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The only BSOD I've seen in the last two years occurred when trying to resume from hibernation - most recently last week, and probably once or twice a quarter.  (Always ks.sys...)
Iirc, ks.sys is related to kernel streaming sound. You wouldn't happen to have a Creative soundcard in that machine?
To be honest I don't recall.  It started with a Turtle Beach and I believe that's what is still in it, but I may have forgotten swapping it out for a Creative.   :-[

Between it happening so infrequently and my inability to reproduce it reliably, I've never really bothered to investigate the cause.

The only BSOD I've seen in the last two years occurred when trying to resume from hibernation - most recently last week, and probably once or twice a quarter.  (Always ks.sys...)

To be fair that machine is over eight years old now and I suspect it takes issue with the incredibly crappy Belkin KVM I'm using.

I think this was expected or at least they've been planning it for a while.  Google hired Guido, they chose Python for App Engine, and from what I've heard a lot of their employees are using Python for everyday tasks.  They've taken a liking to Python and have the resources to make it better meet their needs.

Also, it turns out Microsoft was at one time shipping a Python interpreter and some code as part of their Merchant Server.

Q.1) That's the only download that's on offer - anyone know the situation?
I'm still back as version 2.10a the latest is 2.60a - if I update will I have to pay this monthly fee?
If you paid for the lifetime license you can upgrade normally (from everything I've seen) without being charged.  The $20 lifetime license w/ $1 per month optional subscription (for web access, block level updates, and resume) is still available go to:
https://jungledisk.c...gleDiskPurchase.aspx and click "also available" which takes you here:

They claim the change is because users felt $20 up front was too much, but I have a feeling they're looking at it and feel it would be more profitable as a service with monthly charges.

They say it does "Block-level file updates: upload only changed portions of files"
Q.2) this sounds like synching as opposed to what dropbox offers (which is the option to go back to previous versions). Does anyone know it or use it and can say?
This isn't a type of versioning (though I believe JungleDisk offers that too).  This is more for dealing with large files where only small changes have been made.  For instance, take an audio file and just change the tags.  With block-level updates, they only upload the part of the file that has changed instead of the entire file, so a few KB instead of MB.  It's intended to make syncing quicker and reduce the amount of data transferred.

Q.3) anyone know anything about "Rackspace Cloud Files" [well it looks like Rackspace bought JD last year] and how to change to it (if worthwhile) if you already have an S3 account ?
 You have to re-upload stuff but I cant find how in the JD GUI or in the forums (keep getting offered hundreds of threads no matter how I try to narrow search) and when I look for more info in the official website I get offered the dreaded series of videos - I presume I'll have to upgrade which leads me back to Q.1 above ;)
Rackspace did buy them, but they claim they won't discontinue Amazon S3 access anytime soon.  The advantage seems to be they don't charge you for the transferring just the space used, and from what I've read they seem as good as Amazon S3.  I don't have any experience with Rackspace, so I'm not sure if it's worthwhile to switch or not.

I do recall reading that you'd have to mount both clouds and transfer the data from one to the other yourself, but that JungleDisk is planning to offer a service or the functionality to make this easier sometime in the future.  So for now you'd have to transfer each bucket separately, and it seems like it could be a real pain.

I don't believe you'd actually have to upgrade your license unless you want support for web access, block-level updates, and resuming transfers.  As you already have a license though you should be able to just add those services for $1 / month, which I believe you do by logging into My Account on their website.

Hope that helps!

I believe since Windows NT there's been a command, findstr, which acts similar to grep, but I'm not sure about the support for Unicode.

You should be able to do something like this:
findstr /V "^needle" input.txt>output.txt
The /V tells it to print the lines that do not match the regular expression "^needle" (any line beginning with "needle").

... and it charges less of a fee than paypal, so that's all good.
Is it possible to list the fees or an estimate on the Payment Method page, or does that break their TOS?

Without that knowledge I'd probably pick Paypal, but knowing you'd get more from the same amount if I used Amazon would immediately change my mind.

General Software Discussion / Re: Open File Security Warning (Firefox)
« on: February 26, 2009, 11:43 AM »
Also, you can use Sysinternal's streams to remove the ADS from the files.

Assuming you're behind an ISA proxy that is using NTLM authentication, it does seem to be difficult to support.  That's my situation at work and it seems to be extremely difficult to find information about supporting that situation properly.  Google App Engine lacks NTLM support as well and it has been a constant source of headaches for me.

What I've been doing is using a Python loopback proxy called NTLM Authorization Proxy Server.

You set up NTLM-APS on your machine with the NTLM credentials, and then in all those programs that don't support NTLM you tell them to use NTLM-APS as their proxy.  It will handle all the NTLM authentication with the ISA proxy, pass the traffic back and forth just fine, and those programs should act like they were using a proxy that didn't require NTLM authentication.

This seems to work pretty well in most cases and even though a GAE update caused it to no longer meet my original needs, I still use it for a few other programs.  Though, I haven't tried it with Google Earth/Update.

Granted, if it's not NTLM or you're unable to install Python, this is all pretty useless for you.  :P

General Software Discussion / Re: Which MP3 tagger do you use?
« on: January 28, 2009, 11:55 AM »
I cannot imagine what MP3tag is doing to the files, when tagging them, that are changing the signal the file later is sending to the MP3Ext's bit-rate reader, but it is doing something.
I'd be willing to bet that you have MP3Tag set to write ID3v2.4 (which I believe is the default) and MP3Ext only handles or prefers ID3v2.3 or earlier.  But it's a bit of a wild guess since I've never used MP3Ext and don't know much about it.

You could change that in MP3Tag and test it; the option is found at Tool -> Options -> Tags -> Mpeg.

I do all my tagging within Foobar2000 and MP3Tag and they've both worked extremely well for me for many years.

General Software Discussion / Re: Fast Dial Warning for FF
« on: January 16, 2009, 09:52 PM »
What I find foolish is the folks blaming Mozilla. How are they supposed to check every little update that comes along? I think some of the responsibility lies with the users.
Ultimately I'd say that all the blame lies on the users for being too trusting of the extension developers, but part of the problem is Mozilla encourages the users to trust these possibly nefarious developers.  Sure they warn you about the dangers, but I think the majority of people would agree that a big part of why they use and stick with Firefox is because of the extensions.  You hear this quite often from people evaluating Opera or Chrome.. "I like it - but until it has extensions...."

My criticism of Mozilla, is that the system (like so many others) is set up to alert you that there's a new version, but it doesn't really provide the means of showing/viewing a change log or release notes.  Their own dialog for upgrading Firefox is a little better with providing a link to such information, but it could still be improved.

On the "Show Unread Posts" page I'd like to see either a select all checkbox at the bottom of the page, or just a "Mark Page Read" link.

Anytime I have to go through more than 1 page, I always forget to select all before scrolling down.

General Software Discussion / Re: Microsoft Songsmith
« on: January 14, 2009, 06:22 AM »
I found the "commercial" to be comical and got the feeling that was their intention. 

I think what most people (at least in other parts of the web) don't realize is that this is coming out of Microsoft Research.  It seems clear to me that Songsmith isn't Microsoft's goal, but instead a demo of some underlying technology.  It's almost like someone in R&D made the mistake of showing the tech to someone in marketing who then convinced them to create and sell a more polished version, and the end result is Songsmith.

Living Room / Re: Portable MP3 player recommendations
« on: January 01, 2009, 10:36 PM »
I'm satisfied with my first-gen Zune, but I've yet to find a DAP that would make me happy, in having some of the same features you're looking for and a few of my own.

I dream of a day that the Slim Devices division of Logitech releases a portable DAP that maintains the quality and open spirit of the existing Squeezebox family.

Kind of implies surprise that they expect anyone still to be using that old a model.
I don't know why you'd take that away from the statement.  Unlike some companies Microsoft has done very well in continuing to support the first generation of Zunes thus far.

Yesterday's problem turned out to be a small flaw in the clock's date calculation routine, which caused it to get stuck in a while loop.  Pretty interesting thread on it over here:

General Software Discussion / Re: Mockups ...
« on: November 25, 2008, 05:02 PM »
TheQwerty: looks like something that might be worth giving a go - I feel pretty weird about using FireFox for non-web stuff, though :). Oh, and it looks like the mockups look like native GUI widgets?
It is weird using it within Firefox.  I just revisted their official website and there is also an XULRunner build available that might have fewer quirks; the Firefox add-on doesn't handle resizing the work area too well.

They aren't really native, it's basically all just image overlays using different collections.  By default it came with collections for Win XP and GTK but it's supposed to be extendable.  The Google Projects page appears to have downloads for ExtJS as well.

It fit my need for something cheap free to mock some small single dialog apps.  The other products listed look much better, but there's no way I can justify spending anywhere near those prices for something I'd hardly use.

General Software Discussion / Re: Mockups ...
« on: November 25, 2008, 12:04 PM »
I've been using a Firefox extension called Pencil for this recently.

It seems to work well for my small needs.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: XYPlorer ($15) Nov 24 at BDJ
« on: November 19, 2008, 07:50 AM »
Josh, perhaps you could provide Don with some explanation or reasoning for why the solution provided to you in 2006 and again in 2007 is unacceptable for your circumstances?

In case you missed it the solution they both gave is available here:

Living Room / Re: Opinions on Netflix?
« on: September 01, 2008, 12:39 PM »
No, I didn't know about that option. How does it decide who's queue to send the next movie from?
Well I'm not actually using the feature so this is only my guess, but I believe you split up your allotted DVD slots across each profile and at any given point in time they try to ensure that what you have at home is distributed accordingly.

So if you are on 3-out, you could create separate profiles for your wife, yourself, and continue to use the owner profile for things you both want to see.  Assign 1 DVD to each profile, and there should always be a DVD from each of the queues at home.

I would hope that it prevents having duplicates at home and that it would send more DVDs from a different queue if one was empty, but I'm not sure.

Netflix was planning on removing this feature for pretty vague reasons but the outburst from vocal users convinced them otherwise.  As a result, I imagine it will get an overhaul in the near-ish future to address some of their reasons, and it might be a good time to try it and offer feedback.

Living Room / Re: Opinions on Netflix?
« on: August 30, 2008, 10:13 PM »
My other complaint (I guess) is that in order for them to recommend other movies to you, they ask you to rate a bunch of movies you've seen. Well the obvious problem for anyone actually using the service is that we would get some movies that my wife would love and I would hate, or vice versa, but they apparently didn't take into account the idea that multiple people in the same household might have different opinions, so you can only rate the movie one way for the entire account. Naturally my wife would rate movies she loved with 5 stars and then it would recommend many similar titles that I had no interest in at all. :-(
Have you tried using separate profiles (Your Account->Account Profiles)?  It should allow you and your wife to each have your own queue and ability to rate/review movies independently.

Of course if you're on an odd-number out plan this could just start an argument over who gets more DVDs from their queue.  Which may be part of Netflix's master plan!  :o

Living Room / Re: Opinions on Netflix?
« on: August 28, 2008, 08:15 PM »
I'm glad you found that helpful, but I was just trying to avoid working today.  :P

TheQwerty, I hope you've shared your data and results with Netflix! They'd appreciate such detailed feedback.
They did send a survey out to get my opinion on the Roku, and I believe I made most of the same comments then.  Though, I have been meaning to contact them again to let them now how much I appreciate the way they handled themselves with the outage, and that would be a good opportunity to make suggestions again.

Now that I'm home, I've updated the stats, and am trying to figure out where I got 9.87 from.   :-[

One other small issue: without the due dates, and because the monthly charge becomes a bit transparent (like most subscription services), you tend to forget that the DVD that is collecting dust near the player because you just haven't been in the mood to watch it, is wasting away your monies and could be wanted by others.  Newsweek has dubbed this Netflix Guilt.  I really ought to watch American Gangster this weekend.

Living Room / Re: Opinions on Netflix?
« on: August 28, 2008, 09:24 AM »
Warning.... Long Post Ahead.... Turn back now or face the consequences....  :-[

I've been a Netflix 3-out subscriber for the last 7 years, and recently purchased the Roku Netflix Player.

Their DVD service has been fantastic.  There's been very few movies I couldn't find, and only one of those was available through Blockbuster online.

I've tracked my rentals since 2001 in a spreadsheet, but unfortunately I'm at work and haven't synced it in two months, so this data comes from 481 DVDs I've rented as of the end of June and misses their recent problems., so this data comes from 491 DVDs.

On average I receive DVDs in 1.10 days and they are returned in 1.34 1.36 days.
The most DVDs I've received in a single month was 20, but my mean is 9.87 5.42.  ( :huh: I have no idea where I got 9.87.)

9 DVDs were lost or broken en route.
1 disappeared on return, was declared missing after 5 days, and then miraculously appeared at Netflix ~100 days later.
1 skipped so badly it was unplayable, but others have had skips that I endured.

I've only needed to contact support three times.  Twice because I accidentally sent them a disc from my collection; they say there's no way for them to catch this and send my disc back, but both times they did return them.  Once was because of a problem with my credit card.  All three times things went smoothly and the CSR was nice.

The recent problems they've had which stopped all shipments for nearly a week, was unfortunate and I hope they're going to put changes in place to prevent it in the future, but I think they handled it well and the 15% credit seems fair.  It's always nice when a company automatically credits you for their mistakes instead of only doing so when you complain (I'm glaring at you Comcast!  >:().

It does annoy me that their distribution centers are not open on Saturdays, so there's no reason to return a disc on Friday, but I'm sure there would be a significant price increase if they were.

I've never had trouble getting new releases; if there's something I really want coming out on Tuesday I try to ensure they receive a disc on Monday.  On a couple occasions I've even received discs before they're officially available.

Their website does leave me a tad wanting.  It works well, but I'd like to see more data about the titles (writers for instance) and a more comprehensive search.  As it is I tend to use IMDB to browse films and then search for the title on Netflix.  The normal site doesn't work well on mobile browsers, and their mobile site is too mobilized; search is restricted by film title and you can't access the Watch Instantly queue.  Also, although it's gotten better, I still feel the site's load time could be improved.

So overall, I highly recommend their DVD service.

As for the Roku player and their Watch Instantly...  Well the selection is disappointing.  I'm sure this will improve but don't get your hopes up that you'll see many new blockbusters.  It's a lot of B (or worse)-movies and a selection of TV series.  It is nice though that they had some of the current NBC shows right after they first aired (like season 2 of Heroes).  The quality through the website is pretty good, on the Roku player it's surprisingly similar to DVD.

The Roku is a nice box, but there are some issues that sometimes make me regret the decision and keep me from buying another.

First, Netflix is trying to get this service spread through other vendors (XBox360, LG Blu-ray players), which makes that $99 seem a bit high.  If there were other content available on the box (which is a future possibility) it might be easier to swallow.  I just keep hoping Netflix will be available on TiVo.

Second, you can't browse the entire selection of titles on the TV.  You have to add them to your Watch Instantly queue on a computer and then you can browse the queue on the Roku.  It's annoying that you're still tied to a computer for all of this.

Third, they need to use their buffer more wisely with regards to Rewind/Fast-Forward.  Since it's a stream I appreciate the difficulty of this, but they need to at least allow you to easily navigate what is buffered.  As it is now, you enter RW/FF mode, which stops playback and moves through single frames of the movie.  When you resume it does the whole buffering thing again before playing starts.  I really miss that 10-second jump back that TiVo has.

Forth, they need a broader view of the queue for quicker navigation.  Currently, you browse the queue either from a line of the movie posters with a few details or in a detail view of each item that shows only one film at a time.  This combined with the second point, means I add a ton of movies to my queue just so I can browse them on the Roku, and then have to navigate past things I'm not all that interested in.  A nice table view with smaller or no covers would greatly help here.

That said, I'm generally happy with the box, but I think I should have waited to see what other partnerships they may reveal.  Though it has been successful at reinvigorating the cheap awful horror film lover in me.  ;)

EDIT: Updated stats with more recent figures.

Developer's Corner / Re: 10 Best Application UIs of 2008
« on: August 12, 2008, 06:36 PM »
I saw this on Reddit earlier, but I still refuse to read it.
It's about UIs and there's only two pictures!
They mention these 10 Apps but don't link to a single one of them. ::)

And then they get your hopes up, "302-page Application Design Annual report, with 206 screenshots, is available for download..." if you want to pay $98 for a PDF.   :o

Meh, I say! 

Official Announcements / Re: August 2008 Discounts
« on: August 06, 2008, 04:32 PM »
This is some absolutely fantastic news!
Great job cthorpe!

I'm hoping to make good use of both.
I've always been interested by Jungle Disk, but never made that leap, this was just what I needed to give me that push.
And BC3!!!  I was planning on upgrading anyhow, but because of the discount I ended up getting a second license as well.


Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: XYplorer File Manager
« on: April 09, 2008, 07:08 AM »
Just to address some of kartal's dislikes.

It does not have dual panes,
It's a heated topic of discussion on the XYplorer forums.  Recently, Don has stated he'd give it a bit more consideration if the users could come up with a solid proposal, which the DP lovers are attempting ( http://www.xyplorer....viewtopic.php?t=2293 ).

It does not have a ftp client,
Correct, Don feels that his time is better spent working on the file manager side of things then adding an FTP implementation, especially since there are an abundance of clients already available.

It does not support mouse forward backward buttons, at least mine did not work
This works for me, but if you were to bring this up in the forums a fix might be found.  Don's pretty good at trying to fix mouse event bugs.

You can not change the placement of panes (for example I would like viewer on the left or right side)
You can not seperate bottom pane. For example I would like to put find files at top, properties at the bottom
Limited layout selection
I agree it would be nice if the panes could be separated, moved, and docked independently.

You can not get rid of tree view (at least I could not)
Window -> Show Navigation Panel.  Unless you mean show the Catalog but not the tree, then unfortunately it's not currently possible.

In full row select mode you cannot drag selection rectangle
Tis true, I'm going to post a suggestion in the forums on a fix for this.

EDIT: Actually it is possible to use the selection rectangle with full row select mode, but you have to click in "Line Numbers"/# column to start it.

Yes, except that I will drag the .wav files and not the .cue files into foobar (I want single-file-per-album mode), and afterwards I'll have to fix all the .cue sheets to reference .flac instead of .wav files.
Foobar2000 is not limited to converting to track files, it can produce image files.

Though I'm not sure if it is capable of creating an external cuesheet; it might force you to embed the cue in the FLAC's metadata (which I prefer for the few image files I have, so I never tried to change it).
* TheQwerty shrugs.
To each their own.

TheQwerty: I keep my "archives" in .wav format (planned to go .flac all the time, just didn't get to it yet - more focused on getting my CDs ripped, as I can always batch compress later). As I've mentioned before, each CD I rip gets a single .wav file and a .cue sheet with all the necessary meta information.

My use for MP3s, and one-file-per-track, is specifically for my new MP3 player (did you read the first post in this thread? :P), which obviously doesn't support flac or cue sheets. Thanks for the Titleformat_Introduction link - it had a link at the bottom that has the really useful information.
Of course I read it, and after re-reading it, it doesn't change what I said.  (But it does make me wonder if you read my post.  :P )

Now that you have set up and (presumably) used Foobar2000 to create the MP3 files for your DAP, it is relatively easy to go back into Foobar2000 and do the WAV to FLAC conversion for storage.

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