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This feature will add a multitude of new plugins to his project. The plugins are rather simple to make as well, ull just have to use his SDK. Keep up the great work mouser!

(This kept up till 5am last night.. lol)

nah, im back now and im actually gonna upload this in a day or two... i know its taken awhile but its not a poor planning schedule that caused the delay but rather 4th of july, lol... im actually going to redo the app because i dont like the output... trying to match what mouser and traffic wanted..

im working on a nice little app :) stay posted :)
EDIT: Im on vacation and Internet costs $9 so I'm trying to find some free wifi around here... app is done though :)

np, enjoy :) let me know if you need something else

I made you an application to take care of this... Let me know what you think and if you need something changed! If I respond 1-2 days late, it is because I am on vacation at the moment :) Enjoy!


/bump for the post above since all I did was replace what I had there and it didnt update the post

p.s. - i'm so close that I can taste it... just need someone to help me over the hill.
p.s.s. - just realized, i've worked on this dumb project for around 1 year now... off and on, ugh!

Good stuff! Thanks guys!

Developer's Corner / Re: Cross IM service
« on: June 30, 2008, 09:24 AM »
lol, I'll check some stuff out :) Still would be interested in the process though. Thanks for the link Wreckedcarzz!

Good find! I was looking for one of those sites that would supply only the IP address! Anyways, WreckedCarzz: Here is your executable! :)


Wreckedcarzz, Im working on an executable for you right now... Just woke up lol! Is there anything else you would like added to it?

I must say, very impressive! im glad that i found this thing! Thanks for your hard work!

k, here is a test run... This application should grab the source from and use a simple string manipulation to find your external IP address... Please post and let me know the results.

If this doesnt work for everyone thats tries it, im going to set up an algorithm to grab what looks like the ip from a few several sources and perform string manipulation on them all. At the end, ill compare results and come up with a score sheet to make an estimated guess at the most accurate IP address... For now, I simply need feedback on this one...


Developer's Corner / Cross IM service
« on: June 29, 2008, 08:38 PM »
How would I go about making one of my TCP/IP chat programs able to talk with AIM or something... Is this difficult?

Now, only left to do is figure out how to grab a web page's source code programatically.... Once I get this done, ill upload a sample executable to see if the String routine will work correctly with different IP's...

kk, that will give me somewhere to start... Thanks alot f0dder! Also, is that auto-detection thing a tough implementation? I wouldnt know how to go about doing it...

so, here's a question... is implementing this "auto-detection" feature really difficult? Not too good with networking... Thanks for the reply's also :)

EDIT: Because of my inexperience with networking, my original idea went a little something like this: shows you your external IP. I took a look at the page's source code and it seems as though your external IP address is always contained at the beginning of line 120. So, I know this might sound like an "odd" idea, but I was gonna have the executable grab the source code for the site listed above and do some simple string manipulation in order to grab the external IP address... Please tell me if I sound crazy?

So, I'm working on a little application that has a few random utilities for myself... I'm using CodeGear RAD Studio and wondering if someone could explain the logical process of how to determine my IP Address (locally and externally) programatically... Is there some DLL I could call or some system command that I could use... I know there are commands I could use in the command prompt for windows but I was wondering if there was any other way to do it... Help is appreciated much :)

Ahh, that would have been cool, but no worries... The more that I'm thinking about it, ill just deal with it lol... Unless of course I happen to write something worthwhile lol! Thanks for all the help Shades!

eww... doesnt look like this is gonna be cheap...

Developer's Corner / Digital Signature to verify Publisher...
« on: June 26, 2008, 10:47 PM »
So I was wondering how I could sign my executables with something that would verify the true Publisher... Here is a sample image referring to what I am talking about:

I wanna get it to look like this:

Developer's Corner / Question...
« on: June 26, 2008, 08:19 PM »
So, I am currently going through some college classes in an effort to make a living through software engineering... I LOVE using Borland Developer Studio (specifically Visual C++)... I know that alot of new languages are still being introduced and what not... What is the "Hot" language to get into? What do companies want nowadays?

Pardon me for my inexperience in the corporate world, but Im just trying to get a feel for things as far as my career goes...

General Software Discussion / Re: Delicions Library 2
« on: June 26, 2008, 01:58 PM »
Way cool! I was looking for the free solution lol! Thank you much!

General Software Discussion / Delicions Library 2
« on: June 26, 2008, 01:30 PM »
Ok... so, I went over to a friends house who is a die-hard macintosh user. He was showing off some of Mac's cool app's and he came across this:

I wanted to know if there was a windows version of this... It seems like an amazing idea... If there isnt, I was gonna mess around coding my own but i'd have to find someplace that I can pull album covers from for anything you can come across... Any ideas?

Gonna try this out... I came across this but not sure about it yet...

Developer's Corner / Re: System Information Tool... im stuck...
« on: June 04, 2008, 08:33 PM »
u guys rock! thanks alot! Im actually gonna try all of these out... I wanted to write a small app just for fun and get the experience in! I'll post later with the outcome! Thanks again!

Developer's Corner / System Information Tool... im stuck...
« on: June 04, 2008, 01:26 PM »
So, this summer my dad, who works at a Highschool as the Head Tech Coordinator, has around 150-200 computers that he needs formatted... His problem is that he doesnt want to have to pull information from each computer concerning the stats, write them down and then determine whether to keep it or not... So, I tried working on a little application that will basically collect minimal system information (specific information that he needs) concerning the hardware inside the computers... After the program collects the information, I would like it to Rate the system for me based on how new the CPU is (a.k.a using the wProcessorRevision property)... This "rating" system is still to be determined and not completely accurate... This has given my dad a headache so far and I wanna try to get this done for him as a "half-suprise..." (He's a nerd and he'll love this gift)...

My results:
I wrote some coding to see if I could do this myself...  Here it is:

Code: C [Select]
  1. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. #include <vcl.h>
  4. #pragma hdrstop
  6. #include "Unit1.h"
  7. #include "shellapi.h"
  8. #include "stdlib.h"
  9. #include "stdio.h"
  10. #include "windows.h"
  11. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. #pragma package(smart_init)
  13. #pragma resource "*.dfm"
  14. TForm1 *Form1;
  15. bool WindowsVersion(char *os, char *version, char *other);
  16. int ProcessorInfo(bool NT, char *processor);
  17. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. __fastcall TForm1::TForm1(TComponent* Owner)
  19.         : TForm(Owner)
  20. {
  21. }
  22. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. bool WindowsVersion( char *os, char *version, char *other)
  24. {
  25.         bool NT = false;
  26.         OSVERSIONINFO version_info;
  27.         version_info.dwOSVersionInfoSize = sizeof(OSVERSIONINFO);
  28.         GetVersionEx(&version_info);
  30.         if(version_info.dwMajorVersion < 4)
  31.         {
  32.                 sprintf(os, "Windows NT ");
  33.                 sprintf(version, "3.x");
  34.         }
  35.         else
  36.         {
  37.                 sprintf(version, "%d.%d.%04d", version_info.dwMajorVersion, version_info.dwMinorVersion, version_info.dwBuildNumber);
  38.         }
  39.         switch(version_info.dwPlatformId)
  40.         {
  41.                 case VER_PLATFORM_WIN32s:
  42.                   sprintf(os, "%s", "Microsoft Win32s");
  43.                   break;
  44.                 case VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_WINDOWS:
  45.                   sprintf(os, "%s", "Microsoft Windows 95/98");
  46.                   break;
  47.                 case VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT:
  48.                   NT = true;
  49.                   switch(version_info.dwMajorVersion)
  50.                   {
  51.                           case 4: sprintf(os, "%s", "Microsoft Windows NT"); break;
  52.                           case 5: sprintf(os, "%s", "Microsoft Windows 2000"); break;
  53.                           case 6: sprintf(os, "%s", "Microsoft Windows XP"); break;
  54.                           default :
  55.                                 sprintf(os, "%s", "Microsoft Windows ??");
  56.                   }
  57.                   break;
  58.                 default :
  59.                   sprintf(os, "%s", "Microsoft Windows ??");
  60.         }
  61.         sprintf(os, "%s", version_info.szCSDVersion);
  62.         return NT;
  63. }
  64. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  65. int ProcessorInfo(bool NT, char *processor)
  66. {
  67.         SYSTEM_INFO sys_info;
  69.         AnsiString Processor;
  70.         AnsiString Level;
  71.         GetSystemInfo(&sys_info);
  72.         int value;
  73.         if(NT == true)
  74.         {
  75.                 switch(sys_info.wProcessorArchitecture)
  76.                 {
  77.                         case PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL :
  78.                                 Processor = "Intel";
  79.                                 switch(sys_info.wProcessorLevel)
  80.                                 {
  81.                                         case 3 : Level = "80386";break;
  82.                                         case 4 : Level = "80486";break;
  83.                                         case 5 : Level = "Pentium"; break;
  84.                                         case 6 :
  85.                                                 value = HIBYTE(sys_info.wProcessorRevision);
  86.                                                 ShowMessage(value);
  87.                                                 switch(value)
  88.                                                 {
  89.                                                         case 1 : Level = "Pentium PRO";
  90.                                                                 Form1->Shape1->Brush->Color = clRed;
  91.                                                                 Form1->Label17->Caption = "LOW";
  92.                                                                 break;
  93.                                                         case 3,5 : Level = "Pentium II";
  94.                                                                 Form1->Shape1->Brush->Color = clRed;
  95.                                                                 Form1->Label17->Caption = "LOW";
  96.                                                                 break;
  97.                                                         case 6 : Level = "Celeron";
  98.                                                                 Form1->Shape1->Brush->Color = clRed;
  99.                                                                 Form1->Label17->Caption = "LOW";
  100.                                                                 break;
  101.                                                         case 7,8,10,11 : Level = "Pentium III";
  102.                                                                 Form1->Shape1->Brush->Color = clYellow;
  103.                                                                 Form1->Label17->Caption = "MEDIUM";
  104.                                                                 break;
  105.                                                 }
  106.                                                 break;
  107.                                         case 15 : Level = "Pentium 4";
  108.                                                 Form1->Shape1->Brush->Color = clGreen;
  109.                                                 Form1->Label17->Caption = "HIGH";
  110.                                                 break;
  111.                                         default : Level = "Unknown";
  112.                                 }
  113.                                 break;
  114.                 }
  115.         }
  116.         else //win 9x
  117.         {
  118.                 switch(sys_info.dwProcessorType)
  119.                 {
  120.                         case PROCESSOR_INTEL_386 :
  121.                                 Processor = "Intel"; Level = "80386"; break;
  122.                         case PROCESSOR_INTEL_486 :
  123.                                 Processor = "Intel"; Level = "80486"; break;
  124.                         case PROCESSOR_INTEL_PENTIUM :
  125.                                 Processor = "Intel"; Level = "Pentium"; break;
  126.                         default : Processor = "N/A";
  127.                 }
  128.         }
  130.         sprintf(processor, "%s %s", Processor.c_str(), Level.c_str());
  131.         return sys_info.dwNumberOfProcessors;
  132. }
  133. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  134. void __fastcall TForm1::BitBtn1Click(TObject *Sender)
  135. {
  136.   Application->Terminate();    
  137. }
  138. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. void __fastcall TForm1::FormCreate(TObject *Sender)
  140. {
  141.    //Populate the Form
  142.    //Get User
  143.    char name[255];
  144.    DWORD size = 255;
  145.    GetUserName(name, &size);  //Win32 API Call
  146.    Label2->Caption = AnsiString(name);
  148.    //Get OS Version
  149.    char os[255];
  150.    char version[255];
  151.    char patch[255];
  152.    bool NT = WindowsVersion(os, version, patch); //Win32 API Wrapper
  153.    Label4->Caption = AnsiString(os);
  154.    Label6->Caption = AnsiString(version);
  156.    //get the Processor Information
  157.    char processor[MAX_PATH];
  158.    Label12->Caption = ProcessorInfo(NT, processor);
  159.    Label10->Caption = AnsiString(processor);
  161.    //Get Memory Now
  162.    MEMORYSTATUS memory;
  163.    memory.dwLength = sizeof(memory);
  164.    GlobalMemoryStatus(&memory);
  166.    Label14->Caption = IntToStr((memory.dwTotalPhys/1024)/1024)+" KB";
  168.    //Get HDD Space
  169.    AnsiString Drive = AnsiString("C:\\");
  170.    DWORD spc = 0;
  171.    DWORD bps = 0;
  172.    DWORD cluster = 0;
  173.    DWORD freecluster = 0;
  174.    GetDiskFreeSpace(Drive.c_str(), &spc, &bps, &freecluster, &cluster);
  175.    unsigned long v1 = (unsigned long)cluster;
  176.    unsigned long v2 = (unsigned long)spc;
  177.    unsigned long v3 = (unsigned long)bps;
  178.    unsigned long volsize = (v1 * v2)/1024 * v3;
  179.    String vol = (volsize/1024);
  180.    vol = vol.SubString(0,2);
  182.    if(volsize > 0)
  183.    {
  184.            Label16->Caption = IntToStr((volsize/1024)/1024) + "." + vol + " GB";
  185.    }
  186.    else
  187.    {
  188.            Label16->Caption = "n/a";
  189.    }   
  190. }
  191. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------

The problem:
-I tried using this on an Intel Pentium III and it wouldn't detect the wProcessorLevel... so the label displays "Intel" only... Doesn't make sense to me... I tried using it on several different computers and the only one that I had luck with was an Intel Pentium 4...

If you don't have time to check this out, thanks for at least reading this... I am looking up stuff right now on the internet but the only problem is that I dont actually understand what needs to be fixed here... I am thinking that something is wrong with the output... not sure tho.. Any Ideas?

EDIT: Forgot to mention im coding this with CodeGear C++ Builder 2007..

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