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yes. Except in every photo I take, since I don't want to be in it, I have the camera directly over my head, so looking down, all you see is grey hair unless I edit it out.

Thanks Shades.
What I'm actually interested in tho is whether 3D photos look good or not using the Quest 2.
Obviously, they'd look better than on the Go model, but I'm wondering about other's subjective opinions.
 I'm getting the impression photo viewing has ceased to be much of an attraction for users in general.

I have an Oculus Go (ie very old Oculus) which I use(d) for viewing 3D photos I took throughout SE Asia.
It's great apart from the poor resolution, so I'm thinking of upgrading to the Quest 2.
Bit of a promotion for them atm.
 Can anyone with any experience in this use case (not so interested in gaming) comment on the quality of the 3D photo viewing experience please?

try downloading a track from wikiloc using gpx format. Then when asked about opening file, you would choose osmand to open it. I just tried it - worked easily.
Alternatively, google search:how to open gpx in osmand. You should see:
Download the GPX fils on your "Download" folder of your handset. You can also copy paste them on Android --> data --> net. osmand --> files --> tracks --> import folder. Go to Menu --> Configure Map --> GPX Track (Turn it on) and it will show all the GPX tracks that are in the Tracks folder on your handset.

Osmand is good for roaming around using offline maps and it allows import of gpx and klm tracks
Worked well for me lots of times wandering around unfamiliar cities in Vietnam

Thanks again Wraith. Very helpful. I reckon it's working now, thanks to you.

Thanks Wraith, that sure helped :)
Not so sure about using the URL - I've no idea atm whether notes I'm creating are being synced or not. Perhaps from messing about yesterday I've already used it. 
Will worry about that after seeing how this all note creating/composing works.

What I'm doing right now is a combination of things.  I took the extensions from foam but used the format of obsidian- I write in obsidian or in vs code.  Really liking it so far.
man i am not understanding how to even install foam.  it's an extension of vs code, which is an editor?  these programs are so complicated loll....ill get it sheesh.

1. Go to
2. Click use thiis template
3. Fill out the name of the repo that you want to use for Foam, and make it private or public as you wish
4. Open VS code.
5. Go to the source control tab and click clone
6. Clone it to your local drive wherever you want your Zettel stored
7. Authenticate to GitHub
8. After it is cloned, it will ask you to install recommended extensions.  Do that (it will change your theme- booo... but you can change it back)
9. There is no 9.  You're there.
1, 2, 3,4 ...check
5: Source control tab unsighted ... should I be looking in VS code or github or...?
6. Clone options in desktop or download as zip. Which? (I downloaded as zip, unzipped and then wondered)
7. Authenticate to Github ... how?
8. I cloned, downloaded as mentioned above, didn't get asked for anything. Opened VS code, opened folder which the clone got unzipped to, still not asked for anything.
   Did have the option of installing 2 extensions(?) tho

Sorry about all the questions, and thanks for your list of instructions.
Probably one step I didn't do right resolves all I'm asking about...would appreciate any help

Target.. would really like to see the automated version, hopefully elegant - expect I'd find it useful too or at least get some good ideas.

1. Over in column G, set up the column to contain Columns B + G. eg in g2: =b2+d2, then copy down
2. Copy column G to column E, but instead of the normal paste, use "paste special" and paste VALUES rather than formulae
3. Setup column F to contain column E - column B eg in f2: =E2-B2
4. Column F heading becomes "Sold" and Column D can be deleted

Living Room / Re: Recommend some music videos to me!
« on: April 10, 2020, 12:17 AM »
Keith Jarrett Trio, I Fall In Love Too Easily. Tokyo 1993

Goto menu populates as expected on my win 10 1903

Using "Everything" to search for tif and gif files - it found none in the folder I'm searching. So I don't know where MMB gets the 40 tif and 1 gif found from. At least it's thumb displays are accurate

I wrote a post but it seems to have gone missing.
Bugger :(

Basically, it said this:
Using filtering ...
jpg found 124 shows 124 thumbs
gif found 1 shows 0
tif found  40 shows 0
png found 39 shows 39

ie in total, found 204, shows 163. Unfiltered, it displays 163 which matches the displayed filtered total.
I'm about to have a hunt for the missing 40 tif images

I think it's confusing that the unfiltered screen says, for me, "found 7652 files in 1283 folders", but I think that means SEARCHED 7652 files, with no mention of the number of images found. (correct me if I'm wrong)
If I'm right, better to say "found 163 images from 7652 files searched in 1283 folders.
This would then match the filtered views which say "found xxx" meaning found xxx images

Installed latest version.

MMB found 7652 files (recursively) in about 23800 folders .
I assume 7652 is the total number of files - all types, not just images - found. Xplorer^2 reports 7,904 Files, 1,834 Folders.
23800 folders I don't understand.

And when I count the (no filtering) thumbs actually being displayed, I counted 163. Maybe they're displayed in pages and I'm only seeing page 1?
Using filtering, count from MMB is:
png 39 ... 39 get displayed
jpg/jpeg 124 ... 90 get displayed
bmp 0
gif 1 ... 0 get displayed
tif/tiff 40 ... 0 get displayed
for a total of 203 images, with 129 getting displayed.

Whilst scanning, "hit abort to cancel scanning" .... "hit esc to cancel scanning"?
Don't want to make your list of options too long, but date modified is quite useful - eg to see files you've maybe photoshopped lately.

Nice and useful program! Would it be possible to add option to display image size which is quite useful to some?
Btw, on my laptop, I get:
Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognised app from
starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

when running the installer.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Book synopsis template
« on: October 20, 2019, 05:13 AM »
No worries. But because I'm curious...
Isn't it possible to have the complete html tags/code in the word doc, so when the merge is done, you have complete web pages?
 I saw a macro (maybe not necessary in late versions of word) to produce discrete merged documents.

 I have no idea whether a merged doc can be rtf or txt or must be in doc/docx format. If only docx, each individual doc would have to be converted to txt then html or else straight to html. If the merged output could be txt, wouldn't just an extension rename to html do the trick if the original doc "template" contained all necessary html code and tags?

I have no immediate use for your process, but like so many other things I read, it's just interesting for its own sake

Post New Requests Here / Re: Book synopsis template
« on: October 17, 2019, 11:03 PM »
Last time I used mail merge(same as you - teaching, a lifetime ago), it produced one long doc. Maybe Office now has the ability to split the doc - ideal for discrete web pages.
Alternative would be to output the mail merge to txt/rtf and use a doc splitting app (eg text file splitter). Auto naming the individual files plus handling the images might be the biggest problems - probably both surmountable relatively easily

Post New Requests Here / Re: Book synopsis template
« on: October 15, 2019, 06:24 AM »
Possible lines of enquiry: a. Mail merge using office variants b. excel macros to generate html

Have to agree, in part, with App103.
I thought Surfulater was excellent for my needs, way back. For various reasons, stopped using it but last 6 months, have felt like using it again. Seems it would be pointless to try tho, sadly.

Re Clibu: "Clibu is completely free at this time. At some point we’ll charge - if you can afford a cup of coffee a month you’ll be able to afford to use Clibu."
Well, I can't.

That sounds fine, but how about all the other softwares with subscriptions also costing a coffee (or more) each? Since I retired from the work force, with its attendant severe drop in disposable income, I can't afford several coffees/month. I'm stretched with the photoshop cc subscription, and won't drop those coffees for a Clibu coffee, attractive as Clibu sounds.

Wish I could afford the Kindle Unlimited and various music subscriptions too, all who present variations on the "only a cup of coffee" theme.

Living Room / Re: Interesting "stuff"
« on: July 03, 2019, 08:20 AM »
Perhaps there's one other motivation.
As someone with a slight malicious streak and who is soon to come into possession of a brand new baby,
I'm looking forward to repaying all those friends who
- talked incessantly about their baby
-  forced me to to look at photos without end of the aforementioned
- forced me to look at holiday happy snaps, also without end, which on the bright side, at least made me contemplate orders of infinity
- made me listen to their guitar playing.
The number of baby photos I'll be posting will be wondrous to behold. Contemplation of the boredom I'm intending to inflict gives me a warm inner glow.
"Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord" ... he ain't seen nothing yet.

Apart from the cc hurdle, in this case (myUS), as with most (maybe all) of these sort of companies, suppliers can discriminate between residential and commercial addresses.
myUS in fact has a list on their website of companies known not to allow trans-shipping.
In the hammock case, the reasons for only selling to limited markets were fraud and product support.
I'm not going to actively pursue this anymore - put it on my KIV list.

Thanks Swift_Man, I'll check that one out.

Old debate.
From my POV:
1. Quicker than using my bivvie sized tent - 2 lashings and finished.
2. No bending
3. Hands stay clean - no grovelling in the dirt
4. Takes up much less space than swag
5. No rolling up hassle
6. MORE places to camp
 - avoid the "nice spot but ground's too rocky/uneven/sloped" problem
 - in NPs, camp in spots not popular because of slope - eg if forced to camp in "shared", designated camp grounds
7. No worries about floor staying dry
1. Can't spread gear around it like in a tent
2. Too much adrenalin if there's much lightning

BTW, I don't need trees. Car can be one tree, I've a pole than can act as 2nd tree. And having said all that, I've 3 other tents I'll never chuck out!

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