General Software Discussion / Re: Trying to find icon location.
« on: May 12, 2013, 04:41 AM »
I found it in System32\netcentre.dll by looking in all DLL's in that folder starting with 'net'.

Ah, it's a multi-image icon, just extract it and step through the various images within it.

When I came up against this before I remember someone saying it was a composite image.
I use extraction on various files almost every day but I never even thought of it in this case.
Having extracted it I cannot see how that helps me copy that particular icon?

It took me an hour, three different programs and a visit to an online image editor to finish up with this:

Network Icon.gif

General Software Discussion / Re: Trying to find icon location.
« on: May 11, 2013, 09:38 AM »
Thanks for the reply but I have Icons Extract and a list of the most common icon containing DLL's and EXE's, unfortunately it wasn't in any of them.

I wasn't certain when I originally posted but I have had this problem before, if I open properties for one of the shortcuts I created directly from Network Connections while the shortcut itself shows the icon in my first post the properties window is showing this icon:


Somehow between the properties window and the task bar it gets changed.

If all else fails I suppose I could make an identical icon but that would be a pain as for one thing I would need to make sure that the actual image was the same size as in the existing icons.

The original has got to be in the OS somewhere, I just don't know where.

EDIT: The icon in question appears to be netcenter_28 which in Icons Extract looks identical to my first image, unfortunately if you add it to a shortcut it comes out looking like this:


Which appears to be the lower part of my second image.

Whatever is going on with these icons?

General Software Discussion / Re: Connection Conundrum
« on: May 11, 2013, 08:38 AM »
I tried that a couple of times before renewing the entire connection.
I know the credentials are right because they are working in XP Mode.

General Software Discussion / Re: Advice needed on AHK script
« on: May 11, 2013, 07:42 AM »
I'll have to come back to this but two quick points:
1) D4 doesn't have an Exit/Quit option in the icon menu.
2) When I originally put this batch file together using 'taskkill' on its own only shut down D4, I had to add the /F switch to shut down the other two.

General Software Discussion / Connection Conundrum
« on: May 11, 2013, 07:29 AM »
I have access to a lot of VPN's and have rarely had problems with any of them but at the moment I am having a problem (only on Windows 7) with one particular server and before I consign the matter to 'one of life's little mysteries' I thought I would see if anyone had any ideas.

The protocol is PPTP, the server is one of three from the same provider, the other two both work as do all those from other providers, which to my mind would tend to rule out port or firewall issues.
When I try to run this connection from Windows 7 I am getting an 807 error. When I tried to connect from XP Mode (on the same computer) the connection went through, which I would think rules out a server issue.

I do not get 'support' from this provider as I have one of the free (lifetime) licenses they offer from time to time but I did notify them of the problem and they said they could find no reason for it at their end.

I have tried shutting down both the Windows firewall and TinyWall as well as my AV, it never made the slightest difference, which leaves me with the question what (on Windows 7) could be preventing access to that one server?

General Software Discussion / Trying to find icon location.
« on: May 11, 2013, 07:02 AM »
I have just created a new shortcut for a batch file that runs my main internet connection and put it in Quick Launch.
I would like to change the icon to match my other network shortcuts but I can't find the icon which is this:


In the Network Connections window (Windows 7) the same icon is used for all the network adaptors but I cannot find which DLL or EXE contains it.
Does anybody know?

The possibility of a clash between rasdial and PPTPchek makes sense because I was using it frequently yesterday to try and track down the server problem I'm having, the majority of the time it worked and there was nothing to indicate why it didn't at times.

I'll test the new version later and let you know.

Living Room / Re: When you make your 100'th Post
« on: May 10, 2013, 07:15 AM »

General Software Discussion / Re: Folder protection
« on: May 10, 2013, 04:21 AM »
Hi f0dder,

Today I try the SoftPerfect RamDisk recommended by you in your earlier post.
It was a very disappointing experience. I try install on WinXP, guess what it only allow up to 256MB rmadisk (The machine has 8G ram, but obviously WinXP can only make use of 4G)

If I go beyond 256MB, it prompts an error. I run through their forum and it seems a problem to many.

I use Dataram Ramdisk on both XP and 7, the free version is good for up to 4GB.
I can't remember the reason but I've stuck with Version 3.5.130 RC 23, probably because I've never had any problems with it and don't want to go to the trouble of updating.

Based on the difference between the last time I posted and when I shut down PPTP I had been on the same connection over 3 hours.
Disconnected, the icon stayed put and I got the following from the CLI:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

No connections
Command completed successfully.

General Software Discussion / Re: Advice needed on AHK script
« on: May 09, 2013, 10:40 AM »
"Arnie" never moved anything.  :(

If you decide to try again the fourth program in 7 is 'NetworkIndicator.exe' (not needed in XP) but I think my system tray is as determined as you are. :)

I asked you before about how the various scripts were different, does the AHK script in reply 1 translate into AutoIt or is that what you have been trying?
Because so far that is still the only thing that has worked without side effects.

Living Room / Re: Microsoft keyboard sticking keys
« on: May 09, 2013, 08:28 AM »
This thread seems appropriate: Why did it never occur to me.. You can wash a keyboard in water.
-Stoic Joker (May 09, 2013, 06:37 AM)

That link provided me with one of the most interesting reads I've had in a long time.

My original PC is a Packard Bell which came with one of their own branded multimedia keyboards, it's about twice the thickness and over twice the weight of the one I bought when I built my new PC and apart from some of the letters on the keys getting faint it works perfectly.
I have tried cleaning it without actually getting it wet, different types of wipes etc. but never successfully.
It wasn't helped a few years ago when I went into hospital and the landlady had various workmen in, including an electrician who drilled a hole in the wall above the computer without covering it up.
When I got home I turned the keyboard and the monitor upside down and got two piles of brick dust.

I only use it about once a month to keep the PC updated so after I use it next I'll have a go at it.

General Software Discussion / Re: Advice needed on AHK script
« on: May 09, 2013, 07:43 AM »
I've given up - your system is just plain weird.  :D

I know the OS thinks it's got a mind of its own.  :)

In theory, no left over icons because the programs are cleanly shut down.
I've only tested with those 3 programs so who knows what else can happen.

With a name like that it sounds like the software equivalent of Arnie.  :huh:

BTW, why do you run a separate time service?
You could just run w32tm /resync if you want to synchronise your system clock - one less program to kill badly :)

Partly through habit, I've been using it nearly as long as I've had a computer, partly because I didn't want to use the built in service, partly because it's very easy to set up both in terms of using my own server list and how often it runs, partly because it uses very few resources and it puts an icon in the system tray which shows the last time it synchronised, having it set to run every 15 minutes gives a good indication of firewall/connection problems for very little cost in terms of resources.
Having just looked up your suggestion I'll stick with D4.

Or perhaps right-click on the icon and select Exit?  ;)

In spite of my fast approaching senility that was the first thing I looked at. :D  No context menu on the icon when this happens!
I also tried a couple of the options we have come up with for cleaning the tray, nothing worked so it would seem the icon is not orphaned.

Next time it happens please open a CLI and type rasdial.exe and copy the results.  If it says "No connections" then there is a problem.

As soon as I get a minute I will, I can reproduce it if I open and then close a connection fairly quickly, which is how I discovered it. I am guessing there is some sort of delay involved there as well.

I can change it easily enough but there will be an attendant CPU load increase also, (due to less time in idle state and calling rasdial more often).

At the moment I can't see any CPU load, at least not in the task manager.
As this is only for Windows 7 (don't (want to)) know anything about 8, we are mainly talking about newer computers so resources are less of an issue than they used to be and in this case it seems to be minimal anyway.
If you want to let me have a version set to 2 seconds I'll give it a try. And if there is a delay involved when the program opens perhaps you could reduce that as well?

Not a problem, maybe I'll add a /? so you can get the CLI parameters, (like a normal DOS command).

Thanks, from the reaction I got when I first mentioned it to my friend I suspect that the lack of an icon is a subject that has come up often so a working solution will help a lot of people. How long has Windows 7 been out?

On a slightly different but connected note:

I have connections to 3 PPTP servers all from the same provider although not the one mentioned previously.
I can connect to 2 of them but the third is giving me an 807 error message all the time.
The developer has checked both the server and my login and cannot find a problem.
I have tried everything from shutting down both the firewall and AV to creating a new connection without a solution.

I have used these connections for several years without a problem and nothing in my set up has been changed.
If the router is passing other PPTP connections it can't be that and the same applies to the firewall and AV.

Can you think of anything I've missed?

OK, I have set up the scheduled task and it works perfectly.
I have recreated shortcuts from Network Connections thereby cutting out the batch files.

I have some questions:

I have found that the icon sometimes remains when I disconnect and the only way to get rid of it is to close the program using the task manager.
(I thought at first this was only if I tried to disconnect shortly after I had connected but it has just done it after being connected for 5 minutes.)

When I close the connection and the icon does disappear it takes about 5 seconds by my reckoning, I am not sure if this is related to the polling delay or a shutdown delay, either way could it be reduced to say 2 seconds?

Does the latest version of PPTPchek replace the previous version if someone is still using batch files or do they work in different ways?

I think I mentioned somewhere that I am in touch with a VPN developer/provider, would you have any objections if details/instructions for PPTPchek were put on his website, it would of course be credited to you?

As I have had other things to do I am still using the shortcuts/batch files I set up with the previous version of PPTPchek.
I have been swapping between protocols and VPN's for the last couple of hours checking various things unrelated to this thread and I have made a discovery.
If I start a PPTP VPN from a shortcut/batch file that includes PPTPchek the connection is made and the icon appears.
If the connection then drops the icon disappears, the connection is set to automatically reconnect which is what it is doing but the icon does not reappear.
I have tried it with both the previous and latest versions of PPTPchek although I have not yet had time to try it as a scheduled task which might solve the problem.
I suppose this should have been obvious because it is the batch file that is the trigger not the connection itself.  :-\

I can't read the print in your images even with a magnifier (blurred) , I think I can work most of it out except for what is in the second and third boxes in step 4?

General Software Discussion / Re: Advice needed on AHK script
« on: May 08, 2013, 07:20 AM »
That deserves my apologies, my amazement and my amusement.

The apology: I am trying to keep up with too many things at once and because I downloaded the file on a different computer I completely forgot about the argument requirement and never reread your post.  :-[  :-[

The amazement: That works incredibly smoothly, I set it to 5 as you suggested but if I use it instead of what I am using, which I suspect I will, I will probably lower it. :Thmbsup:

The amusement: I actually found it quite funny watching the cursor moving about. When I get the time I think I'll set it to 100 and let it have a longer run. :D

EDIT: I never found out till some time later but it is still rearranging icons. The icons that it is removing reopen in the same order/places but programs that were not running at the time are putting their icons in different to usual places when they are opened. Sorry.

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